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6013-good-morning-poems good-morning1SUBJECT: You Have Just Woken Up With Me In Mind

Good morning my sexy sexy lady

I love you so much, each day I wake up I cant believe how lucky I am to have to most amazing glamour girl in my life…

Thinking of you always…

Forever and ever….



Receiving such thoughtful and sweet emails first thing in the morning are definitely the next best thing to actually waking up in Kevin’s arms. Not a single morning goes by where I am not either in his arms when our dreaded alarms go off; or receiving a similar email with pictures and texts, sent long before my eyes have even opened.

I’m pretty sure that one of the major reasons for us getting on so well and having no arguments or issues in the months we’ve been together; the the constant sincere loving attention we shower upon each other every day. I know I absolutely blossom under his light and love.


70 days and counting

It’s almost weekend, which mean 60 consecutive hours with my Love! After taking the girls to Scouts this evening, we are going to return home and crash on the couch to relax and watch movies. Chances are we’ll both pass out long before we have to fetch the little ladies!

Tomorrow morning will revolve around some minor housework. I will be taking care of the laundry whilst my “husband” fixes door handles and hinges. *sigh* I love playing happy families!

I’m most looking forward to the evening as last night when we were chatting after I returned home from Spur, Kevin said that it was ridiculous that we hadn’t gone out on a proper date yet, and so he officially asked me out.


It’s a surprise so I have no idea where he is taking me, but he said that it’s an opportunity for me to dress up. When last?!?! Although my winter wardrobe is seriously lacking in anything glamourous and pretty, unlike my closet of summer dresses. Not to stress, I will make a plan.


More good news … he’s just texted so say that his employer [aka his father!] has approved a week’s leave for him next month and he and Kevin’s mom will be happy to look after Kayla whilst we go away together for a few days.

We’re actually heading off to the same game farm I spent five days at last August [on my own];  however we’ll be staying in a different lodge.

For a unique and private experience try our bush lodge. This two or four sleeper unit is set in a secluded kloof and offers the ultimate in privacy. Set on 3 levels and raised into the tree canopy this unit has been built to blend luxury with the environment. It offers stunning views through the kloof of the Buffelspoort Dam and Valley. The prolific bird life in this thickly wooded area will give many close up encounters with our feathered friends.

There is sundeck linked to the kitchen where you can sit and relax or enjoy a meal. 

The bathroom has been designed in such a way to maximize the stunning views this unit provides. There is a large two person shower with windows looking out over the valley or lie in the Victorian Bath and enjoy the same vista.

It’s going to be sooo romantic! Sleeping up high on a four poster bed with mosquito nets, and waking up to magnificent views of the sunrise over the dam.  Long walks during the day to the rock pools a few kilometers away; and evening’s spent loving in front of a crackling fireplace while the sunsets over the mountain.


Have a wonderful weekend! I know I will.

♥ ♥ ♥