My Pal Sal


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I didn’t even know what to say to Kevin when he told me that Sal told him that she loves him.

Other than thinking WHAT THE FUCK! ARE YOU SERIOUS???

I kept quiet and let him continue the story.

He told her,

“No Sal, you don’t love me and I don’t love you. I love my woman Harmony and my daughter Kayla – that is my family.”

Now if I was feeling emotional before this phone call due to Star’s birthday and exF’s surprise visit, I was now feeling positively sick.

Why the hell would she call him to say that???

We didn’t stay on the phone for much longer. I had suddenly run out of anything to say, and whilst I didn’t want to end the call, I couldn’t bring myself to carry a conversation as my mind was ticking overtime.

So we said our good nights and I tried to fall asleep.

Not very successfully though, so instead I tried to figure out Sal’s intentions. Whilst Kevin is by no means bothered by what she said and considers the matter over [men can be so naive]; I know women too well to let this go.

Then a few pieces started falling into place.

Kayla hadn’t seen her mother in a few months, and not since Kevin and I started seeing each other. However, she went to Sal on Monday afternoon to have her hair done [Sal is a hairdresser].

I don’t know for certain, but I’m pretty sure that Kayla innocently told her mother that her dad was seeing someone, and how serious it was.

And I’m assuming that Sal isn’t too charmed by this idea. And the only reason I can think of – since he’s dated plenty of women since her – is that she has figured out that it’s Me. The Harmony that she partied with before.

Oh … and she wanted Kevin to marry her when they had Kayla and he always told her that he would never get married, didn’t believe in it and all the other bachelor blah blah blah’s … now he’s met someone and a month later wedding bells are chiming.

At about 02h00 in the morning the buzzer rang, and thinking it was Kevin who had psychically felt my unease and dashed off to my rescue, I jumped out of bed to answer the intercom.

Alas. It was one of Star’s old friends wanting surprise him.

Seriously? At that time of the morning?

I still couldn’t fall asleep, and not wanting to disturb Kevin with an text, I sent him an email.

I can’t sleep …

I think I’m also overwhelmed by emotions from yesterday …

The excitement of Star’s 21 & being so overcome with emotion. …

The disappointment of you not coming over …

The frustration at A’s father pitching up & then filling her head with
promises I know he won’t keep …

The shock at you telling me Sal saying she loves you ….

So my mind is swirling with too many thoughts …

And my emotions have dipped to an awful low …

All I want is to be in your arms right now …

And then the buzzer rang just now and I jumped up with excitement thinking it was you …

But it was one of Star’s friends …

So I climbed back into bed and curled up under the duvet …

But I still can’t sleep …

Missing you …

So much.

I still struggled to sleep and spent the rest of the morning having short naps with bursts of restlessly; and when my alarm went off at 06h20 I noticed an email from Kevin sent at 05h38.

I fell asleep with such a heavy heart, I did not know what was wrong with me. I knew I should have called you last night again…

My love I will call you from now on as soon as I get a bad feeling….

I really feel bad about last night… but know that in a few hours you will be in my arms….

Know that I will always love you with all that I am and all that I will be

I miss you….




And he attached the song All That Matters by Justin Bieber [and we all know how I feel about The Biebs]

And because my man thought that I wasn’t sufficiently cheered up, he has since sent me another song; because when we are at a loss for words, we borrow from others, and he knows how much I luuuuurv music.

*Sigh* I really do love this man and appreciate all his efforts to get me out of my funk.

Oh and Sunday … it’s Meet the Parents Part 3. [does that make it Little Fockers?] He met Mother Dearest a few weeks ago; and last Sunday I met his folks [who gave me the thumbs up]; and this weekend he gets to meet my clan; parents, brothers, sisters-in-law; nephews, aunts and a cousin.

~ ♥ ~

21st and Exes



Of course when things go soooo well, something [or should I say someone] has to come along to try ruin it.

Yesterday was an extremely emotional day to begin with. It was my Star’s 21st Birthday and the impact of suddenly having an adult child hit me quite hard, along with a flood of memories of our 21 years together.

Nevertheless, the man had a GREAT day, being spoilt rotten – and deservedly so; but that didn’t stop his Mama from being teary-eyed all day.

Angel’s father had promised Star a Samsung cellphone for his birthday, and in the days leading up to his birthday, he asked me to confirm with exF that he was still on track with the gift.

