Good morning my beautiful angel. can’t wait to see you later…

G’morning gorgeous, I hope you slept well, with that naughty smile reserved for me. Counting down the minutes til I see you XXX

Can’t stop thinking about you. My work is at a stand still X X X

Hehehe naughty Kevin! Go work! Says she is who writing a beautiful romance story based on her life, instead of replying to clients emails.

I can’t stop thinking of you either, thoughts of you and us are consuming my mind. I couldn’t sleep last night. so badly wanted to hold you and be held by you

can’t wait for this day to finish so I can see you…

we just need to arrange where to meet – scouts is from 5-6 today so I’m not going cos I only get home at 5:15  and then I’ve got a meeting with clients at 18h30 in Next Hood and you’ve got to fetch K at 6pm Bt i don’t want to miss an opportunity to see you, even if its for a few minutes …

My place after work? I don’t know how good my tea making skills are, but I’m willing to give it a try, if you promise to close your eyes to the untidy house

To make things easier i can come past your place before i fetch k or we can meet somewhere that’s half way to your client. what do you think?

Look at us messaging at the same time again! so you’ll come to me before you fetch K then

Your place is cool and don’t worry about your house, its you I want. As for the tea don’t worry i also like my coffee… hahaha

You have a way with words Mr H … and they’re always music to my eyars. I’ll make you a divine cup of coffee that will have you coming back for more.

Lol i plan on staying a very long time… as for the words you deserve all i can give. You’re worth it…

Keep this up and I will keep you for even longer than a very long time cos these feelings I have for you are just increasing every day …

i have been feeling the same way…

300 minutes til I see you again

But it wasn’t 300 minutes … 30 minutes later I received a visit from Kevin at work.

[It’s become too time consuming typing out our messages to each other, and since we already know that my messages are filled with romantic ramblings, I will only be posting Kevin’s message. Well some of them, the rest are for my eyes only!]

I am glad i came past to see you. I seem to be still stumbling over my words with you but sure it will pass. so has your office started their gossip? When i get to you tonight i just want to hold you a little longer than i did in your office.

Not too long now and you will be back in my arms…

You make me feel so mushy inside…

I was thrilled to see Kevin again on Wednesday evening when he came over for coffee, and when he arrived, I ran straight into his arms.  I also took the opportunity to introduce him to Star [my nerves!] and they chatted a bit about working out, as Star was about to pump weights. I was relieved when Star retreated to his room, and I had Kevin all to myself.

He spent some time walking around my lounge, checking out the books in my bookshelf, and commenting on all the Marilyn paraphernalia, saying that I don’t seem to be lacking anything relating to her and it would be difficult finding me something I don’t already have.

An hour later Kayla called to be fetch, and reluctantly Kevin leaved and I got ready to leave for my meeting. As I was about to leave the house, my clients called cancelling the meeting. Good timing, as straight after that I received a call from my BFF in Thailand in a state regarding her daughter. So I had to dash out of town to go see her. Once the issue was resolved, I returned home and the texting continued.

I could get used to us holding each other and floating in the clouds of happiness… you really make me happy. i love being with you… X x x 

You know when i came to your work and you opened the gate then i kissed you. that part just happened as if it was suppose to happen that way. Anything that we have done has come so naturally, nothing forced. Oh besides when you walked to me but since then all has been perfect.

I think you and i are just soaking in the passion at the moment and trying to absorb what happened today…

[referring to our first kiss *blush*]

It’s so amazing… to connect with you in that way…

There is definitely something magical about you and i. Every day is special with you and is the best way for us to be in of the the most romantic chapters in our lives and it will only get better.

I am just so shell shocked at how much you mean to me in such a short space of time.

That’s just the thing, your past does not concern me but i still want to know how you are but in a way i feel like i know you already so its just the present that i want to know cause you are the one i care for so so much…

I know whats happening does not seem real but it feels real to me and i don’t want it to stop.

You know you said your walls have come crashing down. Mine are down…

Good night sweet angel. X x x x x

~ ♥ ~