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The Phone Call – Part 1

The Phone Call – Part 2

Kevin continued his tirade, adding that when his workers returned to the house/office, they had complaints about clients and other work-related issues.

I know all about work problems, what with all the drama happening in my little hellhole; two resignations in a month, my assistant being let go this afternoon [and he still doesn’t know] and my Boss is going to be overseas in September so I’m fortunate enough to be given her portfolio. On top of mine, and my assistants. And I haven’t heard back from the company I interviewed at.

But this is not about me, it’s about Kevin and his problems.

Then he was upset because he’s mother is very negative and had one of her rants about the state of the country, which upset him. And so, not wanting to face any further discord, he took himself off to bed for an early night.

Understandably so, and I’d have done the same thing under those circumstances. However I’d have had the decency to call or text my boyfriend to let him know that I’d be holing myself up and avoiding the world for a while; and not merely disappear without word of warning and leaving his imagine to run wild. But hey, that’s just me.

So did I over-react in my accusations of being ignored and avoided? Absolutely! It’s no secret that I have a flair for the dramatics, and I did warn Kevin from the get-go that I’m a drama queen, an insecure one at that.

Still, his avoidance felt more like an accusation that I had contributed to his bad day. With regards to Sunday, if he was so concerned about why I was upset, he should have approached me instead of sitting on the couch watching a series.

However I suspect he didn’t because he knew exactly what was irking me, and to confront me on it would mean facing the real issue at hand. The same goes for him being late for work on Monday morning. I cetainly didn’t make him late.

Anyway, Kevin apologized for shutting me out and not letting me know what was going on, and agreed not to do so again – all I’m asking for – case closed.

Except that there are still glaring underlying issues, which makes his smoking such a minor triviality.

*sigh* the honeymoon period is clearly over and now the hard work begins.

The girls are going to watch a production at Kayla’s school this evening, and Star is out every night since purchasing his first vehicle [yes, can you believe my child bought his own car!!! I’m so proud of him!] so we’ll have the house to ourselves.

Since I’m not feeling very amorous towards Kevin after the past few days of tempests in teapots, I might as well use the opportunity to speak to him about the issues regarding Kayla.

I think I’ll start by telling him exactly why I was upset on Sunday – from Adrian being invited to the braai when Kayla knows very well that he’s not allowed to visit; to them cuddling on the blanket.

I still feel sick to my stomach even thinking about it. I’m no prude, but no 13 year old should be up close and personal with an 18 year old! And if this is how they carry on in front of us, then I shudder to think what’s goes on behind Kevin’s back.

Remember she’s at school with him from just after 6 in the morning … and Kevin drops her off at the Scout hall two hours early on a Friday when it’s just the two of them. So what those two teenagers get up to with all those hours together … just saying.

I’ll mention that I was upset with BOTH girls, at them not tidying up after the braai, as they were both supposed to get stuck in and neither did; leaving it for me to do. I can only crap on my own child for not doing her duties [which I did] but I can’t say anything to Kayla.

As for her not offering to make me anything to drink whilst offering her dad, I’m not going to make an issue of that. I went ahead and made my own coffee anyway. No biggie.

Now with regards to Kayla always forgetting to bring her uniform on the weekend, I’m going to suggest that they rather go home on Sunday afternoons.

That way she doesn’t need to remember to pack additional clothes and bags, and we aren’t inconvenienced with Kevin having to dash home every weekend to fetch her forgotten items. And it will also solve the Monday morning issue of Kevin being late for work because Kayla doesn’t make her bed.

Then the ball is in his court – if he has a problem spending less time with me, then he needs to instill discipline in his daughter.

Is she’s mature enough to be in a relationship with an 18 year old boy then she’s damn well mature enough to remember to pack her school clothes!

Ok, that’s my rant over.

For now.