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So it took four hours to find my mother. The I still can’t believe the home just left her at casualty without checking her in, or at least informing us prior to taking her to the hospital so that we could have taken her to the right hospital the first time.

They had as much as I did over phone, which was sweet bugger all. It takes hours to get a phone answered, and then good luck finding the right person to help you find someone in the hospital.

Eventually the Home sent a sister to the hospital to physically locate my mother, and once the sister had she sent me a please call me. Usually I ignore them as I’m regularly getting them from strange people, but under current circumstances I am answering all and any calls and messages.

So part 1 was accomplished. With Mother Dearest located, I called the Matron back and requested the illusive medical aid details which was supposed to be provided to me by the sister looking for my mother. No comment.

With number in hand I called the medical aid scheme in an attempt to get authorisation to move her to the private wing of the government hospital. [if we move her to another private hospital, the home won’t fetch her and we’ll have to transport her back to the home – should she ever leave the hospital that is.]

Part 2 was a massive fail. My calls were constantly cut off. Either during the lengthy computer messages, and more frustratingly, when I finally got through to an actual live consultant.

By this stage I realised that I wouldn’t have time to get to the hospital, a good 40 minutes away, locate parking, find the ward [another 40 minutes if I’m lucky] and then break her out the current ward and have her admitted in the private wing, which would take possibly half a day to locate and then return to this side of town in time for an AGM I have to chair and minute at 14h00.

In desperation I emailed my older brother with an update and plea that he take over from here, by contacting our step-sister to assist with the pre-authorisation of the admission; and then form him to go to the hospital to locate and ferry mother.

Unfortunately his reply was that he was actually man down with flu and was about to go to the doctor and he could barely keep his head up and therefore wouldn’t be able to drive to the hospital, let alone cart Mother Dearest from one side to the other.


My step-sister doesn’t have her own transport and lives quite a distance from the hospital, so she can’t help.

My next brother down lives in Bots, so he’s not an option.

Younger boet is only flying back from The Netherlands this evening, so that’s a no-go.

My three-step brothers live in New Zealand, Australia and the UK, so that might be a bit of a mission.

And my other step-sister lives in the States.

So that leaves me.

No can do. My meeting was called, as per legal requirements, 2 weeks ago, and I wouldn’t be able to get hold of all owners in time to reschedule the meeting; not to mention the fanny wobble Boss Lady would have if I did cancel.

She can’t do the meeting as she was one of her own, and there’s no one else in the company with the experience or skills to do so.

Oh well. I can do no more than I can do and right now I can’t do anything. My older brother said he’ll see how he is feeling tomorrow, and if booked off but not feeling too rotten, will attend to Mother Dearest; failing which I’ll beg younger Boet to put aside his jet lag and do what needs to be done. Otherwise I’ll have to take the day off work and get things done myself.

On top of all this, it’s Angel’s 13th Birthday tomorrow and with all the recent goings-on, I haven’t been bought wrapping paper for her gifts, or even a birthday card. Neither have I bought ingredients for her to bake cupcakes tonight to take to school for her class tomorrow. Oh and I haven’t gone to the mall to the buy the gift card that Star wants to give her.