My resignation went well. Very well in fact. Boss Lady was neither surprised, nor upset and she heartily agreed that it was an opportunity not to be missed and so I will be leaving with her blessing. Not quite the reaction I was expecting, but I’m pleased that no bridges have been burned.

Boss Lady is overseas for the month, so luckily my last month is rather quiet and peaceful, for a change. I am handing over as much as possible to my poor assistant who is not coping under the pressure. Good luck to her next month when I’m not here to hold her hand anymore.

There has been a major change in the family dynamics. Kayla and Kevin had a humongous fight last week. She was being her usual obnoxious, disrespectful self; and so Kevin grounded her and forbid to her to return to Scouts.

She made it clear that she wasn’t going to be prevented from being with her boyfriend [seemingly her only reason for going to Scouts] and the argument escalated to the point where he gave her a hiding.

I don’t agree with corporal punishment under any circumstances and pride myself on having successfully raised two children without ever raising my hands. However I can actually understand it getting to this point, as Kayla does not obey instructions and I have never in my life met such a insolent teenager before.

Anyway, after the smack she told her father that she would rather live with her mother [a drug addict whom she left last year due to constantly being left home to fend for herself] because her mother lets her do whatever she wants. Including sleep at the boyfriend.

So, last Friday night the mother came to fetch Kayla. However she has since moved in with the mothers folks, as parenting was getting in the way of the drugging; although she told Kevin that she was entering rehab. This remains to be seen.

*sigh* It’s been a week from hell for Kevin, with the mother sending the nastiest messages to him, and pushing all his buttons hoping for him to snap. Her parents have also jumped on the bandwagon and are all making Kayla out to be an Angel and her father a monster.

Oh well, they’ll soon see what happens when she doesn’t get her own way. So either they’ll have to let her run riot [which seems to be happening], alternatively they’ll face the wrath of one contemptuous teen. Good luck to them.

I’m staying out of the drama and am merely offering Kevin my support in his stance in that unless she apologies for her past behaviour, and agrees to comply with the rules in our respective houses, that she is not permitted back.

I don’t see that happening anytime soon as she spends every afternoon and weekends at the boyfriend now, so I don’t see her giving that up for anything. And we all know where this roads leads …

In other news, I finally relented and bought a new cellphone. I am the proud owner of a new Samsung A5 that I am still trying to figure out. I won’t make the mistake of giving it to Angel to figure out and then teach me; I did that with an iPhone 4 and needless to say, I never saw the phone again.

Anyway, no time to dilly daddle; Kevin and I are leaving shortly for a much welcomed weekend away courtesy of none other than Boss Lady. Yup, as a birthday gift she gave me a weekend away voucher and we will taking advantage of it this weekend.

Deneysville here we come!