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“Morning, hope you have a great day. Can’t wait for the weekend. See you later.”

“Not fully able to concentrate on work this morning, my attention appears to be elsewhere … instead I’m Googling sunrise and sunset times for the Vaal.”

“You know I have been smiling so much these days that my cheeks are starting to get sore. Did you manage to see when our sunrises and sunsets are happening?”

“Hahaha you and me both! Everyone at work has commented on my permanent smile today. Oh yes, sunrises at 06:30 sets at 17:40, so I will ensure there are NO scouting activities then; that will be OUR time. Pity we have 40 other people on our weekend date. Hahaha! Very very unusual 1st date indeed!”

“Lol! I am sure there should be some secluded areas where we could share our moments. So looks like when I get there will have to go hiking to find the best spots.”

“Hahaha yes your job will be scouting the area. Pardon the pun. And don’t forget we’ll also spend some time out on the water … I’ll take you sailing.”

“We’re having a meeting after scouts to finalise the camp, so if you can, come earlier and I’ll sneak out to come say HI before I get stuck in the meeting.”

“I will be there earlier – looking forward to seeing you.”

At 17h30 I went to Scouts and sat in the kitchen with the new kids who needed to go over their Promise and Laws before getting invested; whilst Scouter Paul and the other Scouts started organising all the equipment we needed to the camp.

K2’s, Mirrors and Opi’s were put aside; together with sails for the yachts we already have at the club. Then the tents and poles and pegs were put aside, with the gazebo’s of varying size.

It didn’t take long to complete my tasks and quite bored, I went onto my phone with the view of sending Kevin a message asking what time he would be arriving. To my surprise, there was already a message from him sent at 18h00.

“I think I am a little too early hahahaha”

I literally ran out of the kitchen and through the main door to the parking area where Kevin, upon seeing me, got out his car with the most brilliant smile on his face.

I was so happy to see him that I was tempted to jump into his arms in a warm embrace; but then I reminded myself that firstly we have never had any physical contact whatsoever, not even an accidental brush against the arm or leg; and secondly there were other parents sitting in their cars waiting for their kids – I wasn’t about to give them a show.

Instead I stood breathlessly beside Kevin, whilst we caught up on our day. He mentioned that he was rather far behind on his admin work, and would be getting up at 03h00 in order to catch up on paper work and proposals.

Again we spoke about how excited we were for the camp, and he asked what my morning beverage of choice was [coffee, strong!!!] and we joked that we were so afraid of bumping into Kayla and Adrian whilst out scouting for a romantic spot to view our sunrises. Hahaha I can’t think of anything more traumatising for a father!

He also admitted that Adrian had given him suggestions of where to take me, and we laughed heartily at the irony of his daughter’s boyfriend, who is like a son to me; giving him relationship advice.

I asked him when he was going to the Vaal, as most of the parents were only leaving on the Saturday morning, whereas the Scouts and Scouters were leaving on Friday afternoon.

So I was absolutely thrilled with Kevin confirmed that he would be leaving on Friday afternoon with us, stating that he wasn’t going to miss one minute of the weekend with me. Happiness is!

I only meant to stay outside for a few minutes, but before I knew it, one of the kids came outside let me know he wanted to go home but first wanted to go over his Promise one last time. I checked my cellphone and noticed it was already 18h30!

I told Kevin that I had to go back in to help the kid and then I’d be having the meeting after that … but we didn’t quite say goodbye … instead he followed me into the hall, and whilst I was busy in the kitchen with the kid, he chatted to Scouter Paul and a few other parents.

When the kids left, I joined him in the hall and while everyone spoke around us, we just stood there staring at each other, unable to talk to anyone else, let alone each other, just lost in a moment.


All too soon we were ushered out the hall as Scouter Paul wanted to lock up and go home. So off he went with his son, followed by myself, Angel, Adrian and his brother, with Kevin and Kayla behind us.

Twenty minutes later, the texting began again in earnest; and with even more intensity than before.

Damn … I really really REALLY enjoy talking to you. But why does the time have to go by so fast? Still, that hour with you … made my day. Still smiling.

I really enjoy the time I spend with you. time seems to fly when we get togther.

You make me feel like I have a thousand butterflies in me but in an awesome way. Can’t wait to see you again.

I feel the same way, the minute you drove away I was already plotting when I would see you again! Haha! Who knew “Kayla’s Dad” would have this effect on me!!!

Lol  and who knew I would be going on a weekend date with the hottest lady on camp…

Hahaha! Oh you lucky guy! I’m counting down the days til the weekend, I feel like a kid I’m so excited! It’s going to be so AMAZING … especially since you can’t get in your car and drive off home … you’ll be stuck with me for 3 days; filled  with beautiful sunrises, magical sunsets and other surprises.

Wow you make me feel so amazing… Really can’t wait to share those sunrises and sunsets and other special things with you. It will be a weekend you and I will never forget…

Hmmm, I actually have shivers from anticipation. Its so lovely to have something *amazing* to look forward to and not just Our Weekend, every time my phone beeps with a message from you I get butterflies in my tummy and smile even wider before I’ve even read your message, it’s all sooooo good

I can’t stop reading the message you sent, its just too beautiful just like you… we have so much in common

We do hey …

It’s funny that a week ago I was too shy to look you in the eyes …

And I was too shy to make a move on you cause I just know that every time I would see you that you and I would lock eyes, then I would see you for a while, but be thinking of you. Did you notice that happening between us?

Yes … hahaha … I’ll confess that I did notice that …

… and now I don’t want to look away …

Me neither…

I am feeling on top of the world now. Looking forward to our plans. I really feel like christmas has come early this year…

Hahahahahahaha! Oh I share your excitement in abundance! I’m quite literally, breathless. And feeling utterly blessed with The Universe right now

Good night sweet dreams. The faster I go to sleep the closer our weekend comes.

I hope you can concentrate on your work at 3am. Night night, see you soon, soon, soon.

Me too but you know my mind will be thinking of you… see you soon…

~ ♥ ~