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Tired of being depressed and in an effort to sort out my life , I decided to start by tackling my bedroom.  First item on the agenda – the alter on top of my chest of drawers.

I had taken the photo’s of Beloved and I out of the picture frames that had pride of place, some time ago; and now I finally removed the empty frames off the table.

I brought in flowers, something I’ve never had in my bedroom before.  Plants tend to die around me [don’t want to know what that says about me], however a bouquet I received for my birthday is still in full bloom, and an orchid I was given over a month ago is still standing – that’s a good sign.

The Buddha’s remained, I just changed the precious stones they’re holding; and I took two jewelry boxes out of the drawer and gave them a starring role too.

My Rumi book was previously on my bedside table, but I exchanged them with my Angel Cards.

Small changes, but I felt so energised and inspired putting Love into the scared little corner of my room.

One small step for Harmony, one giant leap for my Spirit.

1.  Flowers from my birthday

2.  My Bible – Rumi’s poetry

3.  My deck of Tarot Cards

4.  Buddha

5.  Orchid

6.  Candle

7.  Angel snow globe

8.  Buddha

9.  God Box containing all my precious stones and gems

10.  Jewelry box with my pentacle necklace and large hoop earrings

11.  Jewelry box with my wedding and engagement rings

12.  Marilyn display plate

13.  Marilyn clock

And here they are again, after playing with photo editing on my BlackBerry.