Of course when things go soooo well, something [or should I say someone] has to come along to try ruin it.

Yesterday was an extremely emotional day to begin with. It was my Star’s 21st Birthday and the impact of suddenly having an adult child hit me quite hard, along with a flood of memories of our 21 years together.

Nevertheless, the man had a GREAT day, being spoilt rotten – and deservedly so; but that didn’t stop his Mama from being teary-eyed all day.

Angel’s father had promised Star a Samsung cellphone for his birthday, and in the days leading up to his birthday, he asked me to confirm with exF that he was still on track with the gift.

However, exF is not currently in my good books – not by a long shot. There are still outstanding school fees that I’m being sent summons for; and we had a huge argument about Angel turning down the scholarship she was awarded; and then he delayed in providing me with required documents to submit her application to the school of her choice, resulting in us now being 400 on the waiting list, with a chance of her not getting in; and now that we’ve turned down the scholarship a the private school, that place is no longer an option.

*sigh* Family dramas.

Anyway, I didn’t want to contact him, as the years of promises and lies have taken their toll on me and whilst I will never discourage Angel from having a relationship with her father, I don’t want him in my life any more than is absolutely necessary.

However, he sent me a message during the day asking where Star was, as he wanted to drop off the phone. I sent him Star’s work address, as well as working hours and left it at that.

When I fetched Star in the afternoon, he lamented that he was disappointed that he didn’t get the phone as promised, so I realised then that exF didn’t go drop it off as promised.


I had planned a dinner with just Star, Angel and myself to celebrate his birthday; and then Kevin and Kayla were going to come over to stay at my place for the night once we returned home from the restaurant; however as we ordered our prawn platters, I received a message from Kevin to say that they couldn’t come and would explain later.


I didn’t reply, and put it out of my mind and focused on the special dinner with my kids. Star and I were both in tears by the time the complimentary cheese cake arrived, as his constant thankfulness for all I’ve ever done for him led us to reminiscing about the good [and bad] old days and everything we’ve been through together.

Still, the food was absolutely delicious and we had a great time together.  We arrived home relatively early, and Angel took herself off to bed as she was too full to do anything else, and Star changed his outfit and then went out friends to continue his celebration.

So I climbed into the bath to unwind from the emotional day. Kevin sent another text asking that I send him a message when I’m home and settled so that he could call me. As I was sending a message to say that he could call, he did. Hahaha I can’t tell you how many times we do that – I’ll be about to send a message when he’ll call, or we’ll send messages at the same time.

Anyway, he explained that when he and Kayla arrived home, there was still load-shedding so they had to wait for the power to come back on and the water to heat up so that she could have a bath and wash her hair; and so that he could cook them dinner.

By that stage it was getting late, and Kayla was moaning that he was rushing her and she still had to pack her bags for the weekend, as she’s going away with a friend; so he decided not to push the issue with her, and rather stay home so that she could get ready for the weekend in her own time.

Which I completely understood; however that didn’t erase the bitter disappointment I felt, as I had been looking forward to a night with my man, especially as I was so emotional all day and needed some grounding; and with Star out and Angel lights-out – I was all alone.

Whilst Kevin was trying to cheer me up and remind me that we still have the whole weekend together; a sleepy Angel came into the bathroom to say that her father was there.

Seriously? Seriously!

So I had to explain to Kevin that my ex was there [late at night] and I had to get off the phone; get out of the bath, put clothes back on; and go socialise with him.

exF had come over to give Star the phone. Miracle of all miracles. And he also wanted to chat about Angel’s upcoming party and make other promises to her that we all doubt he will keep.

After about 20 minutes I told them that I was going to bed, as I really wasn’t up for any small talk and would much rather to be speaking to Kevin. So I climbed into bed and as I was sending a message to him to say that I was free to talk again – he called.

We chatted about exF’s visit, and Kevin said that it was really weird that my ex had visited at that time as he also had contact with HIS ex.

Now, a bit of history. Kevin and his ex had Kayla when they were both very very young and like exF and I, had a tumultous on/off relationship for several years, never married, but shared custody of Kayla.

However, when Sal’s partying ways became too much [and I’ll get to how I can vouch for this later], Kayla moved in with Kevin full time and he has since been in constant court battles to get her to pay maintenance. Which she hasn’t.

I hadn’t realised that I knew Kayla’s mother. When I was with that fuckhead Fabian, she was part of a group that we used to party with. I actually quite liked her and we got on quite well. I had no idea she had a child nor anything about her personal life, as I’d only see her in clubs.

It was only when I was snooping on Kevin’s Facebook earlier this week that I saw a picture of the three of them from many years ago and I like WHAT THE FUCK … Sal is Kayla’s mother???  Yup. small world.

So even though I’ve known Kayla since the beginning of last year due to Scouts; as she’d been living with Kevin by then, I only ever saw him fetch and drop her off, and never Sal, so I didn’t have a clue.

So, back to the phone call.

She sent him a please call me and he called her back, thinking she was coming to an arrangement regarding maintenance, as he had given her an ultimatum earlier this week.

But the reason for her wanting to speak to him …

“I love you Kevin.”

To be continued …