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when you're feeling down

I am having a really crappy day.

Firstly, the removal of the stitches wasn’t as easy-peasy as expected. Due to the delay in removing them, my skin had possessively adhered to the blue thread; and instead of a gentle pull after cutting them, the Doc had to tug rather aggressively to get the sutures out.

As if the wound wasn’t already painful due to a night of rolling on it; I was in downright agony after leaving the doctors rooms. I considered entering the pharmacy next door for some schedule sixes; but sense and lack of cents won the day and instead I headed to the greatest headache inducing place of all.

My arrival was rewarded with a rude phone call from whom we refer to as The Rat Lady. Reason being, when she had a rodent in her townhouse and we refused to send out the pest control, she got rid of the problem herself – by killing the rat with a unknown weapon. She then sent an email with photos of the rat running around the kitchen, followed by pics of blood trails, entrails and a dead rat.

Hence, The Rat Lady.

We’ve had endless problems with her over the years, and several weeks ago I had to send her an email demanding that she cease from abusing, accusing and threatening the staff at our offices. I made it clear that if we received one more offensive email or phone call, we would hand the matter over to our attorneys.

During today’s call, she was her usual no-class, disgusting self. Swearing at me, accusing me of stealing her money, telling me I have no education. this from a woman who writes as follows:

“Well its outside the my front door birds shit likewise ur rats damage inside my unit which I had to pay 4 the damage!”

So I put the phone down on her. It’s not within my job description to put up with this abuse, and as I’ve cried over and over – I do not get paid enough for this shit! [Speaking of which, I still haven’t had a reply regarding my increase because, as per Boss Lady “I’m not in a good space to discuss this” – No comment].

I know I shouldn’t take my work, or rude clients personally – but since it’s what I deal with on a daily basis; all day every day – it’s becoming increasingly more difficult not to let it affect me.

On the other job front, a position became available at the company I had recently applied for a position at. And this job is more within my skills set and interests, and so I contacted the HR manager asking her to put me forward for the position; knowing that if they loved me for the job I didn’t like, they’d adore me for the one I was actually passionate about.

No reply to my email.

I contacted her via Facebook.


Now I should also mention that I recently helped her find a place to stay in my complex, as her and Blondie had a falling out – either with their landlord or each other; and had to move out the house they were sharing.  And I found her this place AFTER turning down the original position, so it’s not as if she was harbouring a grudge. Well she certainly didn’t seem that way when I was sending her my contacts and putting in a good word for her.

I bumped into her on my way to the grocery store on Monday evening – she was coming out the liquor store with a bottle of vodka, and she couldn’t duck and dive quick enough to avoid talking to me. It couldn’t have been more obvious if she took out a space, dug a hole in the ground and jumped in it.


Well, let’s focus on the positive. The test results from the cyst and pap smear came back clear for both. Although Doc has warned that due to the splintering of the cyst, and the inability to get every grain, I will have cysts returning in that area. Luckily they take years to grow to the point of having to have them removed, so that won’t happen anytime this decade.

Another good thing; tonight is canoe polo at Scouts … which means I might catch sight of a certain sexy single daddy. I could really use the pick-me-up. Or even pick up.

~ ♥ ~