There Is No Doubt


Dearest Beloved (Immortal)

There is no doubt about this daily devotion my heart has to you. It has never stopped. From the moment we connected again this lifetime, this feeling (not yearning, not drama) of utter devotion and respect to the Love I feel towards you my dearest dearest Love.  Even in the happiest moments, you are there, always. I thought I would share that with you. I hope you are well, I really do. Although I don’t hear from you (what’s the point, as you would say), I connect with you daily. It is ingrained in this heart of mine to remember how the music sounds in that heart of yours.

I thought I would share this list of movies that seemed to be a must. What’s missing from that list is a movie called I Origins. The Fountain is obviously there. It’s not my list, but I thought of you.

Movies to watch

Waking Life
Spring Summer Fall Winter Spring
Fight Club
Life is Beautiful
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Mr Nobody
The Power of Nightmares
The Century of the Self
127 Hours
The Tree of Life
The Fountain
What Dreams May Come
Manchurian Candidate
Requiem for a Dream
Dog Pound
American Beauty

I love you so much. Thank you. Always in humble gratitude for this opportunity to Love You.

You reside in my eyes and in everything I see. You dwell in my heart and in everything I feel. You are the moment that exists in this silence. You are the soul of every melody.

I Love You, more than you will ever know.

Strippin’ On The Stripper



If you thought that was the end of the story, you would be sorely mistaken; that was just the prelude to The Encounter.

*insert suspenseful violin music effect*

Before I could get to the diagonally opposite corner of the area, which had the only unoccupied piece of land; I stopped to chat to one of the complex gardeners who was sitting where the teenagers had laid out their towels, puffing on a cigarette given to him by one of the teens.

The obligatory greetings ensued, with small talk of, ‘when are you going to weed your garden?’

I did! All morning! I even pruned the rose bushes. (Butchered them more like, if we’re to be honest here) But next year you can take over, according to Star I hacked out quite a few plants and have instead been tending to weeds. My bad.

We laughed, I walked away and sashayed around the pool, my over-sized pink floppy (I know, that sounds soooo wrong) straw hat, dancing along with me, and playing ‘now you see me, now you don’t.’

“Hey Har.”

“Hi Stripper.” (Who knew I could sing?)

I inhaled as I passed by him, and only let out my breath once safely ensconced in my little corner. Not so much to breath him in – heavens, I’m only in the crush stage, and I haven’t yet entered infatuation or obsession levels – but God forbid he got a whiff of my garlic breath.

With all good intentions, and Scouts honour they were; I finished the book. It was hard work I tell you, reading sex scenes when I haven’t had any nookie since … Kingdom Come, and with Mr Sexy himself standing a few feet away with his pheromones drifting in the direction of my heightened hormones.

After the final page, which couldn’t come soon enough; I lay back in the sun with the hat over my face, my bikini clad bod on full display, and eavesdropped on everyone in the pool area.

Hey, I have never denied being the voyeuristic type.

All too soon the weather turned on me, with dark clouds hovering over my glorious sun, and the wind blowing enough to cause goosies on my much naked flesh.

Damn you Mother Nature!

Whilst hanging around the braai area fully clothed in overcast weather is quite appropriate; lying on the grass in a bikini isn’t.

After a long moment of unsuccessful wishful thinking, I realised that my sunning and perving session was officially over for the day. I reluctantly got up, slipped my blue and white floral dress over my bikini and put away the poor excuse for a novel.

Thereafter I made my way back around the swimming pool, passing the braai area on my way. Which was the shortest route, of course.

Breathe in, look straight, shoulders back, boobs out, no, no, no! Boobs in, walk faster.

“Bye Har!”

“K, bye.” through gritted teeth. [I’m never eating garlic again.]

Whilst fumbling with the key in the gate lock – cos that’s the effect this guy has on me; I get so nervous in his presence; my hands shake, I blush involuntarily and my brain goes to mush.

Don’t even get me started when he actually talks to me! Oh my god, I grin and giggle like a love-sick teenager and I’ve even caught myself twirling a bit of hair in my fingers with my head bent. Bleh. Guys this hot intimidate me to the point that I regress in age.

So there I was, key in lock, ready to make my not-so graceful exit.

“Hey Har, I just wanted to say …”

Tipping Towards The Stripper


Hot tattooed guy

Arriving at the pool area, I dug around Elle Vie Senior in search of the pool key (note to self: make large laminated card keyrings so as to find the damn key more easily, and prevent loss once thrown onto the grass. No prizes for guessing which resident has misplaced the greatest amount of pool keys.)

