shy couple

Sore head? What sore head? More like light-headed!

I arrived late at the swimming pool last night where canoe polo was being held, as I first had to fetch Star from work, organise dinner [3 x pizzas], buy a loaf of bread from the corner cafe and drop Star and the food at home.

Upon my arrival at the school I noticed a few vehicles in the parking lot, but because it was dusk and my eyesight ain’t what it used to be, I could not make out whether any of them were occupied.

Until I alighted from the Feisty Fiesta with Angel’s porky pizza in hand, and I then noticed that there was a man sitting in a white bakkie behind me, but I couldn’t make out his identity.

Fearing for my safety – especially considering I was in the dodgy side of my ‘hood – I made a mad dash through the gate and second parking lot to reach the swimming pool area, with a quick fearful glance behind me.

Due to the cold weather and water, the kids had already finished training and were busy tipping canoes to empty them of water; so I joined the other Scouter, Paul, so that we could discuss plans for our next upcoming sailing camp [# 3 for the year!].

We’ve decided to invite parents to this camp, so that they can see what their kids get up to, as well as give the folks an opportunity to join in with the sailing and other water sports.

Whilst talking to Scouter Paul, parents of a scous joined us, as they have kindly offered us the use of several large tents to house everyone over the long weekend. The mom and I were chatting about our camping experiences [mine are limited to the Scouting trips] when who should join us …


I was too shy to even turn to greet him, so I pretended that I hadn’t seen him and continued talking to the mom about tent poles and other camping accessories, however that didn’t stop me from eavesdropping on his conversation with Scouter Paul.

Seems Kevin will be providing us with all the meat for the camp [could he be a butcher?] as he is able to get everything at cost price, and with the number of confirmations steadily rising, we need to keep the costs to a minimum in order to make the camp affordable for all.

With a lull in my own conversation I had no choice but to turn and face the guys, and offer Kevin a greeting.

Thank the gods it was dark so no-one could see me blushing [I’ve turned into a 12-year old] because the moment he said my name, I went blood red. And my cheeks stayed rosy for quite some time.

After we said our shy hi’s, everyone stood in a circle just looking between Kevin and I, who were just staring at each other with stupid grins on our faces.

OMG talk about embarrassing! I couldn’t look away because he was beaming that knee-weakening smile, and he didn’t look away because … well he’s clearly smitten [hahahaha – modest much Harmony?]

Cold kids wanting to go home thankfully broke the spell, and we all walked towards the parking outside the pool area. Before getting to the gate though, the mom pulled me aside and against the wall.

“Harmony, what have you done to Kevin?”

“Huh? What you talking about?”

“Don’t talk kak – you have the poor man tongue-tied and that’s not like him.” 

[I wouldn’t know, as I don’t know him socially – as she and her hubby do].

“Tash, I really don’t know what you mean. I’ve never even spoken to Kevin!”

“Ja ja, a blind man can see there’s something going on between the two of you.”


By now Kevin had already walked away, without so much as a goodbye [boo hoo], however his daughter Kayla and her boyfriend had lagged behind, waiting for me. She put her arm through mine and blurted:

“So my Dad really likes you, but Angel told me that you’re shy, so now he’s scared to ask you out because he doesn’t want to be shot down.”


“Whhhhhhaaaaat? Since when does he like me?”

“I dunno, but he told me after the Christmas camp that he likes you and wanted to ask you out on a date.”

Our conversation was cut short, as one of the other single dads was driving through after having collected his kids, and stopped to have a chat to me about the camp, which is also really looking forward to attending. Something about getting up to mischief and sailing with me.

I cut our conversation short, as I wanted to get to the top parking lot before Kevin and Kayla drove off … can’t turn down one last look, can I – especially in light of Kayla’s revelation!

I had nothing to fear. Not only were they still in the parking area, but Kevin was leaning against his car, with arms folded and one leg resting on the bumper.  All he was missing was a stetson, and he’d have made quite the rugged cowboy. Generally not my type at all – I like the young pretty boys … but … my interest is clearly piqued.

As luck would have it, when I approached my car, Kayla and her boyfriend; who’d also been standing next to the bakkie talking to Kevin, all turned to face me. With three pairs of knowing eyes on me, I dashed to my own car, and with shaking hands unlocked it and climbed in; shouting for Angel and Angie [a senior scout I give a lift home to] to hurry up and get in.

With much laughter [from them – clearly aware of the unfolding situation], they finally got in the car, and wound down the windows to ensure that Kevin was privvy to the embarrassing conversation going on inside the vehicle. I’d wind the windows back up, and they’d promptly roll them down again. Trying to control windows and unruly teenagers had me stalling the car.

I don’t know what Kevin must’ve thought – giggling girls, windows up and down, car unable to move. Eish.

When I finally got the car started and turned to leave, we had to drive past Kevin et al, and if that bugger Angie didn’t lean over and press my hooter, bringing even more attention to myself!

I was rewarded with a smile and wave though, even if I didn’t return them myself.

Once we were out of sight, I too burst out laughing at the silliness of it all. Until we arrived home and Angel realised she had left her bag at the swimming pool, and we had to go back …

~ ♥ ~