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I don’t even want to go there. Not only have I had to retain the services of an attorney due to scary threats and excessive abuse from a mad client; but my increase was … wait for it … not declined … but decreased. That’s a first.


I have so much news regarding Angel. since the beginning of the year she’s had high schools in the area [two of them Private] falling over themselves to get Angel to register with their schools for Grade 8 last year. I can’t begin to tell you how many dinners, information evenings and tours we have been to.

She turned down the all girls Catholic school, which was my first choice. what parent wouldn’t want their daughter at a Convent. With no boys.

Angel did however agree to write the entrance exam at the other private school – which judging by the school fees, is even more prestigious. They invited approximately 100 kids from local schools in the area, with the view to offering 5 scholarships.

Naturally she was called back, and asked to sit for additional academic exams; which she aced. Cos that’s how she rolls!

Thereafter she was invited , with approximately 40 other kids, to write the psychometric tests. And then we waited.

And waited.

And finally we received an invitation for Angel to have an interview with the Director of the School, Head of High School, Director of Academics and two other teachers [can’t remember their titles].

It was rather intimidating, as Angel is not the most outgoing girl at the best of times, let alone having to conduct a formal interview with five strangers who could decide her fate!

In the interim, my alma mata offered her guaranteed entry into the school – noting that we don’t live in the feeder area and she’s supposed to go to the local high school; otherwise face a very lengthy waiting list.

they only accept 150 students for Grade 8 – and they’ve already received applications from over 500 kids! Yikes. It’s definitely my first choice in terms of government schools, the new principal [my old phys ed and guidance teacher] has turned the school into one of the top in the district.

The local high school [where Star was expelled from] is a definite no-no. If it was bad then, it’s downright dodgy now. The kids do drugs at school – never mind smoke cigarettes around the corner; and I think the police spend more time there than at the station.

Finally we received an email from the Private School offering Angel a 65% scholarship. A fantastic opportunity granted … but even with only 35% portion of the school fees, it’s still out of my reach. Hell, it’s almost the amount of my bond!

I haven’t completely written it off though, as I don’t want Angel to lose this opportunity which she has rightfully earned and very, very much deserves. And in view of the fact that my earnings keep decreasing … well. Ja.

I’ve chatted to my folks who will see how they can assist financially, and if Angel’s father could finally come to party, albeit 12 years late; they would help immensely. I’m just no sure I can rely on him, even if he does commit. It’s not like he’s said a cent in maintenance since she was born.


Anyway, so we’re going to apply at my old high school just to secure her place in case we don’t come up with the money for the private school. And Angel would be only too happy to go there, as most of her friends will be attending.

Star has settled into his new job, which he started in January. Sent his CV one day, had an interview the next, and started the day thereafter. Cos that’s how he rolls! he’s not exactly passionate about his work, but is loving the monthly salary, especially as he has now started earning commission too.

He’s managed to buy himself quite an impressive home gym, a wardrobe full of clothes, and his girl friend has been showered with gifts. Not to say that I haven’t been spoilt too, because my darling son never forgets his Mommy.

And unlike Kevin Crush, who I’m too shy to talk to; I have no such qualms with this youngster. I flirt outrageously – as does he – and to be honest I can’t really class him as a crush – there are no school-girl feelings here. The knees are just fine – it’s the loins we need to watch out for.

As for the others …

No, I’ve already said too much.

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