However, exF is not currently in my good books – not by a long shot. There are still outstanding school fees that I’m being sent summons for; and we had a huge argument about Angel turning down the scholarship she was awarded; and then he delayed in providing me with required documents to submit her application to the school of her choice, resulting in us now being 400 on the waiting list, with a chance of her not getting in; and now that we’ve turned down the scholarship a the private school, that place is no longer an option.

*sigh* Family dramas.

Anyway, I didn’t want to contact him, as the years of promises and lies have taken their toll on me and whilst I will never discourage Angel from having a relationship with her father, I don’t want him in my life any more than is absolutely necessary.

However, he sent me a message during the day asking where Star was, as he wanted to drop off the phone. I sent him Star’s work address, as well as working hours and left it at that.

When I fetched Star in the afternoon, he lamented that he was disappointed that he didn’t get the phone as promised, so I realised then that exF didn’t go drop it off as promised.


I had planned a dinner with just Star, Angel and myself to celebrate his birthday; and then Kevin and Kayla were going to come over to stay at my place for the night once we returned home from the restaurant; however as we ordered our prawn platters, I received a message from Kevin to say that they couldn’t come and would explain later.


I didn’t reply, and put it out of my mind and focused on the special dinner with my kids. Star and I were both in tears by the time the complimentary cheese cake arrived, as his constant thankfulness for all I’ve ever done for him led us to reminiscing about the good [and bad] old days and everything we’ve been through together.

Still, the food was absolutely delicious and we had a great time together.  We arrived home relatively early, and Angel took herself off to bed as she was too full to do anything else, and Star changed his outfit and then went out friends to continue his celebration.

So I climbed into the bath to unwind from the emotional day. Kevin sent another text asking that I send him a message when I’m home and settled so that he could call me. As I was sending a message to say that he could call, he did. Hahaha I can’t tell you how many times we do that – I’ll be about to send a message when he’ll call, or we’ll send messages at the same time.

Anyway, he explained that when he and Kayla arrived home, there was still load-shedding so they had to wait for the power to come back on and the water to heat up so that she could have a bath and wash her hair; and so that he could cook them dinner.

By that stage it was getting late, and Kayla was moaning that he was rushing her and she still had to pack her bags for the weekend, as she’s going away with a friend; so he decided not to push the issue with her, and rather stay home so that she could get ready for the weekend in her own time.

Which I completely understood; however that didn’t erase the bitter disappointment I felt, as I had been looking forward to a night with my man, especially as I was so emotional all day and needed some grounding; and with Star out and Angel lights-out – I was all alone.

Whilst Kevin was trying to cheer me up and remind me that we still have the whole weekend together; a sleepy Angel came into the bathroom to say that her father was there.

Seriously? Seriously!

So I had to explain to Kevin that my ex was there [late at night] and I had to get off the phone; get out of the bath, put clothes back on; and go socialise with him.

exF had come over to give Star the phone. Miracle of all miracles. And he also wanted to chat about Angel’s upcoming party and make other promises to her that we all doubt he will keep.

After about 20 minutes I told them that I was going to bed, as I really wasn’t up for any small talk and would much rather to be speaking to Kevin. So I climbed into bed and as I was sending a message to him to say that I was free to talk again – he called.

We chatted about exF’s visit, and Kevin said that it was really weird that my ex had visited at that time as he also had contact with HIS ex.

Now, a bit of history. Kevin and his ex had Kayla when they were both very very young and like exF and I, had a tumultous on/off relationship for several years, never married, but shared custody of Kayla.

However, when Sal’s partying ways became too much [and I’ll get to how I can vouch for this later], Kayla moved in with Kevin full time and he has since been in constant court battles to get her to pay maintenance. Which she hasn’t.

I hadn’t realised that I knew Kayla’s mother. When I was with that fuckhead Fabian, she was part of a group that we used to party with. I actually quite liked her and we got on quite well. I had no idea she had a child nor anything about her personal life, as I’d only see her in clubs.

It was only when I was snooping on Kevin’s Facebook earlier this week that I saw a picture of the three of them from many years ago and I like WHAT THE FUCK … Sal is Kayla’s mother???  Yup. small world.

So even though I’ve known Kayla since the beginning of last year due to Scouts; as she’d been living with Kevin by then, I only ever saw him fetch and drop her off, and never Sal, so I didn’t have a clue.

So, back to the phone call.

