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I could tease you by dragging out my news to first outline all of Angel’s academic achievements and Star’s new working environment … and then regale you with the latest in Scouts and sailing activities, before finally getting to the juicy subject of


But I’m in a generous mood and quite frankly it would take more energy that I have at the moment to attempt to create one of my famous drawn out cliff hangers.

As is evident from my postings, I still hear from Beloved; with irregular emails being received and even more intermittent emails being sent. In fact, and if my sent box is accurate, I have only sent two emails in as many years – whilst Beloved has sent far more. Most of which I have posted.

A few weeks after receiving the last email, I awoke one fine Saturday morning to find an alert on my BB notifying me of an unread email.




My dearest Immortal Beloved

How are you my love?

I felt our connection so strongly since last week Friday and I have been meaning to write to you just to say high and share a few things.

You truly have woven your spirit into my life. Every aspect of my creative consciousness is birthed within the spirit of your unending, ever giving fountain of life. You give so selflessly, and for that I am truly blessed (you are probably thinking I have lost my mind. But better to lose my mind, so I can awaken once again and find myself wrapped within you)

I saw this music video and I’m not sure if you have seen it. But I thought of you SOOOO much. It is such a powerful piece of soul music. The music video is breathtakingly stunning. I play it like a mantra. It is such a beautiful destroyer of illusions, that piece of music is.

Let me know what you think of it.

Watch “Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke A…” on YouTube – Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke A…: http://youtu.be/YsgP8LkEopM

If that doesn’t work, then maybe search the title on YouTube. If I were you, I would save a copy of that music and the video. Goosebumps.

A little update on me getting older. [two photos of Beloved were attached] Would be great to see you too my love.

Life is too short for not expressing freely.

I love you,  truly,  madly, deeply.

Always yours, forever.

Your Beloved.


Nothing surprising or shocking in his correspondence, other than the photo’s – I won’t pretend not to have been startled by the sight of him on my screen – especially since he had cut off his shoulder length curly hair.

Instead of filing the email in the Beloved Folder in my inbox, I sent a comprehensive reply with much of my own news; which in an attempt to string out the update, I will post in a separate email.

Don’t get too excited mind, my email is relatively same in the grand scheme of things. Especially considering the email that came from Beloved a few weeks after my response.

And ironically that email was received two days after I did the tarot reading.

Surprise pervades information received through letters, phone calls, encounters.

Hahahaha, “surprise” doesn’t even come close to describing the jaw-slacking mouth-dropping, eye-opening incredulity of the astonishing news he shared with me.

But first things first … my email to Beloved in February coming up next.

~ ♥ ~