With an unsteady hand I slid the key in the lock whilst attempting to scan my surroundings through my dark sunglasses.

I hear voices but I can’t see bodies

Strutting from the gate to my spot on the other side of the enclosure, I noted with bitter disappointment that none of the five occupants were my proposed object of ogling.


Maybe he signed for a key but will only be arriving later? Or perhaps the entry I saw in the register was from the day before?

Ah well. I’ve half a book to read and cold pizza and garlic bread to eat and I did come here to relax. Perving would’ve jut been the cherry on top.

Unfortunately my bad luck was only just beginning.

The quintet had obviously been potting away in the sun for several hours prior to my afternoon arrival, as they were comparing sob stories, littered with crude expletives; vying to be heard over the din of the not-so-popular music blaring from a portable speaker.

Great. As it is I’m struggling to get stuck into this book without the distraction of drunk men, their girlfriends and mommy with the brandy-laced “my daddy issues are fokken bigger than yours.”

When the sobbing slanted towards aggression I decided that waiting around in the misguided hope of spotting the lesser-spotted lady-killer wasn’t worth the aggravation. I packed up my goods and returned to the guard house to swop keys for the less popular swimming pool. Anything for some peace and quiet.

On the way I was passed by the kid who used to bully Angel when she was younger; but with whom she is now friends with and I even give a lift to school to. He was riding a friend of his scooter to the pool, accompanied by the scooter owner’s pregnant teenage girlfriend.

I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of sharing the area with a bunch of teenagers, however they are all quite respectful towards me and so I needn’t worry about too much noise  as they wouldn’t dare face the wrath of Auntie Harmz.

The boy left the gate open for me [see, good manners] and I entered the pool area to the sound of an Angel’s chorus. In my head of course. It’s just something that happens when I am confronted by the sight of such ethereal hotness!

*harps playing*

Whoo hoo! It is my lucky day after all and it’s evident I wasn’t the only person to exchange swimming pool keys. Thank you loud drunkards for sending me this way, and straight into the same breathing space as …

The Stripper!

Sadly he was fully clothed in a branded T-shirt and shorts, with no surf board abs on show. [who the hell hangs out at the pool with clothes on???] But beggars can’t be choosers and I was only too happy undress him …

… with my eyes.

A bonus was the huge grin I received when he saw me and waved with a “Hey Har!”

[as an aside, I have been hankering over The Stripper for over three years – our first encounter in 2011 is documented here; and I also note that I’m always reading a Paulo Coelho book when he is in attendance. How bizarre!]

Trippin’ Over the Stripper


Hot Guy with Tattoos

I’m pretty sure the resident complex hottie is aware of the massive schoolgirl crush I have harboured on him over the years.

Even if he mistakenly thought the stammering was a speech defect; I doubt he hasn’t noticed the instinctive blush and shy smile I wear when he talks to me.

Like he did yesterday.

*sigh* Yes, I still gush over The Stripper. ¹

Just viewing the tantalizing tanned tattooed toned torso of a man is enough to make my day.

Throw in a dazzling smile or two, and him calling me by a very rarely used and rather intimate nickname of mine; and you can understand why I am still floating on cloud nine.

It all began with me deciding to relax by the pool to finish the Paulo Coelho² book I bought with a gift voucher I received for my birthday. However between work, Scouts, gardening and decorating-research; I haven’t had time to snatch more than a chapter here or there in that time.

Adding to my desire for some R&R was the early morning with Star preparing the walls for painting. After having the lounge and passage laminated (oh did I forget to mention that? …)

… Redoing the floors wasn’t in the budget, however I received another unexpected windfall in return for professional assistance I had provided to a friend, and so I immediately called Peter, whom I stumbled upon on Gumtree, for a quote.  It came in a bit too high, but he was open to negotiate.

So last Wednesday afternoon I returned home to find bleached San Francisco Pine laminate floors. When Angel walked in she said the living room looked like a New York apartment. (Whooppee!)

Anyway, fast forward back to yesterday afternoon. After paint preparations, pruning the roses and weeding the garden; I was too weary to lift a brush so I decided to chill with my book and perhaps take a dip to cool off.

I put on my turquoise bikini (the IBTWYPDB has been retired), packed a large LV bag with lunch (Saturday night’s left over garlic bread and chicken mayo pizza), a Bad Boy Cola energy drink, a weathered towel, cushion and factor 30 sunblock; and went to the guardhouse to sign for a pool key.

And whose name should appear on the line before mine in the register??? None other than The Stripper!

