Without demeaning my concerns by engaging in small talk, Kevin immediately launched into a conversation regarding his ex’s mother.

He stated that it was perplexing but nevertheless inappropriate for her to tag him in a post with a recipe for pancakes.

Pancakes? That’s OUR thing my love,” he wisely stated, leading to me to believe that it wasn’t their thing after all “So I don’t know why she would tag me in that post, especially a few days after trying to befriend you on Facebook.

Uh huh. Pancakes. I know.

I still don’t think she means any harm, but my priority is my relationship with my baby [that would be me] and I don’t want this causing any tension between us, so I think it’s best if I just delete her as a friend.

I was about to object, to say that it wouldn’t be necessary to take such drastic action and that it wasn’t really that big deal. But then I remembered my promise to both Kevin and myself – that I would never lie to him.

Whilst in the grander scheme of things, it really is no big deal for his ex’s mother to send me a friend request on Facebook, and who cares that she thoughtfully sent him a recipe for fluffy pancakes that he can try out on me …

Except in that moment, and the one counted the most; it did matter to me.

And for the first time, here was a man prepared to put my (albeit insecure) feelings above reason, without so much as a request, discussion or fight from my side.

So who was I to argue with that?

I merely uttered a breathless “ok my love” and our conversation smoothly reverted to our usual lovey dovey talk, catching up on our respective day and making plans for the week ahead. [and yes, he really did delete Maggie from his FB friends]

My love you take my breath away with all you do for me… I truly love you… X x x x x x

On Wednesday morning Kevin was up at the crack of dawn – actually even earlier – as he had to drive to the Free State for a site meeting; but he always starts his day with a gym session [I reap the rewards of his work-outs. Hehehe – nothing like a strong man who can sweep me up with one arm – *sigh*]

Morning my beautiful wife, i am leaving now from the gym to hit the road… i love you with all my heart… X x x x x x x

Soon my love we will be wrapped in others arms my love… i am still on the N3 about 30km from exit then still 2hrs left of driving… i miss you… X x x

Glad you staying home today you need your rest for when i come home to my wife and kiss every part of your body…. 🙂

I love you so so so much… X x x

We had a very early night on Wednesday. Kevin was obviously very tired from the early start and long drive to the Free State and back, and I had been feeling ill all day so I was pretty drained. But that didn’t stop us from having a beautiful, loving, romantic evening together. *sigh*

Whilst he was in the kitchen on Thursday morning making us coffee [I am so spoiled – he always brings me coffee in bed – every single time he stays over] I quickly scribbled him a love letter and hid it beneath the t-shirt in his gym bag.

You complete me my love… i love you and i loved my message this morning in my bag… i love you so much, love being with you, every second we make it count…

I love you will all my heart and soul…

i love you X x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


I had to attend and chair an AGM last night, but first I had to dash home to fetch Angel and take her to the local Spur as she was waitressing as part of a fundraising initiative for school. As she was the first in her class to arrive, I waited with her until other kids had arrived before leaving to fetch Star from work.

He had already started walking home as I was running quite late, so we met up at my supermarket so that I could buy him a ready made meal, as neither of his ladies were around to cook him dinner. From there I dropped him off at home and returned to the office to prepare for my meeting.

Hectic! But at least my love kept me company with plenty of texts.

That really sucks love… I hope all goes well so that you can get to A earlier than maybe get home earlier… just know your husband is thinking of you… I love you… X x x x x x

I love you so so so much… just want to hold my wife…

Love we see into each others soul angel and we drink from each others love fountain where we are always filled with happiness… X x x

Know my heart will always be yours forever and ever amen.. i love you… X x x x x x x x x x

The meeting ended much later than expected and I was so late getting to Angel at Spur, meaning that I couldn’t get a table and order a meal with her to wait on me. Naturally she was bitterly disappointed as she had been looking forward to this event for years … but what I can do? I have a hateful job at times.

It also meant that I couldn’t chat to Kevin, alternating between texts and calls as we usually do on the few nights we’re not together.

Hey my sexy wife just checking to see if all is going well… thinking of you always… I love you… if you sms me and i don’t reply means i have fallen asleep and you have to meet me in our dreams where i will be sailing our boat…. i really really love you… X x x x x

I was leaving Spur when I received that message, so I replied asking him to wait up a few minutes longer as I was on my own home and didn’t want to go to bed without saying good night.

As tired as he was, not only did he wait another 15 minutes for me to get home, but stayed on the phone with me for more than half an hour doing what we do best; declaring our undying love for each other.

♥ ♥ ♥