She sent him a please call me and he called her back, thinking she was coming to an arrangement regarding maintenance, as he had given her an ultimatum earlier this week.

But the reason for her wanting to speak to him …

“I love you Kevin.”

To be continued …

More Matrimonial Messages


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Select messages from my Love:

If we had our way we would be married already, so yes we are waiting for our kids to get used to the idea that we will be remaining a couple till death do us part… to be honest think I am only giving it a year and hopefully all will know then that its going to happen… but you just won’t know when I will pop the question..

I know what feels like when we go to sleep it’s not the same as when we are together as I seem to sleep a lot better when I am with you the way it should be.  I also wish that we were married already and one big happy family.

I too make every second count when I am with you cause I know it’s limited…  as you know time only exists when we’re apart but together there is no time, that’s why before you know it a year would have flown by bringing a lot of changes, happiness and perhaps a ring on it…

You know how that makes me feel knowing that one day you will be carrying my name… been waiting for this day…

You and I and the family are made for each other… for better or for worse… till death do us part…

I hope that all is going well… missing you… did i tell you that you are the one for me, well I’m saying it again, you are the only one for me… i love you x x x

I can’t wait till i see you… you light up my life angel, you make each day worth waking up too knowing that will will marry you one day cause you are the one…

I look forward to the day i am your husband and i can call you my wife

You have made me a very happy man and i will continue to give all the love i can give… i have not been a person to show my feelings but you bring it out of me where i don’t care who sees that i am a sensitive man… i really love you…

Hey my love just talking to my mate in aus, so plotting Hahaha i love you…

[Mate in Aus is his best friend from their high school days … and just happens to be a jewelry designer … so I have a fair idea what the plotting involves]

Well my love had a good chat with my mate so he is very happy happy for us… i just have a few things still to discuss with him and a few other things to work out. He did not ask much about you maybe he is still in shock but what he did ask was are you pregnant Lol…

[and no … I’m NOT pregnant … but I guess that’s the reaction to be expected when you tell people you’re going to marry someone you’ve only been dating for a month …]

We are the luckiest people in the world right now to have found each other and to be sharing the most incredible love i have ever felt… you are the one my Mrs Right and soon to be my wife… X x x x x x x

Morning my love, my gym work out is work today… Last night i closed my eyes and was picturing our wedding and fell asleep with a huge smile on my face

I hope you having an awesome day my love, been feeling very loved today by my future wife… I love you… X x x x

You are the reason I am here… I always asked God what is the reason I am here, for what purpose. I now know it is to be with this amazing woman who has been hiding for too many years… X x x


I miss you my angel it does not feel right without you… I need to start working my ass off so I can marry you and never be apart again… X x x

You won’t believe it, when i was taking k home from school my vows came to me so i have the perfect head line for my vows… i love you… X x x x x

My wedding vows love, it will blow you away. Wish I could tell you but then it will ruin our moment love. I think I will start tearing up when I say those words

Soooo … to answer your first question … yes, we have discussed marriage. Quite a bit actually. In fact, last week we investigated the option of eloping. Hahaha I kid you not.

But upon deeper reflection we decided not to, for two reasons.

Firstly we’re mindful of the fact that the kids still need time to get used to us all being a family. Whilst they’ve all been told of our intentions, and the girls are fully supportive, Star [who turns 21 tomorrow!!!] doesn’t spend as much time with us as the girls do, so he still needs time to acclimatise.

Secondly, whilst I’ve already done the big white wedding, albeit 21 years ago; Kevin – assuming he would be a bachelor for life – hasn’t. So it would be unfair to deny him – and his parents [whom I met over the weekend, and who have given the thumbs up to us and our plans] the whole bang shoot.

Oh and another reason we couldn’t elope was that the officiator needed a copy of my divorce decree and damned if I know what I ever did with that. I now have to pay a visit to the Johannesburg High Court to get a copy. But there’s no rush.

So we’re going to [try] wait a year before taking that walk down the aisle, and in the interim, we have time to plan and save.

Hahaha! Insane!

And to answer your second question, no we are not actually engaged. Nothing will be official until Kevin has gone done on bended knee, asked me nicely and put a ring on my finger. I’m nothing if not old-fashioned!

Hahaha! Wow.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around from having a crush on Kevin a mere 5 weeks ago, to us now planning a life together. Even for a diehard romantic myself, I can hardly believe everything that happened in such a short period of time.

I did not see this coming! But I am so very grateful that it did!

