I finally received the call from Kevin at five to nine last night. I was not happy at having to wait all day for his explanation, so I was even less than impressed that he called so late in the evening. A tad inconsiderate if you ask me.

He said that he had to wait for his parents to leave the lounge, but I don’t see what was stopping him from taking a leisurely walk around the garden. Plenty of privacy and no snow or icy weather according to my forecasts.

He attempted small talk, but I asked that he rather tell me about his day on Monday so that I could have a better understand of his actions.

According to Kevin, it all began on Sunday evening, as he noticed that whilst doing the housework I was huffing and puffing and clearly not in a good mood.

I didn’t want to interrupt his tale, so I didn’t get to tell him why I was not impressed, but here’s my story:

On Sunday afternoon we had a braai at the pool and I told the kids that they could each invite a friend. Angel invited a pal from Scouts and Kayla invited her boyfriend. I was not happy with this as she had been forbidden from having him over due to previous incidents, and when I said a “friend” I naturally meant a female companion.

Nevertheless, assuming they couldn’t get up to much at the pool in our company, and since she had already invited him, I bit my tongue and the six of us had the braai as planned.

I made the potato salad and Kevin did the braaiing, and the arrangement was that the kids clean up afterwards by bringing everything home from the pool and packing things away.

Lying on the sleeping bag near the pool, Kevin fell asleep whilst I read a novel. Every now and then I would raise my head to check on the kids; and one such moment I saw Kayla and her boyfriend lying on a blanket together cuddling and touching each others faces rather intimately.

Now I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that Kayla is 13 years old and her boyfriend a few weeks shy of 18. I don’t approve of their relationship, but she’s not my daughter so I don’t get a say in the matter.

Anyway, upon seeing the cuddling couple, I woke Kevin up to witness it himself and put an immediately stop to it, as I was not going to do any reprimanding or dragging off of teenage boys. However, Kevin just got up and went to the braai to check that the coals were out.

Absolutely nothing was said to the kids about their behaviour, despite it being in full view of us.

Whilst lying up against her boyfriend, Kayla chirped to her father that she forgot her school bag at home and so they would need to go fetch it. This was now 4pm on the Sunday night and they had already been back to his place in the morning in order to fetch her school uniform because she had forgotten that!

As she does EVERY weekend. Last weekend she also forgot her school clothes, and Kevin had to travel 40 minutes there and back to fetch it. Oh and she forgot it the week before that too, so they ended up going back home early and staying there, and the weekend before that too. Pattern emerging?

So my issue is that either Kevin has never sat her down and told her the weekly routine – and that is that they spend every weekend at my place and she leaves from my place to school on a Monday morning [which has occurred for all of the 4 months we’ve been together, so it’s nothing new]; or she is just irresponsible and doesn’t remember to pack what is needed.

Either way it’s a problem that requires resolution because as much as it’s Kevin’s problem to handle, it is affecting me because Kevin either goes home early on the weekend and we don’t get to spend all our planned time together; or our plans are disrupted as he has to make unscheduled trips back to his place.

Argh! But it didn’t end there