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We had a busy day at the dam, as I took a team of girls out on the pilot gig [I call it the slave ship] to practice rowing for the upcoming annual Gig Adventure. This race involves a team of 8 rowing for approximately 24 continuous hours, with them taking turns to sleep and eat on the boat. Only 6 row at a time, and other two are cox and spare respectively. It’s an extremely strenuous race, and one that our Troop usually wins, so we have to maintain our standard.

After a very wet and tiring day, we finally arrived back at the hall to drop off the kids. I noticed that Kevin wasn’t there to fetch Kayla, so I asked her what the plans were.  She said that she hadn’t told her dad that we back yet, and asked me to contact him to arrange to be collected.

Hehehe, any excuse for contact.

I sent a message asking whether he was coming to the hall, or whether I should take her home with me and then he come over to my place later to fetch her. Instead of replying to my text, he called me and said that if I didn’t mind having taking her with me, he could come later to fetch her.

I let him know that I would be taking the kids [also had Adrian, his brother, Angie and Angel with me] for pizza’s and that we’d let him know when we were home.

The pizza’s took longer than expected , so we weren’t even home yet when I received a message:

“Just wondering – did you guy go to Italy to get your pizza’s hahaha just letting you know I am in The ‘Hood”

“Hahahahaha actually we were in Sicily … We’ve just arrived back. See you just now.”

Two minutes later the intercom buzzed, with the security guard advising that Kevin had arrived.

With pieces of pizza in my hand and mouth respectively, I walked outside to let him know that Kayla was just quickly finishing her pizza and would be out shortly.

After chatting for about 5 minutes, he realised that he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so he turned the ignition off, and we continued talking outside his car.

Another ten minutes and a few irate drivers trying to pass his large bakkie later, and he said that perhaps he should go park his car in the visitors parking and then come back down.

Before he had a chance to object, I climbed into the car with him, and joined him on the journey around the complex.

He parked his car, and we didn’t get out as planned. Instead, we sat there together for over an hour chatting like long lost friends. It was hard to believe that I had ever been too scared to say hello to him, as I was talking the hind leg off a donkey!

We covered so many subjects – his mother went through the same thing as my mother – with the hospitalization, emphysema, therapy, loss of mobility etc. Quite bizarre that our mother’s went through the same thing at very much the same time.

We spoke about his daughter, and how he she came to live with him permanently; her boyfriend; we chatted about my short-lived marriage and other family matters.

I hated to break the spell in the car, as we were speaking so easily and openly with each other, but I was mindful that the girls had to get ready for school, and it was already rather late. So we left the car, and walked to my place to that he could fetch Kayla.

As soon as he arrived home, the texting commenced.

“Thanks for being awesome – had a really good time talking to you.”

“I think it’s official – the shy awkwardness is GONE! And I think if it weren’t for the kids having to get ready for school, we’d still be sitting in your car!”

“I am happy that we finally got to talking. Perfect end to the weekend.”

“Me too, who knew it would be so easy”

“Looks like we going to have to treat our daughters as they are the ones that sort of set us up lol”

“I’m suddenly really looking forward to the camp … Not that I was dreading to go, but a week ago I wasn’t this excited to go camping in the rain”

“I think I am the one blushing now ha ha. I am really excited to be going on this camp. You know I visualized us sitting by the fire looking up at the stars with absolute bliss”

KABOOM went several organs inside me. My god that was unexpected. Keep it light Harmony … don’t get too caught up. 

“Hahaha, glad to know I can make you blush. Oh wow – that sounds absolutely heavenly  literally – because its so dark there, the night sky REALLY twinkles.”

“Well you are my shining star that will light my way …”

OMG – too much – too much – can’t cope.

Ah fuck it. You wished for it, you’ve got it. Go for it.

“Aw, now you are making me blush & giggle again. AND do you know what else we can get to see (if we wake up early enough) beautiful sunrises over the dam.”

“Well I am an early riser so it’s a must. You know that you and I are going to have a date weekend as our first date – how cool is that – going to be magical.”

“Good luck getting me up! Hehehe although I don’t think I’ll struggle this weekend, at all. that’s definitely a 1st for me & sounding more amazing by the minute.”

“Well I am feeling really bubbly inside, so going to goodnight. Will I be seeing you tomorrow night when I fetch K from scouts?”

“Yes, I will see you tomorrow night. Really looking forward to that, it will make work bearable tomorrow. Night, sleep tight!”

And just as Sunday was even better than Saturday; Monday was almost too good to be true. Almost – but definitely true because I’ve pinched myself enough to know that I’m definitely not dreaming.

~ ♥ ~