Monday Magical Message



I love you so much my angel… i am truly the most happiest man in the world… every day i keep trying to find the right words to write to show you how you light up my life and given it purpose… as you know when you think in life “why am i here” i now know it is to feel the most incredible love a person can share with another person… you are the ONE i will marry soon … and i will make you the happiest wife you can be… thank for you giving me your muses to that now we have our own story to tell… you are an amazing woman and i am honoured to be your man… forever and ever x x x x x x x x Mrs Right

 ~ ♥ ~

Torturous Tuesday


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Good morning my love… had the sweetest dreams of you… woke up thinking of you… just want to be with you…. x x x

I wish i was lying next to you…

Can’t wait for the day and night that you are i are never apart… i love you…

you know that i feel the same, i thought i would take you do dinner maybe a get a kiss and see what happens… little did i know that the woman i had been staring at for months would be the one and only one made for me… i love you… x x x forever and ever…

Hey my sexy, will call you a bit later, rushing around… Love you with all my heart and some… x x x

Kevin called me to provide an update on Kayla, whose chest infection had become worse over night. He took her to the doctor, and they ran tests this morning and besides the infection now being bronchitis, it was found that the meds she is on for her asthma are not working.

I take it you miss me… Hahaha i really miss you too my love… Well k’s meds seem to be working really well cause she is already trying to con me into going to The Hood so she can go see her boyfriend… I really miss you my love… I am always thinking of you… you mean the world to me in everything you do, write and say…

Hey look … I love you… I love you… I love you… I love you… Hahaha just for a change… I miss you… x x x x

Love you… you worth every ounce of what i can give you… x x x x x x x x

You know i can still picture when you and i ran to each other at The Park. I find myself getting lost in moments we have shared. I love the fact that when i look back in time of our moments i just have such a huge smile on my face…

Home… where the heart is… I love you so so so much…

I am sure we can do that cause i don’t think i can survive either and i am pretty sure k will make a plan, she will be over the moon like her father…

[in reference to Kevin and Kayla coming over to dinner on Wednesday night … with the option of a sleep-over. *big smile* I won’t lie, the two days – going on three –  apart feel like 2 years and do not cope well with separation.]

Cupid did a number on us, i think she thought that we were in trouble so gave extra strength to us. Hahahah i am glad cupid shot the right person for me…

Hahaha you’re a keeper my angel… for the rest of my life and beyond…

K has already asked me when am i bringing you to see my folks. so i said let me get through meeting your side then we can deal with my side.

[I am taking Kevin with me to meet the whole family at Star’s 21st in a few weeks; my parents, brothers – two of whom he went to high school with, aren’t they going to be surprised! – sisters-in-law, nephews and close aunts. Talk about being thrown in the deep end! On his side it’s only his folks and one brother, so I reckon I have it pretty easy!]

I agree with you my love, we are blessed so the rest is merely a formality.

Hope all is going well… I love you..

Poor little me was in a lengthy meeting with clients last night, and when I returned home, Kevin called me and we chatted, looked at the moon and listened to music together over the phone.

I was about to get into the bath when he called, and usually I would just slide into the water to continue the conversation, but as my cellphone battery was low, I sat on the bed with the phone plugged into the charger so that we could chat unhindered.

So imagine my surprise to find my water ice cold when we finally disconnected the call. I felt like a short 10 minutes call, however after checking the call history, I noted that we had talked non stop for over an hour.

I still prefer texting to chatting on over the phone, especially as our texts are pure poetry and nothing but lovey dovey stuff; whereas our phone calls are to catch up on news of the day, getting to know each other, and plans for the future.

But still, nothing beats being with Kevin in person … it’s a perfect mixture of the poetry, romance, affection, attention, love and general chatting about anything and everything.

We are going to be incredible together, i will make sure that we are.. in every way… actually we don’t have to anything we are already like that… love it love it love it…

I know what the future has in store for us, you and i spending the rest of our lives together…

I have disappeared with you… X x x

i love you…

can’t wait, going to be awesome… i am used to having control with my emotions, with you i am all over the place, but so happy that i am in love with you…

Hmmm good night my love… will be dreaming of our love… i love you… X x x x x x x

Again I was unable to fall asleep last night, with too many thoughts swirling around my head . . .

