Today’s Daily Prompt appears to be a bit of a rehash of another challenge [or two]; but for the lack of anything better to do [work is so overrated], I’ll play along.

The question being:

What’s your most prized possession?

My previous list consisted of the following items:

Marilyn Monroe Pictures
Louis Vuitton Bags

Since the laptop referred to in January 2013 is no longer in my possession and the new one hasn’t as yet been loaded with much of value [lesson learnt], I can cross this item off the list.

I truly value all of my Marilyn pictures; however if all my printed artwork grew legs and made their great escape, I’d still have her forever tattooed on my arm, so all would not be lost. Next!

Elle Vie isn’t in the greatest state, in fact she has retired to the back of my closet and none of her siblings are good enough to take her place. Even Elle Vietjie has lost her allure.

I have better things to do with my brass Buddha statues [think weapons of mass destruction – *evil laugh*] than view them as blessings at the moment. Screw karma.

So that leaves me with my cellphone, Best Friend BB, and my Beloved Blankie [of whom no photographs exist due to a rational fear of kidnapping. Sorry, not taking chances].

Decision decisions.

Let’s see. BB has let me down on many occasion; freezing, battery dying, taking unwarranted baths etc, whereas Blankie hasn’t. BB is often the bearer of bad news; not so Blankie.

Right, so Blankie wins; hands down.

Congratulations Blankie!

You win a continued lifetime [and beyond; ashes to ashes and all that] in my possession.

~ ♦ ~