My dearest Beloved,

I find it incredible (magnificently so) * that you can still feel the invisible pull of my outstretched arm, when my soul is craving a dance amongst the glittering stars; to be weightlessly waltzed around the velvety skies on the magical canvas we so long ago created.

The frozen lake below us has melted, and if you look below, you’ll see a Marilyn look-a-like sailing a yacht. – yup that’s me!

I’m learning to sail and this past weekend I sailed in the worlds biggest inland yacht race – the Round the Island Yacht Race at the Vaal. (Who’d ever have thought!) And my crew were four 12-year old girls – no adult supervision! 🙂

Unfortunately I didn’t get to finish the race as one of the other boats in our club  had sprung a leak and they were sinking. Unable to reach any of the other seniors, they called me (cellphone signal in the middle of the dam – amazeballs!) for help. I turned my yacht around to go rescue them; so by the time we’d flagged down a powerboat to tow them in, we were too far behind the fleet to continue the race, and instead took a leisurely sail back to the yacht club.

Until the wind picked up that is, and then a leisure trip turned into a hair-raising slalom sail with my mast almost parallel to the choppy water. Scary as it was, it was absolutely exhilarating, don’t know when last I experienced such a high!

After seven hours on the water, and mere minutes before the storm broke, I moored my 21-foot hunter in the jetty … Just in time to witness another of our boats coming in across from us, too fast, and so one of the boys jumped off to stop the keel hitting the motor of the moored dinghy in front; only to fall face flat on the metal grating.

With these kids in my care, and my natural maternal instincts – my heart stopped – thinking he boy was going to (eventually) stand up toothless and sporting a broken nose. Luckily that was not the case; however his left knee was sitting north west of its natural position and was quadruple the size of the right cap.


I was stuck behind the boom of my main sail, as we had already started derigging my boat; and I couldn’t get to him so one of his crew mates was instructed to drag him off to the paramedics tents at camp.

By the time I met him there, an ambulance had been summonsed and his folks had been notified. Torn between remaining on camp with my charges, or accompanying my 13 year old patient; it took only a “will you come in the ambulance with me mom?” for my decision to be made. Much to their respective parents amusements, many of the scouts have taken to calling me “mom”!

So an hour long ride to the hospital in Vanderbijlpark ensued, and we met two very grateful parents in the ER (despite the senior Scouter stating, and I quote verbatim “If I had been there, I would’ve taped his leg with duct tape – don’t worry you’ll learn not to be such a mother hen” – as if!)

The following day my assistant didn’t come to work – his morning started with a minor bumper bashing, following by being knocked down by a vehicle after leaving the police station.

The week continued in a similar vein; I won’t even go into the gory details, suffice to say that despite the absence of booze and boys, my life is still fraught with drama’s – albeit others and not my own. And that makes a pleasant change 🙂

I still have no new adult friends, consorts or companions – and it has nothing to do with my previous venture into the dating pool – notwithstanding how tragically or rather violently that ended – I’m fully healed – (emotionally at least, seems I have lasting tissue damage in my right arm, which is where the new Marilyn’s shoulder resides)

But I digress … I have 50 kids keeping me busy, and enough hearts to love unconditionally until my Star Dancing, Rumi Reciting, crescent moon kissing Beloved appears in new form. 🙂

Thanks for sharing the video, I will go online later and experience it – and I will let you know what I feel. Oh and a great thank you for the list of DVD’s! I’ve seen many of them; immediately purchased several as well as a few others that I shall be adding to the list. But that is an email for another day.

* why oh why do I still express any surprise at the synchronicity of you emailing me a day after I so vividly dreamt of you (and Diana Cooper, Doreen Virtue and a white kitten with long rabbit eyes – it was a dream woven in magical love) and a few mere hours after thinking of – no, FEELING you so insanely intensely.

** Pics: me on the back of my boat, waiting for the tractor to tow us to the shore; my crew in front; view of the yachts; and another view. And the last pic – that is of me taken this morning 🙂

You don’t look older – just more grown-up! Where’s all your hair??? Big change!

Thanks again for your email, your words, your thoughts, your love, you.

With love from infinity and beyond.



Due to the fact that my sailing photo’s have other people’s children in them, I won’t be posting them on my blog – and it’s too much of a mission to edit out their faces; so here are two photo’s one of the dad’s took as we were all setting out.


Coming up next – the email from Beloved containing the very surprising news.