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My love you and i are on the same page. our story will be one written in times of love as you are my one and only who makes me feel so loved and happy that words can’t say how we really feel about each other. I love you with all that i am… x x x x x x x x

Hahaha you give me the same sense of happiness that we are untouchable… I love you so much… x x x

I am so happy we have found each other. My love for you is everlasting. FOREVER & EVER X X X X X X X X

I was just thinking about you, was just about to send you a sms when I saw a email pop up from you

Thinking of you always…  Forever yours

X x  x x x x x  x x x x x x  x x x x x x  x x x x xx  x x xx x x xx x x  xx x x x x xx  x x x x  x x x x x x x x  x x x x x  x x x  x x x

Hope that’s enough kisses to see you over

You really know how to brighten my day.

I will always be thinking of you…


What you have done for me in the time we have shared… as we know word can’t describe…  I see myself now going to find  images to try best describe how I feel about you BUT I  still think it won’t be enough as only when I look into your eyes I feel the warmth of summer and the shower of love as our soul connect….

Love you my angel….

We didn’t get to see each other as we usually do on a Monday evening before and after Scouts, as Kayla wasn’t feeling well so she wisely stayed home. And to make my evening even longer, I had to stay afterwards for a meeting with Scouter Paul. *yawn*

My love, going to take a long bath now… will chat to you when out… I’m longing to hear your voice… x x x

After his bath, and whilst I was in mine, Keith called me and we chatted for about half an hour; mostly about plans we have for the kids … in short, he knows that I used to foster kids, and it’s always been my dream to do it again; and with constantly having the house full of the scouting kids, it has reignited my passion to give more to kids … and amazingly enough, he shares the same dream as I do and so we are putting plans in place to make it happen.

and i know I love you so so much… X x x x x x x

you see this is why i love you so much… cause you and i feel so much passion for each other but it comes so naturally for us… loving it…

I feel like you and i would be that couple that could sail the oceans knowing all we need is each other and we would just be fine… x x x

that’s the way i have been feeling… i fear nothing… cause i have the most beautiful lady by my side who is on the same page as me as we write and live the most incredible story together…

that’s not fair i should be there… holding you in my arms… is my scent still in your bed?

Hahaha i prefer the real deal too… i love you… i also really enjoy making love to you cause the passion we share is beautiful… X x x x x

i wish i was there too…

i am sure i will make a plan to see you before then, i am sure about that… X x x x

you know they say that when you can picture growing old with your partner then you know you are with the one who will make you happy… which i have… i’m already thinking of ideas on how i am going to propose to you Hahaha normally i would be running the other way but with you i never want to let go… X x x x x x

OMG that’s the second time he has made reference to marrying me in as many days. *gulp*

i never thought i would ever feel like this… i love you… X x x x x

To see you write those words i know you are the one… You know i said i would wait a year to see how things would work out but i see bigger things happening in a years time…

love you… going to say goodnight my love… so so happy going to be sleeping again with a smile on my face again…

See you just now my love…

I couldn’t sleep though, my bed felt so big and cold without Kevin in it, and so I sent him an email, knowing he would retrieve it when arriving at work the next morning …

Hello my love,

Right now you are fast sleep, most likely wearing that slight smile you sport when you’re dreaming the sweetest dreams; and I am wide awake, enjoying dreams of my own.

Because for all I know I’m fast asleep having the most amazing dream ever imagined; of being swept off my feet in the most romantic and expected manner by a gorgeously sexy (handy)man.

I don’t want to pinch myself any more though, because like I’ve mentioned before – my dreams are real and my reality is like a dream.

Everything and everyone has faded into a blurry mist; nothing remains clear or in focus … Except you.

Even time has warped, going either far too fast, or exceptionally slowly; depending not on any hand on a watch, but your hand on me.

Days melt into nights, and I can no longer tell the difference between sunrise and sunset.

This is why I stare up at you in awe; not only am I basking in the warmth of your smile, but I’m getting lost within you, joining you in that place where two weeks isn’t a measurement of time, but rather a milestone on our path; placing that pebble to commemorate a magical moment.

Laying this path with you, with intricate details for a memorable journey, is my life’s greatest blessing. I will be by your side with my hand in yours all the way.

Good night my love, I’m going to curl up into the pillow you last lay on this morning, and wrap myself in the duvet that covered you a short while ago.

From there I’ll take a ride to where ever you are … Because all I want to be is where you are.

I love you.

Yours, forever


~ ♥ ~