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I fall in love with Kevin every single day, sometimes several times in a sun’s rotation. Between the early morning texts, surprise emails, daily song dedications; as well as the long loving calls in the evening – it’s no surprise that I’m absolutely smitten.

And that’s just the attention I receive on the few days a week that we’re not together. When we are, it’s all of the above [barring the evening calls] and his undivided attention and constant affection; the tool kit in action fixing items in my house; him joining me in the kitchen to either assist me making meals, or even taking over himself.

*sigh* There is just no end to the amazing goodness of this incredible man.

On Sunday I told Kevin my birth name [he already knows my Adoption Story], and on the subject of names I said that when we marry, I will also be changing my middle name.

I’ve never like it, such a plain Jane name that doesn’t suit me at all, and since it doesn’t even have any sentimental value to my parents, I don’t feel guilty getting rid of it.

No prizes for guessing what I’ll be changing it too, and it will still contain all the letters of my current middle name, but at least it won’t clash with Kevin’s surname which rhymes with my current middle name.

Later that night when he was back home, we continued chatting via text.

You see your name keeps improving to the last and final name you will have for the rest of your life… I love you… X x x x x x

As you treasure my name and the day I put the ring on your finger, I will treasure you with all I am…

I love you so so so much my love… we have the most amazing relationship i could ever have even dreams of … see you in our dreams… together forever and ever amen X x x

How could I not keep falling in love with a man who sends such sweet loving messages every day and night?

Yesterday I had such a hectic day. On top of a full day at work, we had Scouts in the evening – not that I’m complaining, because it gives Kevin and I an hour to spend together in the Scouts Hall.

However, straight after that meeting I had to dash home to fetch Star, so that I could drop the kids off at friends as I had a Scouts Committee meeting to attend to nearby their pals.

Kevin always offers to drive me when I have to leave my hood for meetings in other towns, and whilst I do take him up on his offer when it’s far or in a dodgy area, since I had Star with me, I wasn’t afraid to drive alone. I do however send him texts when I leave home, arrive at my meeting; when I finally leave the meeting and again on my return home.

In turn, I am rewarded with replies that make my journey so worthwhile.

I love you my angel and I promise I will take care of your heart and your well being… X x x x x x

Glad you safe my love… I really enjoy our time together I am so at peace when I am with you… nothing fazes me… I love you… X x x x x x

Long night my love… I am reading the book you sent me… drive safely love X x x… I love you…

My heart is filled with love my angel… I never felt so loved and felt like I mean something to someone like the way you love me… you are my world and my life… I love you… see you in our dream… X x x x x x

I love you… X x x

After a good night sleep [not as good as when I’m in his arms], I wake up to the sweetest emails. [that reminds me! I must post one of the emails he sent me on Friday *swoon*]

SUBJECT: Everlasting love


Good morning my love

I woke up with your messages this morning, for some reason for the past two days my alarms is not going off…

I just want you to know that you are my loving wife, I don’t know what I would be able to do without you, thank you for loving me and being there for me

I love you so so so so so much

♥ ♥ ♥