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Select messages from my Love:

If we had our way we would be married already, so yes we are waiting for our kids to get used to the idea that we will be remaining a couple till death do us part… to be honest think I am only giving it a year and hopefully all will know then that its going to happen… but you just won’t know when I will pop the question..

I know what feels like when we go to sleep it’s not the same as when we are together as I seem to sleep a lot better when I am with you the way it should be.  I also wish that we were married already and one big happy family.

I too make every second count when I am with you cause I know it’s limited…  as you know time only exists when we’re apart but together there is no time, that’s why before you know it a year would have flown by bringing a lot of changes, happiness and perhaps a ring on it…

You know how that makes me feel knowing that one day you will be carrying my name… been waiting for this day…

You and I and the family are made for each other… for better or for worse… till death do us part…

I hope that all is going well… missing you… did i tell you that you are the one for me, well I’m saying it again, you are the only one for me… i love you x x x

I can’t wait till i see you… you light up my life angel, you make each day worth waking up too knowing that will will marry you one day cause you are the one…

I look forward to the day i am your husband and i can call you my wife

You have made me a very happy man and i will continue to give all the love i can give… i have not been a person to show my feelings but you bring it out of me where i don’t care who sees that i am a sensitive man… i really love you…

Hey my love just talking to my mate in aus, so plotting Hahaha i love you…

[Mate in Aus is his best friend from their high school days … and just happens to be a jewelry designer … so I have a fair idea what the plotting involves]

Well my love had a good chat with my mate so he is very happy happy for us… i just have a few things still to discuss with him and a few other things to work out. He did not ask much about you maybe he is still in shock but what he did ask was are you pregnant Lol…

[and no … I’m NOT pregnant … but I guess that’s the reaction to be expected when you tell people you’re going to marry someone you’ve only been dating for a month …]

We are the luckiest people in the world right now to have found each other and to be sharing the most incredible love i have ever felt… you are the one my Mrs Right and soon to be my wife… X x x x x x x

Morning my love, my gym work out is work today… Last night i closed my eyes and was picturing our wedding and fell asleep with a huge smile on my face

I hope you having an awesome day my love, been feeling very loved today by my future wife… I love you… X x x x

You are the reason I am here… I always asked God what is the reason I am here, for what purpose. I now know it is to be with this amazing woman who has been hiding for too many years… X x x


I miss you my angel it does not feel right without you… I need to start working my ass off so I can marry you and never be apart again… X x x

You won’t believe it, when i was taking k home from school my vows came to me so i have the perfect head line for my vows… i love you… X x x x x

My wedding vows love, it will blow you away. Wish I could tell you but then it will ruin our moment love. I think I will start tearing up when I say those words

Soooo … to answer your first question … yes, we have discussed marriage. Quite a bit actually. In fact, last week we investigated the option of eloping. Hahaha I kid you not.

But upon deeper reflection we decided not to, for two reasons.

Firstly we’re mindful of the fact that the kids still need time to get used to us all being a family. Whilst they’ve all been told of our intentions, and the girls are fully supportive, Star [who turns 21 tomorrow!!!] doesn’t spend as much time with us as the girls do, so he still needs time to acclimatise.

Secondly, whilst I’ve already done the big white wedding, albeit 21 years ago; Kevin – assuming he would be a bachelor for life – hasn’t. So it would be unfair to deny him – and his parents [whom I met over the weekend, and who have given the thumbs up to us and our plans] the whole bang shoot.

Oh and another reason we couldn’t elope was that the officiator needed a copy of my divorce decree and damned if I know what I ever did with that. I now have to pay a visit to the Johannesburg High Court to get a copy. But there’s no rush.

So we’re going to [try] wait a year before taking that walk down the aisle, and in the interim, we have time to plan and save.

Hahaha! Insane!

And to answer your second question, no we are not actually engaged. Nothing will be official until Kevin has gone done on bended knee, asked me nicely and put a ring on my finger. I’m nothing if not old-fashioned!

Hahaha! Wow.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around from having a crush on Kevin a mere 5 weeks ago, to us now planning a life together. Even for a diehard romantic myself, I can hardly believe everything that happened in such a short period of time.

I did not see this coming! But I am so very grateful that it did!