~ ♥ ~

Monday Matrimony


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My love you and i are on the same page. our story will be one written in times of love as you are my one and only who makes me feel so loved and happy that words can’t say how we really feel about each other. I love you with all that i am… x x x x x x x x

Hahaha you give me the same sense of happiness that we are untouchable… I love you so much… x x x

I am so happy we have found each other. My love for you is everlasting. FOREVER & EVER X X X X X X X X

I was just thinking about you, was just about to send you a sms when I saw a email pop up from you

Thinking of you always…  Forever yours

X x  x x x x x  x x x x x x  x x x x x x  x x x x xx  x x xx x x xx x x  xx x x x x xx  x x x x  x x x x x x x x  x x x x x  x x x  x x x

Hope that’s enough kisses to see you over

You really know how to brighten my day.

I will always be thinking of you…


What you have done for me in the time we have shared… as we know word can’t describe…  I see myself now going to find  images to try best describe how I feel about you BUT I  still think it won’t be enough as only when I look into your eyes I feel the warmth of summer and the shower of love as our soul connect….

Love you my angel….

We didn’t get to see each other as we usually do on a Monday evening before and after Scouts, as Kayla wasn’t feeling well so she wisely stayed home. And to make my evening even longer, I had to stay afterwards for a meeting with Scouter Paul. *yawn*

My love, going to take a long bath now… will chat to you when out… I’m longing to hear your voice… x x x

After his bath, and whilst I was in mine, Keith called me and we chatted for about half an hour; mostly about plans we have for the kids … in short, he knows that I used to foster kids, and it’s always been my dream to do it again; and with constantly having the house full of the scouting kids, it has reignited my passion to give more to kids … and amazingly enough, he shares the same dream as I do and so we are putting plans in place to make it happen.

and i know I love you so so much… X x x x x x x

you see this is why i love you so much… cause you and i feel so much passion for each other but it comes so naturally for us… loving it…

I feel like you and i would be that couple that could sail the oceans knowing all we need is each other and we would just be fine… x x x

that’s the way i have been feeling… i fear nothing… cause i have the most beautiful lady by my side who is on the same page as me as we write and live the most incredible story together…

that’s not fair i should be there… holding you in my arms… is my scent still in your bed?

Hahaha i prefer the real deal too… i love you… i also really enjoy making love to you cause the passion we share is beautiful… X x x x x

i wish i was there too…

i am sure i will make a plan to see you before then, i am sure about that… X x x x

you know they say that when you can picture growing old with your partner then you know you are with the one who will make you happy… which i have… i’m already thinking of ideas on how i am going to propose to you Hahaha normally i would be running the other way but with you i never want to let go… X x x x x x

OMG that’s the second time he has made reference to marrying me in as many days. *gulp*

i never thought i would ever feel like this… i love you… X x x x x

To see you write those words i know you are the one… You know i said i would wait a year to see how things would work out but i see bigger things happening in a years time…

love you… going to say goodnight my love… so so happy going to be sleeping again with a smile on my face again…

See you just now my love…

I couldn’t sleep though, my bed felt so big and cold without Kevin in it, and so I sent him an email, knowing he would retrieve it when arriving at work the next morning …

Hello my love,

Right now you are fast sleep, most likely wearing that slight smile you sport when you’re dreaming the sweetest dreams; and I am wide awake, enjoying dreams of my own.

Because for all I know I’m fast asleep having the most amazing dream ever imagined; of being swept off my feet in the most romantic and expected manner by a gorgeously sexy (handy)man.

I don’t want to pinch myself any more though, because like I’ve mentioned before – my dreams are real and my reality is like a dream.

Everything and everyone has faded into a blurry mist; nothing remains clear or in focus … Except you.

Even time has warped, going either far too fast, or exceptionally slowly; depending not on any hand on a watch, but your hand on me.

Days melt into nights, and I can no longer tell the difference between sunrise and sunset.

This is why I stare up at you in awe; not only am I basking in the warmth of your smile, but I’m getting lost within you, joining you in that place where two weeks isn’t a measurement of time, but rather a milestone on our path; placing that pebble to commemorate a magical moment.

Laying this path with you, with intricate details for a memorable journey, is my life’s greatest blessing. I will be by your side with my hand in yours all the way.

Good night my love, I’m going to curl up into the pillow you last lay on this morning, and wrap myself in the duvet that covered you a short while ago.

From there I’ll take a ride to where ever you are … Because all I want to be is where you are.

I love you.

