Good morning my shining star. I slept so well last night went to bed smiling and woke up smiling. Have an absolute fab day… X x x x x x

You mean the world to me, glad you are in my life…

My heart has melted, you the first person that has hit my heart and loving the feeling of feeling love so to speak, don’t know how else to put it. I just want to be with you all the time. You rock my world… X x x

This whole week I have done very little work. I have been thinking of you and dreaming of you 24/7.

You and i are meant for each other,, Don’t know how else to explain it. this is so right and you make me laugh and all the emotions one could want… X x x x 

Love being with you, i will hold you for as long as i can. kiss you with passion you have never felt before…  Wow I can’t believe its only been a week, i feel like we’ve known each other for years already…

Its funny, i feel like something today… I want you so so bad to be in my arms…

I wanted to surprise you at your work but i have been driving around The ‘Hood trying to get something before i came through. Been striking out, so busy walking now last effort to see what happens… 

Could not help myself cause been in the area for 2 hours already trying to find this one thing, just would not happen and in the mean time you were making me all hot and sweaty so i could not focus…

And then I received a surprise visit from Kevin! I was standing in my colleagues office which faces the road, and there stood Kevin standing by his car texting someone. Me! He had hinted earlier that he was coming, but i assumed that since he wouldn’t find what he was looking for, he wasn’t going to come past. but to my delight, he did! And he stayed with me until I had to leave to fetch Star from work. Boss Lady is going to fire me soon! Hahaha!

I want more of you… x x x x x 

My daughter has now made me a list of all the things I must bring so now whe ni go on the camp i am going to be like you ladies where you only going for 4 days by pack for 2 months lol

Almost time, we are the luckiest couple in the world to be able to share this chapter in our lives. Can’t wait to show you how much i care about you. Exciting!!! Kiss kiss kiss

It is going to be life changing… it will be the best for both of us i know it. you and i are meant to be together…

I guess I am the luckiest guy cause you took a chance on me.

My shining star, going to say good night a little early tonight, going to try get as much rest as possible cause tomorrow going to be a busy day and night

So to say that we are smitten with each other is probably stating the obvious. We are definitely more confident communicating via text, as we still giggle and blush quite a bit when in each other’s company. But I think it’s very sweet, especially when we just sit across from each and stare into each other’s eyes without a word, just getting lost in the moment.

We have an exciting and very hectic weekend ahead of us. He wanted me to go with him to the Vaal, but I have to transport quite a few kids, and he has to bring fridges and cooler boxes; so we can’t all fit in one car and instead have to travel separately. However, instead of meeting at the hall with everyone else, he is coming over to my place this afternoon so that we can drive in convey from the very start. 

The girls, Angel and Kayla; have been hinting that he has a few surprises in store for me this weekend, so I’m awfully excited to find out what he planned. I’m absolutely loving this adventure and every moment it unfolds!

Bring on the First Date Weekend!

~ ♥ ~

* His surname rhymes with my middle name.