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So what else has been happening in the Life and Times of Harmony besides fantasizing about a new kitchen.

On Kevin’s side, his daughter moved out of his folks place and in with her other grandparents and the boyfriend wasn’t very far behind. We havent had contact with her since. To be honest I enjoy the peace it brings, but Kevin pines for his little girl and that breaks heart.

Shortly thereafter his mom passed away from emphysema. A mere 4 months after my own mother. From the same disease.

The only good that came out of that tragedy was Kevin finally giving up ciggies. And he was eternally grateful for my consistent nagging when he competed, and placed very well, in the recent Midmar Mile. And yes, I was at the finish line cheering him on.

After spending an incredibly magical weekend in a delightful hippy house atop a hill in the Midlands and a day frolicking on the beach.

Last December Kevin also started a new job.

After his mom’s death he and he father were further estranged,  to the the point of a regretful war of words over rhe phone on New Years Eve, and so in January of this year he moved …