woman in car

I spent the five minute drive back to the school alternating between fear that Kevin would still be there and think me some psycho stalker; and hopeful that he would be there so that I could have another perve gander.

So it was with mixed feelings that I found his bakkie gone when we arrived in the parking.

Angel went in search of her illusive backpack, and while I was alone in the car, Kayla’s boyfriend Adrian came running up to my open window with a big smile on his face.

“What’s up A?”

“I just want to thank you.”

“For what?”

“My father-in-law and I now have something to talk about!”



“What were you guys saying about me?”

“Can’t tell you. Bro’s code.”

“Whatever, don’t make me tell your father-in-law your intentions with his daughter! Tell me now!”

“Ok, so he told Kayla and me that he really wanted to speak to you tonight, but he says you gave him a dirty look when you got out your car, but then smiled at him when he was in front of people, so thought maybe tonight wasn’t the time or the place to make his move.”

“Hmmm, what else?”

“Nah, that was it.”

“Liar. Spill.”

“Ok, so I told him that the camp would be a good opportunity for him to get to know you because you won’t be on a date so none of you’s will be shy. And you have three whole days and nights to get to know each other.”

“Haha. What else?”

“I told him to take you for a walk at night to the abandoned clubhouse”

[might I add that that this is a glassed and stilted look-out spot over the water where the teenagers go to to make-out!!!]

“But he said he’d never do that coz he doesn’t want you thinking he’s some rapist trying to have his way with you.’

“Hahaha, well thank god for that!” 

[actually, I quite liked the idea of a moonlit romantic stroll along the dam shore to the old clubhouse. I’d naturally be cold in the chilly evening, and Kevin would offer his jacket to keep me warm, and then … WAKE UP FROM YOUR REVERIE HARMONY!]

“Ah Harmony, this is so sweet. Just think, one day you’ll be my step-mother in-law.”

“Funny A, dream on boy. Call Angel, I want to go home.”

Did I mention that I get to see Kevin again tomorrow night, before and after Scouts? Although that’s when I’m at my shyest, as I’m in full uniform [but perhaps he has a thing for a girl in uniform?*] and I’m in my zone with the kids. I feel quite uncomfortable when “outsiders” watch me during Scouting proceedings.

* My uniform is the furtherest thing from sexy, I assure you. A shapeless white short-sleeve button-down shirt [and I was given a rather size in order to hide the tattoo’s on my arms – so the sleeves come down to my elbow]; dark blue chinos [I couldn’t for the life of me find a woman’s pair, so I purchased a pair from the boys section. And again, no shape.

Then there’s my black and yellow scarf, tied with a white lanyard around my neck and connected to my left breast pocket.  Did i mention that the top is so big you wouldn’t even know I was sporting double-dees? then further south are the mandatory black socks and black and white all-stars [although my pair are a Pep rip-off – can’t afford the real mccoy.]

On Sunday’s when we go to Harties or on other public outings, we wear what is referred to as our Seconds. This is a pair of blue jeans [mine = tight, sexy], plain black T-shirt [ditto] and scarf with woggle, with same socks and shoes.

We also have to wear this uniform when we go on camps. Of course I rebel, because I’m not comfortable in jeans, and prefer to live in dresses, so the minute I’m on the boat – it’s bikini and short summer dress all the way!

On Monday’s for Test Passing we can wear civvies, and since I go straight from work, I’m in business attire. The same goes for Wednesdays for Canoe Polo. the kids are obviously in cozzies, but since I’m not joining in the fun [sailing is my water sport] I’m in whatever I wore for work that day.

I just wish we had sailor hats like the other Sea Scouts Troops do. I think I could definitely rock that hat! Unfortunately it was found that the kids lost them too often, and as they are quite costly, our Troop scratched them from the uniform. Darn those irresponsible blighters.

~ ♥ ~