The Phone Call – Part 1

So, back to the pool – Kayla mentioned they have to go back home AGAIN to fetch the bag, to which Kevin just agrees. By now I was highly frustrated. I had already missed time with him that morning when he left to go home; I was also irritated at her canoodling with Adrian, and even more horrified that Kevin seemingly has no problem with it; and the cherry on top was that he was leaving again to go home to fetch her bag.

But I kept quiet, as it’s not my place to discipline his daughter, nor advise him how to raise her. However, unable to stay at the pool area with my eyes in need of bleaching, I suggested that we return home and the kids could come down when they’re ready.

They weren’t far behind us, carrying the left-over food, braai tools and unopened cool-drinks. Which all got plonked on the kitchen counter for who to pack away?

Once inside, Kevin told Kayla to get ready to leave to go fetch her school bag and she refused to go, not wanting to leave her boyfriend, and demanded that her father go fetch it for her.

Which he did! He didn’t tell her off for giving him marching orders, didn’t take her aside and speak to her about her cheekiness to him in front of myself, Angel and Adrian. No sirree, he picked up his car keys and went to his place to fetch her bag, leaving me at home with the kids … and the mess.

Thankfully Adrian was fetched soon afterwards, and I left the girls with instructions to clean up whilst I go for a hot bath.  Kevin returned whilst I still bathing and watching Girls [scary how much I can relate] and he went to sit in the lounge with Kayla.

When I climbed out the bath, Angel went to shower and I found Kayla and Kevin in the lounge watching Grimm on his laptop. I noticed that all the packets from the braai were still lying on the kitchen counter, so I started tidying up.

I packed all the left-overs in Tupperware containers and put them in the fridge, along with the cool-drinks; and then washed all the cups and cutlery from the braai, as well as the bowls from the kids breakfast.

Whilst busy in the kitchen, Kayla came in and put the kettle on to make herself a cup of Milo, and called out to Kevin offering him a cup of tea, which he declined. I never received such offer. *shrug*

Once the dishes were done, I mopped the floor and did a load of laundry.

Angel then came out of the shower and I told the girls to go tidy up the bedroom, with a reminder that the more they do tonight, the less there is to do in the morning, as the beds WOULD be made before they left for school.

Whilst I didn’t tell Kevin, on Sunday or last night, why I was in a bad mood on Sunday; based on the events described above, did it really need saying??? Could he not see for himself what is clearly in front of his eyes?

So – that was where his bad mood started – noticing me in a bad mood and not knowing why [seriously?]; and the second was being late on Monday morning – which I have already elaborated on in great detail.

Already my blood was boiling on the phone, as he was intimating that the above issues were of my causing … however I can clearly see another common denominator, which he refuses to.

The next issue was the suspension of the phone service, and the subsequent loss of internet. Understandable for Kevin to be upset, as it puts a halt to his office work, which he does on a Monday, as the rest of the week he is on site attending to installations and services.

The net hitch was Kayla’s stolen school bag. No further details in this regard were given, other than what was said passing in the cars yesterday; but yes I can understand why he’d be upset that her school bag and contents were gone, as he’d have to buy her a new bag [he didn’t – the boyfriend did and got his brother to drop it off at my place yesterday] and arrange for copies of the all books etc.

But wait … there’s more …