On Saturday morning Angel asked if Kayla could come over, which I agreed to if she finished her house-and-homework timeously. Which she did.

At about 13h00 came to drop her off. He usually leaves her at the main security gate and she walks in, but on Saturday he drove into the complex and parked outside my unit.

Gee, I wonder why the sudden change in procedure? Hehehe.

I went outside to greet them and he climbed out his bakkie and walked around to stand with me at the garden gate. Once there, he waved the girls off and told them that they could go.

Hahaha – dismissed!

The giggling gaggle of girls happily obliged; although knowing them, they were spying on us through the lounge windows.

Even though there wasn’t the usual audience of 30 plus kids, I was still a bit shy and tongue-tied, so I let him do most of the talking whilst I conducted a thorough inspection.

Bloody hell he is tall, he could easily be a foot taller than me. Which I guess doesn’t take much with me being only 5’1″. And not just big in terms of height, he is a large guy, very well-built. I won’t lie, at that moment I did imagine being enveloped in his arms and …

Those hands. Huge! Even with my long nails my fingers would probably only reach below the last knuckle. Clean nails. Thank god. Dirty fingers are such a turn off.

Ginormous feet. Good God, does he ski with those??? And we all know what they say about a man with big feet …

Lovely smile. So far that is definitely my favourite feature of his. Straight white teeth which are on display when he smiles, which is often.

We didn’t chat for very long – both still a bit shy and uncertain, so I asked him what the sleeping arrangement were [for the girls – not US!!!] and he said that he would come by later to fetch her.

After waves and goodbyes, he was gone.

Later that afternoon us girls, together with Adrian and his younger brother, were on our way to the mall when Kayla spilled some beans.

“My dad was so giggly last night after speaking to you, and he’s so shy around you cos he’s not used to meeting women like this. I think he usually he uses pick-up lines in a club to get a woman’s number and then takes his time to call them. After one date it’s over.”

“Oh. Hahaha!” Figuring that what this actually means is that dad picks up chicks in bars, has a one night stand with them and then it’s over. [Eeek!]

“So this is weird for him cos also you knew me before he met you and I’ve never met any woman he’s dated before because none of them worked out.”

“My mom also met her ex-boyfriends like that.” Piped up my daughter in the back.

“Thanks Angel! But I didn’t meet ALL of them in a club!”

Gulp – only most of them. But I can’t admit that to the kids. Time to end this conversation, these kids know way too much about their parents dating habits!

Later that evening, I was lying on my bed doing Sudoku puzzles, when I received a text.

“Hi Harmony, I have been thinking about giving you a call the whole day but for some reason it seems when I talk to you the words won’t come. Not sure if it’s nerves cause normally I don’t have a problem carrying a conversation. So you will have to forgive me as I try this route to try getting to know you better …”

YAY! Firstly that I have that effect on him. Hehehe. And secondly, I’m the texting Queen, so I was thrilled that he opted for that method of chatting until we were more confident to actually hold a vocal conversation.

“Hahaha don’t worry Kevin, I’m in the same boat. I’m usually quite confident, but you’ve turned me into a blushing, giggling teen, although I’ll confess I quite like it …”

We proceeded to chat about what we do in our leisure time, our musical tastes, where we went to school.

He went to school with my two youngest brothers and knew them both well. Kevin and my baby brother swam together, K was top swimmer and my brother was second. He also knows my other boet from playing rugby together and they were part of the Liverpool supporters club together.

Small small world!

I confessed to my dislike of sport – especially rugby, and he had that he would take me to the stadium to watch a game and teach me the sport so that I could grow to enjoy it. [Don’t hold your breath Kevin! I’m notoriously allergic to watching sport!]

A few hours later we had to take a break from texting, as the girls decided that Kayla  should stay over, so she summonsed her dad to fetch her in order to go home get pajama’s and clothes for Scouts on Sunday at Harties.

Kayla confessed to me that usually her dad would say no to any last minute plans, and wouldn’t be prepared to travel back and forth so many times, but obviously because he would get to see me a few more times, he was prepared to do it.


When he finally returned home almost two hours later, we continued where we left off, and chatted until tired.

“Well Harmony, I am going to say good night. I have enjoyed our conversation. Looking forward to seeing and hopefully talk to you tomorrow…. X”

I can’t say that I slept as well as could be expected. I think I was far too excited to fall into a deep sleep and so I spent much of the night tossing and turning.

Needless to say, this resulted in a mad rush in the morning to get us all ready to meet the rest of the Scouts at the hall to leave for Harties!

And it was only whilst waiting for everyone else [who were ALL later than us] that I saw a message from Kevin,

“Morning. Hope you had an awesome sleep and may the rest of your day be blessed….”

Ah sweet!

But not nearly as sweet as what was still to come …

~ ♥ ~