*Harmony does the happy dance in the guardhouse to a rather perplexed security officer*

I hadn’t seen him since Halloween, so I was rather excited at the prospect of eye candy. Although he parks his motorbike in the parking bay opposite mine, we hardly arrive or leave home at the same time, so my carnal urges have been dormant of late.

With a bounce in my step, I made my way to the top swimming pool in the complex, preparing for my well-deserved reward of an afternoon of innocent³ perving.

 ~ ♥ ~

¹ I think the return of fire in my loins is a good indication that I am horny almost ready to start fishing again. Just preparing my bait and tackle.

² Adultery was bitterly disappointing. I found it poorly written, the characters weak and the voice of women unheard. Perhaps it’s due to the book being translated; but considering By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, The Witch of Portobello, Brida and Eleven Minutes are in my Top 10 Books; the latest offering by Signor Coelho is sorely lacking. What a waste of almost 300 bucks.

³ I am, as I always have been, merely perusing the menu. I have no intention of ordering the medium rare rump steak.

Refurbishing Home and Life

Loving Life

*Breathless, again*

Life is good great!

The Harmony Household is soon to become unTVless.

In fact, the entire living room is getting revamped.

I recently came into a tidy sum of money. (Relatively speaking.)

Not enough for the 55″ HD LED Smart 3D TV I have my heart (or at the least, my visualization) set on, but enough to get my redecorating project off ground.

Before I get a new TV, I advised myself; I would need to install it on a freshly painted wall (still deliberating between brilliant white or dove grey). Then I realised I’d need to take down the brown curtains and bamboo blinds, and replace them with white (or silver) aluminum venetian blinds. My first choice was American Shutters on the lounge window, for both security and aesthetics; but the bonus I was awarded for my financial reporting wouldn’t cover such luxessity (luxurious necessity).

However after the painting and blinding, I’ll move all my black and white canvas print Marilyn blockmounts from the passage and arrange them on the lounge walls. The plan is to give the area an old Hollywood glamour look and it doesn’t cost anything to move my artwork around.

The life size Ms MM currently on the wall at the end of the passage will be replaced by my 55″ gold framed mirror, turned vertically; and will be placed on the left of the canvases, so that she’s “above” the side table and inline with the ‘chaise’

Methinks ‘before’ ‘during’ and ‘after’ picture are needed!

The current TV cabinet (a Gordon Fraser – if you’re interested, make me an offer) needs to go. The big screen needs to be erected on the wall, so the current coffee table in the middle of the lounge will be moved against the wall to place the BlueRay player and DVD player and front speakers on.

In place of the coffee table, I’m considering two faux leather mini cube (R150 for 2), with either an antique grey suitcase (my own) or an antique black and silver cine projector (also my own). I don’t want too much clutter in the centre so I’ll have to continue visualising what is the right combination.

Whilst ‘looking down’ at the new layout, I noticed the grubby carpets.

Argh. Disgustingly dirty and retaining germs and other nasties.

How I dream of laminate floors. The lightest greyish / white, adorning the floors of my cinema room and down the passage (which already sports a red carpet befitting the glam look.)

In the interim, a slice of my windfall can go towards a Turkish Carpet. Magnificent black and red thick piled design. 800 bucks from the fleamarket. Maybe, still deliberating.

The plan for the sturdy yet unsightly couches is to purchase throws. I want a black / white cotton throw on the sleeper couch that will be facing the movie screen to-be; with red and black suede-feel throws on the single-bed-sized make-shift chaise against the window (and the shutters – I wish).

I need to put a small coffee table in the corner between the couches, preferably with a lamp on it. Haven’t found either yet.

In the empty area between the lounge and kitchen, is going to be …

A coffee bar!

I’m going to paint my vintage side server red (with the same paint that I’m painting the inside of my front door), give it new handles, and then fill it will all my mugs (most of them are white / red / black so they’ll fit in well). My black kettle and coffee plunger will also have prominent position, and the cupboard section will perfectly store my stock piles of sugar – white and brown, Nescafe (for me), Ricoffy (for the kids), tea, Horlicks, Nesquik, and rusks! With Angel’s expanding baking ‘business’, I’m running out of kitchen space so this will be super convenient.

Other items to sneak into my budget are bar stools for the kitchen counter. I’m swaying between swing 50’s diner stools, or leather and steel backed gas lever something or other. I’d have to purchase them second-hand, and even then I’ll feel the pinch. But to have a seating area in the house will be the greatest blessing!