Yours, forever


~ ♥ ~

Saturday + Sunday Shows


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By 09h00 on Saturday morning Kevin was back at my place and we enjoyed a bit of time together before I had to head off to fetch my god-daughter and her son and then return home to collect Angel, as us girlies had to go try on clothes for a vintage fashion show we were to partake in on Sunday.

After hours of trying on various items, the girls and I headed home for a quick lunch, before having to return for the next round of girls to try on outfits, whilst I went to the salon to have my nails done.

Once done, I collected the girls and we finally went home.

It was a long tiring day, especially after all the last nights and early mornings with Kevin,

I love you too my angel… Forever and ever… X x x x x

Hey sexy, so how has your day gone so far?

I love you… I had a long nap…

Soon you will be in my arms again… x x x x x x 

What time do you want me to be by you my angel?

17h00 and the love of my life was home again!

*heart giddy with happiness*

Angel, Kevin and I decided to have a movie night, watching the Fast and Furious movies.  After the first one, I made us all chicken wraps for dinner and then we made ourselves comfortable for the next movie.

Not ten minutes into the movie Angel decided to rather go my room and watch series on the laptop, so I opened up the sleeper couch and made Kevin and I a bed in the lounge in front of the TV.

We were obviously way too comfortable lying in each other’s arms again, as we didn’t get to see the end [or middle] of the movie either, and I awoke hours later to the flickering of the TV.

After switching it off with the remote, I returned to my rightful place in my man’s arms, and went straight back to sleep; only to wake early the next morning to sweet kisses all over my face, and being told how much I am loved.

God, life is good.


After our morning coffee, Kevin left to go home, as he had to fetch his work bakkie as he had an emergency call-out for work to attend to.

The timing was perfect though, as Angel and I had to dolly ourselves up for the fashion show, so I was able to do so without distraction. Also, I hadn’t actually invited Kevin to the fashion show, even though I had even roped his daughter into partaking, as I would have been too shy to prance around under his watchful eyes.

Star had to go fetch my god-daughter and her friend, and brought my god-sons too, and we had to fetch another scouting / school friend of Angel’s, who also decided to join in at the last minute, so it was quite a full ride to The Park.

I am still awaiting the professional photo’s that were taken on the day, but I did managed to upload a few taken by Star and by Kayla’s boyfriend with her phone onto Facebook.

Just as we finished changing back into our clothes I received a text from Keith asking how it was going. I let him know that we were packing up and heading home, whilst shouting at Star to start taking the kids home in shifts, as there were now 13 of us needing to get back to my place!

Just as Star left to take the my god sons, god daughter, friend and son home; who should walk into the park!

My man!

I literally ran from the changing tent into his welcome arms and our greeting was reminiscent of a couple who’d been parted for months. Cos that’s how we roll!

So we left the park together, with the remainder of our kids and scout kids, which pretty much are our kids considering how much time we spend with them!

From there we went to my local grocery store to stock up on several loaves of bread and bricks of cheese in order to feed our hungry bunch.  When we returned home, I put out a sleeping bag in the garden, where Kevin and I lay chatting; whilst the kids sorting out toasted sandwiches for everyone.

In the late afternoon Star took my god-kids and their crew home; while Kevin and I still had our girls and five of their friends over. No-one wanted to go home, so frantic phone calls were made to respective parents, asking if they could stay over at my place.

Kevin had to go home with Kayla in order to fetch her school uniform and bags and on the way dropped the rest of us down my road at the parents of one of the other girls – they were the couple in whose tent we stayed over the camp – so that she could collect her school belongings.

From there, we all returned to my place and Keith emptied his freezer in order to feed the kids again. So whilst he stood in the kitchen making us chicken prego rolls, I lay on the sleeper couch with some of the kids, looking at photo’s from the fashion show.

Kevin called me to the kitchen when it was time to serve the kids and whilst in his arms – again – he said that he had never been happier than he was at that very moment. The woman of his dreams in his arms, and a house full of awesome children. Our Family, as we now refer to all of us.


Happiness is.

By 21h00 we were more exhausted than the kids, and we headed to my room [his first sleep over in my bed!] for an early night.


~ ♥ ~

Thursday – Friday


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Good morning my love. I must admit i sleep a lot better when i sleep next to you. Have an awesome day love, will call you a little later today just to hear your voice… x x x x x x

Hello my angel. I see you have been busy today… I love the way you and I have all this untapped love that is bursting out of us… cause until now we were merely just going through life, as you think it was right. But to only realize that life was preparing us to meet each other.


