Thank God it’s almost weekend because I am exhausted and frozen to the bone.

I wish I could say that I have a quiet weekend to look forward to, but since meeting Kevin, quiet weekends are a thing of the past! Especially as our respective friends are now wanting to meet the person for all the life changes and so we’re having spend some of our time socialising, when in reality all we want is to lock ourselves away from the world and get lost in each other.  Yes, we’re still at that stage.

This afternoon I’m going to my folks to help Daddy with work. We’ve missed several weeks of financial reporting due to Star’s birthday and my parents being away at the game farm for several weeks, so now that everything has returned to normal [relatively speaking] our routines can get back in place.

From there it’s the mad dash to my side of town to fetch Star from work and then head home for Angel to get ready for Scouts. Last Friday night was no last official Scouts meeting, so I have a night off to look forward to.

Thank heavens!!! The thought of being in that large cold freezer hall on a day like today, noting that the temperature’s going to be even lower tonight – no thanks! Instead I’ll be warmly and tightly wrapped in my man’s strong arms, lying on the couch watching movies.

Tomorrow morning we have an early start as we’re going to my god-grandson’s first birthday party. Thereafter we have to drop the girl’s back at home and then Kevin and I are going to his friends for lunch. These will be the first friends of his that I’ll be meeting, so that’s exciting!

Once we get home, we’re taking Angel to a party and then we can return home for more couch time, before having to face the cold again to fetch her. Brrr.

Sunday morning won’t be spend sleeping in late as was my custom for many many years. As Kevin is an early bird [he wakes up at 5am every day, even weekends, *cough* what’s wrong with him???] we compromise over the weekends because there’s no way I can awake that early and remain human and obviously he can’t be expected to sleep the day away.

So we wake up just after 7am, he brings us coffee in bed and we lie in bed chatting for hours; about the week we’ve had, plans for the coming week, updates on the ring design and other matrimonial issues, the kids and and issues that have cropped up with them … and when all is said and done … some fooling around time. *blush*

We truly love our Sunday morning talks, as that’s when we have uninterrupted time to deal with any concerns that have arisen during the week and we like to ensure that we are on the same page when it comes to the kids.

We have NO problems between us – no disagreements, no arguments or fights; and we pretty much agree on everything. However we have raised our daughters very differently and so with our families joining, we are experiencing problems with one kid having been permitted to do something the other can’t.

The difficulty comes in in that whilst they are only six months apart and hence practically the same age [2 thirteen year olds in the same house!!!]; they are at very different maturity levels. Angel is still very much a little girl, whereas Kayla seems much older than her years.

For example; Kayla has a serious boyfriend, and there is no way on God’s great green earth that I am going to allow Angel to start dating any time soon. This is an area that is not even up for negotiation or compromise and Angel has always been accepting of this decision … until now.

She can’t understand why Kayla can have a boyfriend and she can’t.


Especially now as the boy she likes is showing interest in her. I have no issue them chatting to each other on the phone or spending time together whilst at Scouts; but there will be no visiting each others homes or going out on dates.

However, Kayla has always been permitted to go to her boyfriends house and he had been coming over to my place to spend time with her. We’ve since put a stop to that though, which has Kayla and her boyfriend livid; but until we can find a happy balance, we can’t let one do something the other can’t as it’s going to cause friction between the two of them.

Another problem is that Kevin and Kayla have a full time maid, and therefore she doesn’t have to do any chores at their house. Whereas at my place, with the maid only coming once a week to do ironing and a bit of cleaning; all house-hold members have responsibilities; like making their own beds, washing dishes, doing laundry etc.

So when Kayla stays over, she leaves the next morning without making her bed and dishes are left on the kitchen table as she is used to someone cleaning up after her. This in turn has led Angel to do the same, as she doesn’t feel that she has to do housework if Kayla doesn’t do it; and so that leaves me one frustrating mom having to pick up after two teenage girls.

Argh. I am by far the stricter parent, and even Kevin admits that he is a softy – so thank goodness we confer on all decisions before granting the girls permission to do anything, however we still have a long way to go on resolving issues relating to living arrangements – especially as Kevin and Kayla are living between two homes [and yes, I am extremely sympathetic to K in that regard, because it must be so unsettling, and hence we haven’t been firm with her on many issues].

It would easier if we all lived together in one home already so that we can move forward together; however Kevin and I have decided …

… and wait for it cos you’re not going to believe it …

We’re not going to officially move in together until we are married.

So for now it’s weekends and Wednesday nights [which we’ve termed Family Night] together

I know. That’s one for the record books.

And that was also one serious deviation from listing my weekend plans!

I will posting lots of pictures onto Facebook this afternoon from Star’s 21st, as well as the trip we took last week when we flew to Paris for breakfast [hehehe] so keep your eyes peeled!

~ ♥ ~