Where do I even begin with news of my weekend?

With the 24 long-stemmed blood-red roses I received when Kevin came to my place on Friday afternoon in order that we arrive at the hall together, albeit in separate cars. We wanted to travel together, but I had to transport quite a few kids, and so made use of my step-mothers 4X4, and he drove in his bakkie so as tow a trailer with boats.

Roses Roses

Or the 24 smaller, but equally beautiful red roses I arranged in another vase on the kitchen counter last night; whilst next to me, Kevin whipped up a batch of pancakes for dinner?

Yup, after spending every moment together this weekend [excluding bathroom breaks – and only because there were separate blocks!] we [and our girls] were loathe to be separated, so after we returned to JHB, Kevin, Kayla, Adrian and his brother came over to my place and we had pancaked; before Kevin reluctantly left to take the boys home and head back to his place with Kayla.


On the floral subject, if you zoom into the photo* below, you will notice that the heart was created with a sprinkle of white rose petals. What you can’t see in the photo are the two dozen red roses in the blue flask on the right. But that’s them above, in my arms [yes I’m wearing a Batman Onesie, and yes, that’s my man in my arms too].

The blue Tupperware on the arm rest contained a chocolate heart, which is a story on its own. Oh and please take careful attention to the notes he printed and put outside the heart, in reference to us being on the same page in our romantic story …

Our Story

The sunrise we watched together:


* please excuse the quality of the photos, but in the first instance I was using my BB camera, and we all know what kak pictures she takes! But more importantly, I wasn’t going to waste any of the precious moments attempting to perfect photos. I just needed evidence that it all really happened!

Now to concentrate long enough to put together a proper post of our Perfect First Date Weekend. I can say that the 77 hours we spent together exceeded all my expectations!

~ ♥ ~