Those who know me know I’m not one to spend much time in the kitchen. It’s a standing joke that I consider the kitchen a glorified coffee station.

However since Kevin and I cook together several times a week, and make each other tea / coffee on the mornings he’s here; I have started noticing a lot wrong with the nook. (It can hardly qualify as a room)

A cupboard without a door. Loose handles on drawers. Lopsided shelves. Chipped countertops. Rotten kickboards.

And the damned humungous peninsula in the middle of the living room, tendering the kitchen small and awkward and the dining room obsolete.


Or WTF as I used to say.

How did it deteriorate to this point?

I realised that it was the one area in the house which other than new blinds and a paint, had never had any sort of upgrade in the more than 16 years I’ve been living here.

Soon a desire to redo my kitchen was borne.

And we really need violin music here cos this is ME talking. ME actually wanting to spend time, money and attention remodelling my kitchen.

I kept picturing my dream white cottage / French chic inspired glass doors, antique pewter cup handles on the shaker style doors.

I didn’t depress myself by obtaining quotes, which would no doubt be ridiculously expensive and as far as Mars out of reach.

But that didn’t stop me from dreaming. And collecting hordes of pictures for inspiration.

I could actually want to cook in some of these kithen.

// hi!