On that note, my final purchase would be an outdoor picnic table. To enjoy outdoor dinners on warm summer nights … Heavenly! And I’ve got fairy lights bought a year or two ago that I can hang on the patio. And wouldn’t (see that?) tou know, they sell them on various street corners in my hood. Sign says R500. Not bad. I think? Can’t say I’ve ever bought a picnic table. Nor any item from the pavement ala-William Nicol, to be honest.

Anyway, I’m super excited about all the projects on the way, am loving being online igniting my creativity with inspiring pictures; heightening my passion. I’m really going to enjoy my home whilst on leave in a month (20 working days to go).

And on top of all the refurbishment, it is my investiture ceremony this evening, whereafter I’ll be a uniformed assistant troop scouter. (I know, how did that happen???).

Before that is our office year end lunch; and on Sunday our family Christmas / farewell-to-baby-Boet-and-family-who-are-moving-to-Cape-Town do.

So quite the marvellously hectic weekend!

Ok, that’s it for now. Have a wicked weekend!

~ ♥ ~

The Good, The Bad & The Sad, and The Beautiful

Harmony dashes in breathlessly with long overdue news



The man of the house is now gainfully employed as a sports coach at the private school he used to attend. So not only is he outdoors all day but he gets all school holidays off. Lucky bugger. We drop Angel off at school in the mornings, and then I am deposited at my offices and thereafter Star drives himself off to work and I get a lift home from a colleague. He is on three month probation, and before the school closes he will find out if he’s position is made permanent. [crossing all digits].


Where to start with all of Madam’s latest accolades? Whilst many of her friends’ parents have taken their kids out of Scouts due to their school marks dropping, Angel’s marks went up by 5% on her latest report and she has been invited to participate in the National Junior Science Olympiads. So there is certainly no concern with her school work suffering due to Scouting activities. Oh and she was voted class captain! As for Scouting, she attended a sailing regatta recently at Harties and instead of rowing and sailing in her age group, the organisers put her with the under 15’s. And I should also mention that the under 15’s were mostly guys [only one other girl].


Mother Dearest has been diagnosed with Parkinsons, so on top of all her other ailments; she is really not faring well. She is already exhibiting uncontrollable shaking of her right arm and at times it seems as though she is pulling faces. We cannot establish whether her balance is effected, as she is still bed-ridden and any hope of her being rehabilitated to walk are now gone. She has also lost an incredible amounts of weight and from being quite a large strapping woman, she appears to have shrunk into the mattress into a frail little old lady.

More sad news is that Aaliyah’s father’s brother passed away a week ago. He was feeling unwell on Thursday morning and went with his mother to the doctor. Whilst in the consulting rooms he had a heart attack and died. Just like that, in the middle of a consultation with the doc. So it must’ve been massive cardiac failure that they weren’t able to revive him.


Would you believe me if I told you that mere days after posting my bucket list, two of the items listed came to fruition?  Three, if you count IndianGal’s enlightenment.  3/6 – not bad odds if I do say so my self!

To cut a long story short, I was asked by the Scout Leaders of Angel’s troop to join as a Scouter as there are currently only male leaders, and with the troop being mixed; they require the assistance of a female Scouter.  When I inquired as to why I was selected [I certainly don’t look the camping / hiking / roping / sailing type], I was informed that I am the most involved mom, and if my passion and encouragement for my daughter is anything to go by, the other Scouts would benefit greatly.

Now who can say no to that!

So # 6 on my bucket list is ticked off! Whilst it’s not MSF or Gift of the Givers, two organisations I would still like to assist in my lifetime; I’d say that becoming a uniformed Scouter still counts:

Volunteer – yup, certainly not getting to paid to give up my Friday nights [19h00 to 22h00 and Sundays [all day]

Humanitarian – [concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare] check!

Organisation – check!

Part of my duties is training and teaching the Scouts in various aspects of Scouting; and since this is a Sea Scouting Troop that I have joined – I have to be able to teach them in the water activities in which they partake. And this includes …

… You guessed it …


Which means I have to learn to sail!

Whoop whoop – that’s # 2 on my bucket list!

I had my first lesson on Sunday at Harties, which was learning the terminology of the sail boat. Not that any of it sank in, I’m still clueless as where starboard is versus port; and who is jib and his halyards and sheets and stays are. What was even more intimidating was watching the kids rig the sailboats on their own and then taking it apart again once they had finishing sailing. It looks like they’ll be teaching me and not the other way around!

So if you’re looking for me on a Sunday, I’m either at Harties, the Vaal or Florida lake making my dreams come true.

Happy Diwali