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Whilst I was at Scouts last night [I’ve actually resigned as a full time Scouter – long story – will get to it, some time] I received a call from my brother to say that Mother Dearest had been hospitalised. No surprise there, as I had been advised thereof whilst visiting her on Friday afternoon. However, instead of admitting her to a private hospital, she was taken to Jo’burg General.

And wait for it, she wasn’t even admitted! She was literally dropped off at casualty and left in a wheelchair. Bearing in mind she can’t walk, doesn’t have strength to move herself in the chair, and can barely talk – so she’d hardly be able to admit herself.

The Home had initially tried to call my younger Boet, as he holds her medical proxy, but he’s currently in Amsterdam, and so they called the next name on the list – my older brother – and unfortunately he didn’t question why she was taken to a government hospital, nor why she was merely left at casualty.

He called my Dad who said he should call me.

Argh! I don’t know what to do!

My first thought was that I needed to get her moved from JHB Gen to a private hospital, but in order to do that I needed her Medical Aid details. I called my older back, but he didn’t have any of the details. Younger Boet always deals with Mother Dearest Medical and Financial issues – so the rest of us are pretty much in the dark.

Unable to reach him, I called is wife, hoping she would know where to find MD’s medical aid information, however she never answered her phone.


I then received a call from my step-sister, also in a state and looking to me for answers.


I went onto the internet on my phone to look up the number for the home so that I could find out from them exactly what was going on, as well as get MD’s medical aid details; but wouldn’t you know it – no phone number on their website!!!


Luckily Kevin was with me, and whilst I used my smart phone for internet access and receiving calls; I used his call to make calls to all and sundry in search of the telephone number for the home.

I finally found it, however they weren’t much help. The Matron was off duty and no-one could get any information from the files, and all they could tell me was that my mother had been taken to JHB General because she wasn’t well as she hadn’t eaten for weeks.

Argh! Tell me something I don’t know.

I then called my older brother back, with the view of telling him that he has to go to JHB Gen and fetch MD from casualty and take her to a private hospital and hopefully they’ll still have her details on file and can as least start giving her care whilst awaiting approval for admission.

However, he said that he had just spoken to MD and she had finally been admitted. And by admitted, they put her on a foam mattress on a wooden board and she was no longer in casualty, but she didn’t know where in the hospital she was.

I sent younger Boet a messages through Facebook, knowing that he goes online daily and would hopefully get back to me before morning, as there was nothing further we could do for the night.

He called me this morning to say that the Home has all her medical aid details and couldn’t understand why she had been sent to a government hospital. Not a question any of us can answer, but he said he would search on his phone for her medical aid details as he was sure he had them saved.

A while later he messaged me a number, saying that he thought it to be her medical aid number. So when I arrived at work, I Googled the Medical Aid company and found a number for authorisation for admissions and called it. One of those damn computerised press this number for that and it seems that the number that Boet gave me is not her medical aid number, and since I don’t have MD’s ID number, I hit a dead-end, as there was no option of speaking to a human for assistance.

So I called the home, and after being sent from pillar to post I finally got the Matron on the phone.

She had heard that MD had been hospitalised as the doctor at the clinic was worried about her [no shit Sherlock] and she wondered if the family would like to have her moved to a private ward with in the hospital.


No problem, you’ll have to go to JHB General and take her from her current ward to the private section and attend to the paper work as neither the home nor the hospital deal with the transfers.


Ok, so I can please have all her medical aid details as well as which ward she is currently in.

Of course the Matron had neither details on hand and said that she would urgently obtain all the information for me, and call me back with the medical aid number and where to find MD and where to take her thereafter.

That was an hour and half ago, and I’m still waiting as they can’t find where MD was admitted to and her phone has since gone flat – not that she would be able to tell us, as last night she didn’t have a clue where she was, but at least we were able to reach her.


Short of going to JHB Gen and literally go door to door to find my mother, I don’t know what to do. Kevin is onsite on a big job and can’t get away, my older brother won’t be much assistance, and little Boet is only returning home this evening so I’m pretty much alone in this dilemma.

So now I wait while the home tries to locate Mother Dearest in the hospital so that I can transfer her.