All the words you write, I feel each word touching my soul and warming my heart, my smile is endless

This past weekend we spent with each other has changed our lives. I have not been able to focus on work too just want you in my arms to love.

My writing skills on the computer are not to your level, but as you feel you need to put the feeling we have for each other down other down, cause I feel if we don’t you and I when seeing each other, we might rugby tackle each other as the passion we share is explosive. Hahaha

Thank you for being apart of my life would not change a thing about you, you are just amazing the way you are

I love you…

X X X X X X X X X X  X X

Thinking of you always… X x x x x x

I love you… X x x

Chilling at your place love sounds awesome, will check with K maybe my folks can look after her for a while… fill you in later when i fetch k from school or we might have to do something cause she does not enjoy hanging with the old folks Lol…

I miss you so much…

LOL I love you so much.

I have just spoken to k, she says she will stay at home so that you and I can have some alone time or she make an arrangement to go out and for me to pick her up later.

I can’t stop smiling when I start typing to you and thinking about you I like freeze and I am lost in you…

Whenever you ready to get the tattoo I will be there with you. I just want to see you now, so done with writing to you…

I can hear you say you crazy about me for the rest of my life cause I am crazy about you!!!

X x x x x x x x

Love, what time must i come over?

Kevin came over at 18h00, and we spent a few glorious hours together. Whilst in the kitchen making coffee, he took me in his arms and said,

My Angel, I spoke to K about us.

Hmmm, and?

I asked her how she would feel if I wanted to marry you.

Hahahaha, baby!!! What did she say?

She said “Daddy, why do you think I’ve been trying to set you two up together, I’d love Harmony to be my mom.”

Kaboom went my heart.

All too soon he had to leave to fetch Kayla and return home,

We are home my love…

Finally i have someone i can love with all that i have… I love you… X x x x x

And I am yours forever and ever… I know you are the one for me… X x x x x x x x my heart beats for you… everything about you fits. I LOVE YOU!!

My angel going to say goodnight so that all works out tomorrow that i see you again…. i love you x x x x x x


By 07h00 on Friday morning, Kevin was back in my arms, just where he belongs! We cuddled on the couch together and watched music videos of all our favourite songs [soppy love songs] on the big screen.

By 10h00 we had worked up quite an appetite, so Keith took me out for a slap up breakfast. In no hurry to leave, we had several cups of coffee before Kevin had the idea that we should head over to Mugg and Bean for cake and cappuccino!

Whilst feeding each other delicious cheesecake, I received a text from Mother Dearest asking for news in mine and the kids lives, and instead of responding, I asked Kevin if we could go to the home to visit her.

So off we trekked to visit Mother Dearest, who was absolutely thrilled to meet the new man in my life.

After a rather lengthy visit, Kevin and I decided to go to Gilloolys Farm, as we had been missing the long daily walks we had been taking on the camp, where we’d wander aimlessly around, holding hands, picking up feathers and stones, and chatting about life.

Whilst in the vicinity, we went to the property next door and spent some time watching the dog show, after which we walked around the lake again.

Hungry again, we headed to the pizza place across the road from Star’s workplace, and ordered a few pizza’s for dinner.

Unfortunately time with Kevin always goes by so fast, and all too soon it was time for me to get ready for Scouts and Kevin had to go fetch Kayla to return home to do the same.

We arrived back at the Scouts Hall at the same time, and so managed to steal a few precious kisses before heading in for the evening; and after Scouts my Angel was waiting outside for me, and kept me company whilst waiting for all the kids so leave, and then saw me off with more magnificent kisses.


We are home my love… I love you… We are going to have a beautiful life together. You and i both going sleep like a king and queen tonight… X x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x did i tell you?!? I love you… Goodnight… see you later…

And as should be expected by now, the weekend only got better and better from there.

