smiling guy

So … there’s this guy.


He is one of the single daddy’s from Scouts.

Yup. Single. [That word is music to my ears.] Preliminary investigations indicate that he has never been married and is currently not in a relationship. No wife, no fiancé, no girlfriend.

I’ve “known” him for over a year, and until yesterday, our three to four weekly conversations consisted of:





Last night however, we progressed to:

Hello Harmony.

Hi Kevin.

How are you are?

All good and yourself?

Very good.

~ awkward silence ~

lots of blushing [from me]

lots of smiling [from him]

Ok bye, take care [said both of us at the same time]

Not only has our conversation increased by several syllables, but instead of waiting for his daughter outside the hall after Scout’s meetings as he has in the past; Kevin has recently taken to coming inside the hall prior to the closing time.

But wait!!!

That’s not all …

Whilst in the hall, he is not watching what his daughter is doing, as you’d expect a parent to do. Oh no … unless my eyes seriously deceive me, his eyes are following me around!

Just to test my theory, I took an unnecessary walk up and down a flight of stairs yesterday afternoon; and lo and behold, besides almost tripping on my feet because I was too busy watching Kevin watching me and not watching my step; Mister’s eyes were most certainly on me.

And he’s not just looking at me, he is constantly smiling. *sigh* I am a sucker for a sexy smile, and whilst I wouldn’t class Kevin as traditionally handsome or even good looking; when he grins, that sparkle sets off the butterflies in my tummy.

Now to await his first move.

~ ♥ ~