12:26 It’s almost time where i hit the road again then to you…

12:28 2 more hours … exciting

13:26 60 minutes … XXX

14:01 Not too long now… X x x x

At 14h30 Kevin and Kayla arrived at my place, with mister carrying a massive bouquet of my favourite flowers. The girls went off to Angel’s room to finish packing and changing into comfortable travel outfits, whilst I did the same in mine. But not before arranging the beautiful blooms and putting them in my bedroom.

At 15h30 Kevin packed my car with all our bags and camping goodies, and we drove in convoy to the Scouts Hall.

Unfortunately it was raining by this stage, so the Scouts had quite a mission packing the trailers and boats and most were sopping wet by the time we finally left at 16h30. I had Angie riding shotgun, with Angel, Kayla, Adrian and another girl scout in the back, and Kevin drove behind me with boats, canoes and a trailer.

Before we even left the grounds I received a text.

16:32 Hey good looking…

16:33 Hey gorgeous … sorry we’re not traveling together … next time!

16:34 Next time. X x x

Being the Friday afternoon of a long weekend, we naturally hit terrible traffic on the highway, with cars sitting at a standstill and barely crawling for an hour.

17:15 Hey hot stuff i am checking your ass out…. Hahaha

17:17 Hahahaha, you naughty, I’m checking you in my mirror … mwah!

17:18 Stooooopid golf between us!

17:20 Lol i agree stupid golf…

We finally made it a few kilometers, and as we turned the corner towards Alberton, the rain stopped as the sun dipped behind the Suikerbos Nature Reserve.

17:44 Sunset …

17:45 Awesome just for us…

17:49 Blowing you a kiss for our first sunset…

17:50 Caught it, mwah!

The convoy – about 10 vehicles with countless Scouts and parents – stopped at the mid Vaal Engen One Stop to stretch legs and refuel tummies. Well, the rest of the crew did, Kevin and I stood outside his car in the dark, kissing and cuddling like the two teenagers we’ve become.

All too soon it was time to let go and return to our respective vehicles to continue the journey to the Vaal.

We only arrived at the camp site at about 20h00, and we still had to pitch tents and gazebo’s as well as sort out dinner. It helped that there were so many dads on hand to assist, as it might have been midnight before we slept had it just been the Scouts as usual.

Instead of staying in one of the large tents with the girls as I usually do, the parents of the girl that traveled with us, offered me a wing of their tent. They are seasoned campers and have everything including the kitchen sink in their equipment. Their accommodation consisted of two bedrooms with an inter-leading living area, and so I stayed in the East Wing.

Kevin pitched conveniently pitched his tent directly behind my tent, with a view that I could sneak out the back door to visit him. Hehehe.

However, with all the best laid plans, things go astray and I never did sneak out of my tent, nor did I ever set foot in his tent.

Once the camp had been set up and we’d all enjoyed a simple dinner, the kids were sent off to bed, and the parents followed suit.

Before Kevin headed off to his tent, I invited him to view my sleeping quarters, as I had a blow up mattress, and since I had brought my duvet, blanket and pillows from home, it looked pretty cosy. Oh and I had brought one of my roses with me and put it on the pillow so that I could sleep with a peace of Kevin next to me.

However, one he was in my little room, I zipped up the various compartments and said,

“Welcome to our home for the weekend.”

Hehehe. No way I was letting him out of my sight or grasp for even a minute! And let me assure you, there were absolute no complaints from Kevin either.

After quite a bit of kissing and cuddling [again I will reiterate that we are behaving like love-sick teenagers, and not horny adults, so it was all quite PG rated] we fell asleep in each others arms, only to both wake up at 3am having never left go of each other during the night.

More kissing ensued, because let’s face it – a sexy man in my bed is not going to go to waste! At 05h30 we were still wide awake, and decided to take a walk around the camp to find a good place to view the sunset.

We walked down to the boat launch ramp on the eastern boundary of the camp site and even though it was quite a cloudy morning, we were rewarded with a delightful pink sunrise on the horizon.

It was extremely romantic, especially as the moments were filled with kisses, declarations of how glad we were to have found each other, as the more we get to know each other, the more we find in common and the stronger our bond grows.

Not to mention that our girls have long been firm friends, and are not only supporting our relationship, but are encouraging it at every turn and calling each other “sister”. Wow.

After several hours at the waters edge we realised that the rest of the camp was already up and preparing for breakfast, so we took a slow hand-held stroll back to the site.

~ ♥ ~