Oh my god!

I’ve just had a surprise visitor at work.

No prizes for guessing who!

Kevin had asked me earlier for my work address, and I had vainly assumed he wanted to send me flowers … instead, he brought his fine self over for a visit!

When I opened the pedestrian gate for him, he put his arms around me and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips.


[never mind that the gate is right outside Boss Lady’s window]

I took him around the office to introduce him to my colleagues, and naturally this created a hive of activity with plenty a raised eyebrow at who this man was, as I merely introduced him by name.

We sat in my office and chatted a bit, although I spent most of the time giggling, smiling and blushing because I still couldn’t believe he was sitting at my desk! I’ve never had a boyfriend / potential boyfriend visit me at work before.

Kayla then called asking to be fetched, and so he had to leave. But not before taking me in his arms and holding me tight. Now I know the meaning of a bear hug. And I wouldn’t mind doing that again. And again.

As for the little hello and goodbye kisses. Please sir, I want some more.

~ ♥ ~