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Dear CEO,

A great many thanks for the offer of employment and opportunity to join your company.

I do have a minor concern that the proffered salary will equate to less than my requested minimum gross requirements after tax deductions.

If you will kindly permit me the weekend to review same, so that I may ascertain the tax implications as well as investigate permissible allowances so as to maximise the tax benefits, and to thereafter calculate my estimated gross salary and I will revert on Monday morning.

That being said, I am pleased to note that commission would be considered in due course, as I am confident that my unique set of skills and work ethic will be a great asset to the company and I am more than prepared to prove myself worthy.

Once again, thank you for the offer and sign of faith in my potential, and I look forward to being a productive member of the team!

Kind Regards,



Hi Harmony,

…Thanks for your reply…we’ll try make your decision easier for you….see our revised offer…

Just a note…not sure if it was mentioned in your interviews. This job involves being thrown into somewhat of an “organised chaos”…so if you are counting on all things being stipulated and formalised it’s not for you…we are looking for personnel who can work in vacuum areas and create procedures and processes where needed…

Awaiting your feedback




Monthly Package:
15% more than their initial offer, which equates to an 80% increase on my current salary.


So not only will I be earning almost double what I have been; I will have no-one looking over my shoulders, nit-picking what I do and how I do it; or even telling me what to do period.

The company is expanding rather rapidly so not only will I be challenged on a daily basis, but there is so much room for growth.

I am so excited I could pee!

Finally I am joining an organisation that recognises my potential and has faith in my abilities … AND is willing to compensate me accordingly. Unlike Boss Lady who has taken advantage of me for six years so that she can live in the lap of luxury whilst I’ve been surviving hand to mouth.

Well no more! On Monday morning I had in my resignation and a week later BL leaves for a 3 week trip to Europe so I don’t know how she’s going to find a replacement for me whilst she’s globe-trotting – the timing couldn’t be worse – for her. Ah Karma, she works in mysterious ways.

Anyway, that’s not my problem.

I will leave at the end of September with my head held high knowing that despite not being treated the way I deserved, nor adequately compensated for my slog; I gave always gave 200% and went over and above the call of the duty.

I am so damn proud of myself.

Watch this space!