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Today marks 2 months since I met the love of my life, my best friend, my future husband. And to say that I am still deliriously happy is the understatement of the year!

It certainly doesn’t feel like 2 months though – we’ve experienced so much together and been through so much already in this short time that it feels like we’ve been together for a lot longer. Like years!

It also helps that we are so comfortable with each other, and we openly speak about whatever is on our respective minds without fear of judgment or reprisals.

The more I get to know Kevin, the more deeply I fall in love with him. I am well and truly a woman besotted!

We spent Youth Day [and the night before and after] at his place, which was a first, as we usually spend weekends and Wednesdays at my place due to space, convenience and practicality.

However it was a pleasant treat to have control of the DSTV remote on our make-shift bed in the lounge and do nothing more strenuous than flicking through channels.

As we [Kevin, kids & I] were at Scouts on Monday evening, it was too late to cook when we finally go to his place; so he bought us KFC for dinner. Yesterday he braaied a most delicious Portuguese chicken on the Weber whilst I lay in the sun on his lounger by the pool. Ah ’tis the life!

For dinner he make us toasted bacon and egg sarmies, with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce for dessert. Talk about spoilt! In between all the eating, we drank copious amounts of cappuccino, dipping in rows of Top Deck chocolate for delight.

I could soooo marry this man!

Oh wait – I am going to!


Angel took advantage of the free wi-fi and downloaded hordes of apps on her new iPad. She won it in a Scouts competition in December, however she only received it last Friday. Nothing like making a teenager wait six months for a prize! Grrr!

This morning I was rewarded [for what I hear you ask, since I did nothing but sit on my ass lie on my back for a day] with breakfast in bed. And he tells me HE could get used to this!

Last weekend was hectic, as we had a parents evening at Scouts, so we go the opportunity to play together. Innocently of course! *wink wink*. Saturday morning was spent running around getting the last minute decorations for Angel’s 13th Birthday party that evening, and in the afternoon we had to get the meat and other goodies for the braai.

Trust it to be one of the coldest nights of the year! But luckily Kevin and the fire kept me toasted, and when the kids were bored with the disco inside the hall and took over the fires from us, we went inside the warmer hall to take advantage of the music.

And since it was a teenagers party, we decided to act accordingly and put in requests with the DJ for slow songs of our choosing.

I selected Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, and he chose Our Song to dance to. And there, under the disco ball and UV lights in the Scouts Hall, Kevin and I danced like a couple of love struck teenagers and when the coast was clear, we found a dark corner to go make out in.


On Sunday I had to take a group of Scouts to Harties, so unfortunately I didn’t get to spend the day with my love, but I did get to spend quality time with our girls so that definitely made up for it. And anyway, I got to see my man on Sunday evening, and then went to stay with him from Monday night – so I can’t complain about the time we get to spend together.

Another bonus was my Dad giving us his blessing. And we all know how much I love and respect my Dad, always holding his opinion in high stead, so when he called to say how much he liked Kevin and how happy he was for us, I was over the moon! My Dad was also thrilled that Kevin showed an interest his plane and helped with the preflight checks when we flew to Parys for breakfast a few weeks ago.

So all in all, I am still constantly happy and high on life.  And who can blame when I receive the following in an email with the subject line being


My heart is burning with love, all can see this flame. My heart is pulsing with passion like waves on an ocean. My friends have become strangers and I’m surrounded by enemies, but I’m free as the wind no longer hurt by those who reproach me.

I’m at home wherever I am and in the room of lovers I can see with closed eyes the beauty that dances. Behind the veils intoxicated with love I too dance the rhythm of this moving world. I have lost my senses in my world of lovers.

— Rumi

Happy anniversary my love. You are my lover, friend, wife to be, you are my forever and ever.