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guy and girl talking

Kayla was already at the Scout Hall by the time I pulled up on Friday night, so I didn’t get to see Kevin then as expected.

I spent the next three hours stealing glances at the clock. I wouldn’t exactly say I was counting down the minutes to him him, as I certainly wasn’t wishing the time away; but I did want to be prepared for Kevin’s arrival in terms of my confidence – or lack thereof.

I will NOT blush.
I will NOT giggle.

Do you hear me Harmony?

NO blushing!
NO giggling!

By the end of Scouts he hadn’t entered the hall, and so when Adrian and Kayla shouted to me that my car alarm was going off and that I should go outside to investigate, I figured it a ruse to get me to Kevin, who must be outside.


In my shyness (so much for the earlier mantra) I played dumb and said my alarm wasn’t going off that I was busy speaking to one of the Scouts and wasn’t going out in the cold.

They were having none of it, and the couple, with the aid of and Angel and Angie, literally pushed me towards the main door.

I managed to escape into the kitchen, the door to which is just off the main door, but the mob followed me in and begged me to go outside and speak to Kevin.

I told them that I needed to get my handbag and jacket, so that I have an ‘excuse’ for going outside. I didn’t want it to look obvious that Kevin was the reason I was going outside, as there already other parent congregating, and I don’t want people talking.

So I walked out swinging my shiny red bag, as though I were just going to put it in the Feisty Fiesta with my warm jacket, and then I’d ‘co-incidentally’ see Kevin and stop for a chat.

Unfortunately that’s exactly what I had to do once I was outside. From making a determined bee-line for him, I spun with foot mid-air to head sho’t left to my car. And I had to put my bag and jacket in the car because I couldn’t just do a 180 and walk back into the hall with my stuff after he’d already seen me.

And not because I’d lost my resolve, but because of whom he was talking to.

Scouter Paul.

Whilst I was childishly hiding in the kitchen, he’d obviously seen Kevin waiting outside and grabbed the opportunity to finalise the meat order for the camp.

Argh. Timing!

On my return walk of shame, I heard the kids calling for Scouter Paul, asking him to urgently return the hall.

By the time I reached Kevin, Scouter Paul had turned his back and started back towards the Scouts.

Yes kids!

Kevin wasted no time.

“Hi Harmony. I’m sorry, I’d hoped this would be easier to get to speak you without everyone around.”

“Hi Kevin …”

“I wanted to ask you for your number cos I’d like to call you and invite you out.”

Eek, Scouter Paul was still in earshot and Kevin has quite a strong, deep voice, so I’m sure the entire hall heard him ask for my number!

“Um … Er … It’s …”

And with that, Kevin’s phone was out and his was punching in my digits.

“I don’t have Whatsapp on my phone, so I’ll call you if that’s ok.”

“Ok, that would be nice.” 

… even though I’m more of a texter, especially when I don’t know someone and am too shy to talk to them. But hey, I’d cross that bridge when he calls me on it.


“Sorry Kevin. I’m not usually like this. It’s just the kids putting me on the spot is making me feel 12 years old.”

“It’s ok Harmony. It’s quite nice feeling like a teenager again.”

“Hahaha, ja I suppose.”

“I’m glad I finally spoke to you. I’ve been wanting to since seeing you at the Carols by Candlelight.”

“Oh! Hahaha, well … I have to go back now.”

“Ok. Bye.”



I backed away, grinning like a Cheshire cat and returned to the hall to have a meeting about the upcoming camp with Scouter Paul and the senior scouts.

Thereafter I dropped Angie and Adrian off at their respective homes, and headed home with my Angel. Once there, I took my phone out my bag to check the time.

Seeing an unread message, I clicked on the yellow envelope.

“Hi Harmony I am glad that we finally broke the ice. It was an awkward moment but I am sure things will be better from here on. Looking forward to getting to know you better, have a awesome evening.”

Kevin obviously sent the text on arriving home, whilst I was still in my meeting.

Not really bothered that it was after 23h00, I replied; but not before Angel had to convert MTN loyalty points into an sms bundle for me as I never have airtime, and usually survive on BIS.

“Hi Kevin, hopefully I’ll stop blushing and giggling like a teenager now – I think its from all the time I spend with kids! But very glad you did break the ice.”

That was the great start to what would be an AWESOME weekend … with Kevin being at my place not once, not twice, but THREE times on Saturday. And that wasn’t even the great day … as for Sunday … ah …

~ ♥ ~