Dear fellow bloggers, friends and voyeurs

My extended absence is not due to a lack of life and thus nothing to write about; nor am I so busy that I don’t have time to draft a post.

Truth be told I’ve drafted several [read: hundreds] blog posts and have either lost them in the ethers due to my pathetic BlackBerry’s* inability to function; or in the light of day, I’ve reconsidered the content of my proposed rantings and pressed delete.

Work is busy – but not hectically so. I have a new assistant as my previous two asses let me down.

Ass 1, who’d been with me for a year, resigned at the beginning of the year – whilst I was still on leave – and once he’d made the decision to leave, he barely did any work. And the little he did was so poor he might as well have not been here.

Ass 2 spent her two months in our employ looking for another job. Her internet history was filled with recruitment websites, and her email sent items reflected conversations with her husband and agents. What she actually did for the company I can’t answer, as there was no evidence thereof; so she was unceremoniously fired at the end of last year.

So now I have a new Ass; a young school leaver who is only too happy with the lowly salary he is earning, and eager to please.

Also on the work front was annual increases at the end of February. Mine was insultingly low – even for Boss Lady’s standards and so I did what any other revolting South African would do.

I threw my toys [in lieu of toyi-toying] and went on strike. I didn’t literally leave the office, but I refused to deal with difficult customers and passed them onto BL, making it clear that dealing with that crap was above my pay grade and she could resolve their issues.

I also played the single mother card and I’ve been wailing about Angel desperately needing braces and how I can’t afford to pay to fix my beautiful child’s ugly teeth.

Seems I am making progress as she has offered to almost double my increase; however since I initially requested it to be quadrupled, I will not cave until I have triple the initial offer and so I have countered her offer with a request for benefits in the form of Pick n Pay vouchers. Staff welfare is a great tax deduction for the company, not to mention it won’t reflect in my bank account and therefore I won’t be penalized with an increase in tax myself.

TA – no tattling on me to the tax man please. Groceries? What groceries?

Weary that I wouldn’t receive my asking price, I decided to apply for other jobs as a back up. I actually only sent my CV to one organisation and only because they were close to one of the private schools luring Angel in with temptations of a scholarship [more on that in the next post].

I actually know the HR manager, as she – wait for it – shares a house with Blondie. They’re no longer friends, and are trying to go their separate ways. Apparently Blondie will moving to the cottage at Kris’s place; and HR Chick is looking for units in my complex to rent.

I do recall writing about her before, Blondie and I went out with her on the night that I gave Dancing Dude the heave ho. Oh and speaking of Dancing Dude a.k.a Nolan – whilst I haven’t seen him since that fateful night three years ago, I do see his mother quite often. The same mother he claimed was the accountant working for him at his panel beating business is actually a sales rep for a security company that I have dealings with. Small small world.

So where was I?

Ah! I had an interview with HR Chick at the financial services company and filled out enough forms to feel very guilty about the forest destroyed in the process. I wasn’t that keen on the position as it involves sales, but the salary expectations ensured that I gave permission for them to conduct credit and criminal background checks [gulp] as well as undergo quite an intensive online aptitude test; the results of which were all surprising. Par for the criminal check. I knew I was clean.

I was rather nervous at having an ITC check due to my dodgy past; however I came up trumps. And after the results of the aptitude test came out, I’ve had the HR Chick literally begging me to attend the training course before an offer is even presented.

The more objections I could find to accepting the position, the more she was overcoming them. Damn – she should take the job as she doesn’t take no for an answer!

I’m still not really interested though. I don’t want to go from a job I hate to another I don’t enjoy. Whilst the salary will be wonderful, I’ll only be on the look out for another job the minute I start; and with all the studying I would have to do to get accredited – should I leave before a certain date, I would have to pay the company back – so it wouldn’t pay me to go, or leave.

So here’s hoping and praying that Boss Lady does the right thing, and fittingly fills my empty coffers.

Still to be updated on; Angel’s schooling [big things happening there]; Star’s new job [he landed with his arse in the butter]; my love life [wouldn’t you love to know]; Scouts; sailing and other drama’s that inevitably find their way into my orbit.

* I finally relented and got a new phone; a barely used shiny iPhone 5 that I bought from a colleague of Star’s who fancies me [got a good deal taking advantage of that little fact] – but Angel took the phone to learn how to use it with a view of teaching me. I’m still waiting.

~ ♦ ~