~ ♥ ~

Wonderful Wednesday




Good morning my love of my life. Thanks for all our pictures, you are the best thing to happen to me, I am the happiest man just being around you, I get so lost in you when I look into your eyes. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Going to google that song now… Love you so much… x x x x x x x

You should see the music video

You have just found our song

Hey my love i feel like i need you by my side so i can hold you and kiss you… i am longing for your warm embrace

i think i am getting withdrawals… i need a dose of my love…

i know a piece of me is missing, i am only complete when i am with you…

i love you so much its driving me crazy… X x x x x x x

HELLO MY SWEET LOVE I am feeling much better no headache today. You are my hot mama!! Hahaha YOU ARE THE ONE FOR ME! Have an awesome day… thinking of you always…. love you always…

i really loved the bible verse* you sent me. i tell you what, maybe you and i can get it tattooed together sometime. oh and when you see the music video it will complete what you hearing it sort of explains us

i do want you for better or for worse X x x x x x

You are the one for me… forever and ever… X x x

Hey my amazing woman. I cant put into words how I am feeling right now cause you knew where my mind was lol. The song you heard is us in so many ways and its true you are the one and you have freed my mind to knowing know that there is true love at first sight.

I want to be one with you…

That’s all we need is each other, laughing with you cause we get silly and funny when we together.

K wanted to know today when did the love word happen between you and i and i said we said it together which i recall we did…

I believe we are soul mates… i wanted to say it this afternoon but i think i got distracted with the images on the emails you sent me. Hahaha

Hahaha i would love to see what you saw cause it seemed to be a special moment you spent with the sleeping me… Hahaha the way we sleep so well when we together, love it, always waking up feeling like its summer in my heart… X x x

What you just wrote to me was like a poem, never really understood poems until i met you…

You are my angel…

When you have your arms around me its like angels wings where you take me up high into the sky showing me the world i have never seen before, not afraid but ready to be the only one for you… X

The world and universe want us to be together otherwise things are not balanced…

I love you just as deeply…

Do you like old school dancing cause i wold like to learn a dance to our song…

You know i have battled for years to let my walls down to anyone, you did it in 5 days…

I have just been sitting dumb stuck with love for you… I am like speechless now

I have been living a dream with you, can’t believe how much I adore you in such a short period of time. You have given so much love. I feel we are all family. I am a writer with writer block so much to say but can’t write it, just know my heart is yours!!!

Going to sleep well tonight with the thoughts of you…

My love going to say goodnight, don’t want to as things go, have to otherwise K won’t wake up.

i love you so much… see you later…

I can’t go another day without seeing you… X x x x x x x

~ ♥ ~


love is

Monday Afternoon – Tuesday Night



There is just so much write, and just not enough time to do it in … so instead of going back to our 77 hours together this weekend [which I will still get to] I will fast forward to excerpts from texts and emails Kevin sent to me since we returned from our First Date … I’m sure the contents thereof will highlight just how amazing our weekend together was! [and just to put your (dirty) minds at ease … no we didn’t do the dirty!]


I feel like you’re still right here by me…

This weekend was made just for us… I will carry these memories with me forever…. X x x

As you know now looks like i will be becoming a new scouter* so we can always be with our kids Lol

Who would have thought that we would be shaping young minds…. X x x x x can’t wait to be back in your arms…

My angel i am going to say goodnight… You have my heart… but know that i love you…


Good morning my love… been thinking of you non stop which i love cause i am mad about you

You are an amazing woman, so happy that we are at one with each other… thinking of you always x x x x x x x x

Everything has worked out so perfect for the both of us right down to the last minute we had to leave each other last night. Thinking about me making pancakes at your place…

Every time i think of you my heart races… X x x hope your day is going well…

Hello my sexy lady, thanks for photo. please send me the other ones you have or can get from our weekend so I can save them in our romantic novel. Love you with all that I have in me x x x x x x x x x x x

Now i am mush again… i feel the same. Being with you my past no longer exists. It is just you and i are our 22 kids Lol but my heart is overflowing with love for you… i saw your email, saw our picture so so so beautiful. i am glad you sent me the picture cause i don’t have any, all just in my head. Had to leave the office just as i opened the image so looking forward to getting back home so i can save it as my screen saver…

time went by so quickly when we were together… I miss you…

X x x x x x x x x

Can’t wait to see you… X


I love you too Harmony Full Names** Hahaha so so much…. I really feel at one with you… X x x x x

What you and i have is incredible would not change a thing…

Good night my angel, always in my arms i will protect and love you with all my heart…

~ ♥ ~

* Yes, Kevin wants to join Scouts!!! We’re still waiting to hear if he is permitted to, especially in light of the fact that I’m not the most popular person with the other Scouter at the moment. *gulp*

** the girls have taken to calling me by my first and middle names, with Kevin’s surname at the end. They double over with laughter as my middle name rhymes with his surname and it sounds so funny. Standing joke in the family now.