Cast of Characters

Please view the Casting Call to see which actor would play each character below.


Harmony                 ♥           Me Myself and I
Star                         ♥           My 21 year old Son
Angel                       ♥           My 13 year old Daughter
Kevin                       ♥           My Best Friend, Lover, Partner


Mother Dearest          ♣           Adoptive Mother [deceased – 09 July 2015 RIP]
Bio Mom                      ♣           Biological Mother
Step-Mom                   ♣           Step Mother

Dad a.k.a. The Papa   ♣           Adoptive Father
Bio Dad                       ♣           Biological Father [deceased – 31 October 2009 RIP]
Step-Dad                    ♣           Step Father [deceased – 05 August 2009 RIP]
Boet / Brother           ♣            Variety of Five Brothers


Supporting Female Roles

Blondie                    ♦           Friend and Former Neighbour
Mimi                         ♦           Friend and Former Neighbour and Liams Mother
Nina                         ♦           Friend and Angel’s BF’s Mother
[S]                           ♦           Crush / Muse

Supporting Male Roles

Liam                           –           Ex-Date and Mimi’s Son
Fabian                        –           Ex-Boyfriend
Deveroux                   –           Ex-Boyfriend
BFM                            –           Ex-Best Friend
Beloved                      –           Ex-Boyfriend
Cute Neighbour          –           Former Neighbour & Friend
The Stripper               –           Stripper & Former Neighbour
Ex-Fiance                   –           Ex-Fiance and Former Neighbour
Ex-Ex Fiance              –           Ex-Fiance and Father of Angel
Sperm Donor              –          Star’s Father & my Ex-Husband

Extras [Disastrous Internet Dating]

Sexy Surgeon          »          Too childish
Shy Guy                   »          Too psycho
Dr Lower Limbs       »          Too naughty
Spiritual Leader      »          Too young
Sporty Celeb            »          Too much
Bachelor # 6            »          Too possessive
Shortie Nerd            »          Too geeky
Mr Debonair             »          Too disappointing
Poetic Widower       »          Too familiar
Dark Horse               »          Too far
Spanish Lothario      »          Too married

9 thoughts on “Cast of Characters”

  1. So good to see you here Harmony! 🙂

  2. You forgot someone!! 😉

  3. How delightful! I love the idea of the stage… what William said and all. Much light and accolades to you in the new year!

  4. bhuwansharma007 said:

    i will tell only single word “Amazing Website”

  5. You have a unique and amazing site with an approach that is intriguing.

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