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By 09h00 on Saturday morning Kevin was back at my place and we enjoyed a bit of time together before I had to head off to fetch my god-daughter and her son and then return home to collect Angel, as us girlies had to go try on clothes for a vintage fashion show we were to partake in on Sunday.

After hours of trying on various items, the girls and I headed home for a quick lunch, before having to return for the next round of girls to try on outfits, whilst I went to the salon to have my nails done.

Once done, I collected the girls and we finally went home.

It was a long tiring day, especially after all the last nights and early mornings with Kevin,

I love you too my angel… Forever and ever… X x x x x

Hey sexy, so how has your day gone so far?

I love you… I had a long nap…

Soon you will be in my arms again… x x x x x x 

What time do you want me to be by you my angel?

17h00 and the love of my life was home again!

*heart giddy with happiness*

Angel, Kevin and I decided to have a movie night, watching the Fast and Furious movies.  After the first one, I made us all chicken wraps for dinner and then we made ourselves comfortable for the next movie.

Not ten minutes into the movie Angel decided to rather go my room and watch series on the laptop, so I opened up the sleeper couch and made Kevin and I a bed in the lounge in front of the TV.

We were obviously way too comfortable lying in each other’s arms again, as we didn’t get to see the end [or middle] of the movie either, and I awoke hours later to the flickering of the TV.

After switching it off with the remote, I returned to my rightful place in my man’s arms, and went straight back to sleep; only to wake early the next morning to sweet kisses all over my face, and being told how much I am loved.

God, life is good.


After our morning coffee, Kevin left to go home, as he had to fetch his work bakkie as he had an emergency call-out for work to attend to.

The timing was perfect though, as Angel and I had to dolly ourselves up for the fashion show, so I was able to do so without distraction. Also, I hadn’t actually invited Kevin to the fashion show, even though I had even roped his daughter into partaking, as I would have been too shy to prance around under his watchful eyes.

Star had to go fetch my god-daughter and her friend, and brought my god-sons too, and we had to fetch another scouting / school friend of Angel’s, who also decided to join in at the last minute, so it was quite a full ride to The Park.

I am still awaiting the professional photo’s that were taken on the day, but I did managed to upload a few taken by Star and by Kayla’s boyfriend with her phone onto Facebook.

Just as we finished changing back into our clothes I received a text from Keith asking how it was going. I let him know that we were packing up and heading home, whilst shouting at Star to start taking the kids home in shifts, as there were now 13 of us needing to get back to my place!

Just as Star left to take the my god sons, god daughter, friend and son home; who should walk into the park!

My man!

I literally ran from the changing tent into his welcome arms and our greeting was reminiscent of a couple who’d been parted for months. Cos that’s how we roll!

So we left the park together, with the remainder of our kids and scout kids, which pretty much are our kids considering how much time we spend with them!

From there we went to my local grocery store to stock up on several loaves of bread and bricks of cheese in order to feed our hungry bunch.  When we returned home, I put out a sleeping bag in the garden, where Kevin and I lay chatting; whilst the kids sorting out toasted sandwiches for everyone.

In the late afternoon Star took my god-kids and their crew home; while Kevin and I still had our girls and five of their friends over. No-one wanted to go home, so frantic phone calls were made to respective parents, asking if they could stay over at my place.

Kevin had to go home with Kayla in order to fetch her school uniform and bags and on the way dropped the rest of us down my road at the parents of one of the other girls – they were the couple in whose tent we stayed over the camp – so that she could collect her school belongings.

From there, we all returned to my place and Keith emptied his freezer in order to feed the kids again. So whilst he stood in the kitchen making us chicken prego rolls, I lay on the sleeper couch with some of the kids, looking at photo’s from the fashion show.

Kevin called me to the kitchen when it was time to serve the kids and whilst in his arms – again – he said that he had never been happier than he was at that very moment. The woman of his dreams in his arms, and a house full of awesome children. Our Family, as we now refer to all of us.


Happiness is.

By 21h00 we were more exhausted than the kids, and we headed to my room [his first sleep over in my bed!] for an early night.


~ ♥ ~