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Good morning my love. I must admit i sleep a lot better when i sleep next to you. Have an awesome day love, will call you a little later today just to hear your voice… x x x x x x

Hello my angel. I see you have been busy today… I love the way you and I have all this untapped love that is bursting out of us… cause until now we were merely just going through life, as you think it was right. But to only realize that life was preparing us to meet each other.


All the words you write, I feel each word touching my soul and warming my heart, my smile is endless

This past weekend we spent with each other has changed our lives. I have not been able to focus on work too just want you in my arms to love.

My writing skills on the computer are not to your level, but as you feel you need to put the feeling we have for each other down other down, cause I feel if we don’t you and I when seeing each other, we might rugby tackle each other as the passion we share is explosive. Hahaha

Thank you for being apart of my life would not change a thing about you, you are just amazing the way you are

I love you…

X X X X X X X X X X  X X

Thinking of you always… X x x x x x

I love you… X x x

Chilling at your place love sounds awesome, will check with K maybe my folks can look after her for a while… fill you in later when i fetch k from school or we might have to do something cause she does not enjoy hanging with the old folks Lol…

I miss you so much…

LOL I love you so much.

I have just spoken to k, she says she will stay at home so that you and I can have some alone time or she make an arrangement to go out and for me to pick her up later.

I can’t stop smiling when I start typing to you and thinking about you I like freeze and I am lost in you…

Whenever you ready to get the tattoo I will be there with you. I just want to see you now, so done with writing to you…

I can hear you say you crazy about me for the rest of my life cause I am crazy about you!!!

X x x x x x x x

Love, what time must i come over?

Kevin came over at 18h00, and we spent a few glorious hours together. Whilst in the kitchen making coffee, he took me in his arms and said,

My Angel, I spoke to K about us.

Hmmm, and?

I asked her how she would feel if I wanted to marry you.

Hahahaha, baby!!! What did she say?

She said “Daddy, why do you think I’ve been trying to set you two up together, I’d love Harmony to be my mom.”

Kaboom went my heart.

All too soon he had to leave to fetch Kayla and return home,

We are home my love…

Finally i have someone i can love with all that i have… I love you… X x x x x

And I am yours forever and ever… I know you are the one for me… X x x x x x x x my heart beats for you… everything about you fits. I LOVE YOU!!

My angel going to say goodnight so that all works out tomorrow that i see you again…. i love you x x x x x x


By 07h00 on Friday morning, Kevin was back in my arms, just where he belongs! We cuddled on the couch together and watched music videos of all our favourite songs [soppy love songs] on the big screen.

By 10h00 we had worked up quite an appetite, so Keith took me out for a slap up breakfast. In no hurry to leave, we had several cups of coffee before Kevin had the idea that we should head over to Mugg and Bean for cake and cappuccino!

Whilst feeding each other delicious cheesecake, I received a text from Mother Dearest asking for news in mine and the kids lives, and instead of responding, I asked Kevin if we could go to the home to visit her.

So off we trekked to visit Mother Dearest, who was absolutely thrilled to meet the new man in my life.

After a rather lengthy visit, Kevin and I decided to go to Gilloolys Farm, as we had been missing the long daily walks we had been taking on the camp, where we’d wander aimlessly around, holding hands, picking up feathers and stones, and chatting about life.

Whilst in the vicinity, we went to the property next door and spent some time watching the dog show, after which we walked around the lake again.

Hungry again, we headed to the pizza place across the road from Star’s workplace, and ordered a few pizza’s for dinner.

Unfortunately time with Kevin always goes by so fast, and all too soon it was time for me to get ready for Scouts and Kevin had to go fetch Kayla to return home to do the same.

We arrived back at the Scouts Hall at the same time, and so managed to steal a few precious kisses before heading in for the evening; and after Scouts my Angel was waiting outside for me, and kept me company whilst waiting for all the kids so leave, and then saw me off with more magnificent kisses.


We are home my love… I love you… We are going to have a beautiful life together. You and i both going sleep like a king and queen tonight… X x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x did i tell you?!? I love you… Goodnight… see you later…

And as should be expected by now, the weekend only got better and better from there.

~ ♥ ~