The Good

I am still alive.

The Bad

Albeit not kicking.

The Ugly

It’s been two weeks since the cricket ball connected with my calf, and I am more bruised today than I was at the time of the incident. It went from deep purple to blue on the calf – where it remained for a week – and now it has turned to a deep red.  Thank the gods it matches my outfits, because the blue was doing nothing for me. Blood has somehow pooled in my foot, as that area is not sporting a blue bruise too.

Last Friday my ankle was so swollen it resembled the foot of a water retaining heavily pregnant women who’d taken a baseball bat to the ankle to reduce the swelling. Noting that the blasted ball never even touched my damned ankle!

Nina came around to see how I was faring after I cancelled another game. I think she didn’t believe the severity of the injury and perhaps thought I was pulling a fast move to get out of playing for the team. As if! It was the only social interaction I had in my life and I would certainly not give it up voluntarily.

After she viewed the leg and foot she was quite ready to bundle me in her car drive me to hospital to have it x-rayed and attended to by a professional. However, on informing her that I was not on a medical aid and therefore would have to go to a government hospital; we both agreed that I was better off sans treatment, than taking the risk of losing my whole leg.

Since the pain, swelling and bruising has increased over the past week, I have been rubbing Move on the affected areas morning noon and night; and keeping it tightly wrapped in bandages during the day [I didn’t even need to get dressed up for Halloween]. I tried wearing an ankle guard for a day, but the pressure was too painful and I’d rather make do with crepe. Bandage that is, not Suzette.

Am I feeling sorry for myself? You betcha! It is so painful to drive, so I avoid any non-essential traveling. Which means no visits to Blondie. Not that I miss her, mind you. In fact that is probably the one blessing this injury has provided me with; a legitimate excuse not to visit her. However it does mean that par for Nina’s 10 minute visit on Friday evening, I have had no adult conversation or interaction for two weeks.

So how are my evenings and weekends spent? Feet up on the couch watching endless series.  Regrettably I have already completed seasons 1 – 3 of The Good Wife [I’m still madly in lust with Kalinda and her wardrobe]; as well as Greys Anatomy Season – all purchased on my new favourite site; takealot.

I want to order a Gavin and Stacey boxset, as I can pick up 3 seasons and the Christmas Special for the grand total of R128; however I need to add a few items to my cart in order to take advantage of free delivery.  I can’t decide whether to start collecting The Closer or The Mentalist so until I make a decision, all purchases are off. any suggestions of other series are welcome,as long as they fall within my budget of a maximum of R150.00 per season. Ta.

Yup, I’m back on a tight budget as the back pay from my salary increase as well as last months additional moola are all gone.  The plan was to save it for fixing up the house over December; the internal walls are in desperate need of a lick of paint; both toilets are leaking and the cold tap in the kitchen is no longer a fixture.  Most of the crappy plastic curtain rails are hanging on by a thread, as is my bathroom vanity and the biggest window in the house decided to sport a rather large and dangerous crack.

So whilst I’m back to broke, I can officially announce that I am the proud owner of a brand new Acer laptop, for which I even secured a R500.00 discount for signing up for a wi-fi modem with Vodacom, which works out R70.00 cheaper a month than my previous contract with iBurst. [that works out to another saving of R1,680]. I considered purchasing the laptop on credit, however with the astronomical interest rate I decided to rather hand over all of my cheddar and save R1,780.

By my calculations, I have saved R3,960 with this purchase, which is more than the laptop even cost. The bonus is that with the wi-fi modem, the kids and I can connect our cellphones too and we are saving further bob on data costs. And yes, it is password protected to prevent my thieving neighbours from helping themselves to my cyber waves.

~ ♦ ~