I promise to continue with the story of my birthday weekend [when time permits – this has been the busiest week at work ever!] … however I have exciting news that just can’t wait.

On Wednesday I received a call from the company where I attended an interview a few weeks ago, asking me to come meet the two directors for a second interview.

I had been expecting an email from the lady I met to set up an Skype interview with the CEO in Canada, so I was surprised at receiving a call for another in-house interview.

Nevertheless I naturally agreed to meet at the appointed time of 13h30 at their offices.

The interview was very much a repeat of the initial one; however instead of dismissing me after the obligatory Q&A session, they peppered me with questions regarding my notice period and bottom line on earnings

I informed that I was required to give a calendar months’ notice [not that I’m legally required – my contract actually expired and hasn’t been renewed, so I’m not officially employed – however, despite the poor treatment I have received from my current employ of late, I wish to do the right thing].

The directors then interrogated me, wanting to know what I would do if my boss counter-offered on their offer and I assured them that my reasons for wanting a move were more than financial and more than earning a higher salary, I in need of a need challenge in an environment where I could grow.

They asked me again what my bottom line was, and asked if I was prepared to reduce it, with a view of having my salary reviewed after three months; to which I acquiesced as I really want this job, and I am happy for the opportunity to prove myself first in order to earn my worth.

Before leaving, they said that they would confur with the CEO on Canada and then send me an offer either later in the afternoon or the following morning.

What? I got the job? Just like that? OMG OMG OMG!

I didn’t walk out of the building – I floated with a Cheshire grin, and it was very difficult replacing it with my poker face upon my return to this little hell-hole I call my office. But not for very much longer … because …

This morning I awoke to the expected email:


Hello Sharon

Thank you for taking the time to come to our interviews.

Finance Manager, Director 1 & Director 2 have wholeheartedly recommended you as someone we would want to join our company.

We have been blessed with drastic growth and hence your job description is broadly defined in the attachment.

We have been restructuring and hiring more people to help us fill the various positions and roles required by our organisation.

In time we hope to carve a path for you that is synergetic to both your personal aspirations and our company’s objectives.

If you are in agreement with the attached offer please sign it and send it to: director1@company.com

If you have any questions please contact Director 1 at xxx xxx xxxx or myself.

Hoping to hear favourably from you.




We have the pleasure to offer you a position within our company as per our previous discussions.

Administrative Manager

Process Improvement, Procedure Maintenance, Internal & External support, Sales Staff Coordination, Customer Public Relations, General Administration, Recruitment, Project Management and miscellaneous day-to-day required functions within our company.

As mutually agreed but no later than Thursday October 1st 2015 @ 10 am

Monthly Package:
50% more than I’m currently earning

Allowances will be contemplated for a maximum tax benefit within the limits of the monthly package.

To be contemplated in due course depending on applicants contribution, advancement & company growth

Working Hours:
45 hours/week, 5 days/week. A 9 hour work day may fall into a range from 8h00-19h00 and weekends where applicable.

Overtime: Not applicable for this position

Benefit Types: N/A

Dress Code: Professional/Casual

Leave: As per market related norms.