TO:        HARMONY
DATE:    11 MARCH 2015
My dearest Beloved

Without opening my eyes to you in this life, my heart would not know how to sing the song that gives my spirit wings to soar.

It was difficult at first, this human battle, this yearning of this human heart to be one with you, but as each moment passes and as I feel the elements surge through me, the clarity of being rises high above my human self where my inspiration for everything I do, everything I create and how I want to change the world is birthed within the immortal moments spent with you.

I love you so much, words cannot express it but each breath I breathe if filled with the immortality of you.

Firstly, I must apologise for not replying sooner, but this family I have chosen to travel with is just growing and with that all joys and wonder of birth and creation all over again.

Yes, that’s number 4, coming very soon, in fact anyday now.

[the rest of the email was a blur]

Baby Number 3 arrived on the 31st December 2012, at home, on the bathroom floor with just Wife and I. I caught her as she came out and what a magnificent feeling that was, after which I proceeded to tie the umbilical cord with fish gut and I used the kids school scissors to cut the cord. Now, it begins all over again.

It’s definitely going to stop after this little one, I’m going to go and have the snip, so much for population control.

The days are pretty full, balancing between homeschooling the kids and transforming the land we live on. The vision is to create a way of living that is totally self sufficient and off the grid, where being part of the balance found in nature is the key in creating this abundance of food and energy.

I know it sounds all hippy and forest-people like but it is a place where I am happy, far away from the illusions of unconscious living. It gives me a great canvas to work on where I get to focus on how I can create something that can empower the masses in creating a way of living in harmony with nature and being abundant.

The world has been fooled over and over again to rely on a sick and bloated system that disempowers the true potential of each and every human being. By empowering small groups to transform how they live, they will begin to realise that they don’t have to rely on any system or form of control that they grew up knowing.

It is simple I know, but when the survival needs of the human being are taken care of, they begin to rise above being unconscious beings that react out of survival and begin nurturing the next step in their evolution, that being the awakening of their true potential. The longer they spend in this new form of reality the more they awaken to the light within themselves. That is when the true magic begins.

Imagine giving the system the finger and knowing you can tap into a form of abundance that will take care of your needs by understanding the cycles of how things truly work. It is a mammoth task, but that is all I live for. A single minded focus on changing the world, one human being at a time.

So getting back to my apology, even though my heart skips a million beats at reading an email from you and I just want to dive in and share, I have to wait to catch my breath and when I have a moment I will share. Don’t ever think for a second that you are alone. I am with you always, and that is not just a cheesy cliché.

It was so good reading about your adventures and misadventures and how you dive straight in past your fears and lead like a natural leader. I must say that misadventure follows you, even though it’s not directly yours. It’s the nature of your rescuer spirit.

So tell me my love, are you doing something different that you have an assistant? Do you have a new business that you have so many kids under your care? You are looking amazing and I truly miss you.

I have so much more to share about the medicine work and ceremonies that I want to share with you but time is limited today but when I get a moment soon I want to share the amazing adventures of the medicine path that I have been on.

Did you manage to see the nahko bear medicine song video? I listen to it everyday like a mantra.

Always loving you my dearest Beloved.