Let go – take a risk – stop worrying about what other people think of you.

The only way is up; the time of betrayal and negativity is almost over.

A blast of fresh air may blast through your life bringing sudden change.

Surprise pervades information received through letters, phone calls, encounters.

Unexpected, spontaneous, romantic new admirer?

Responsible cautious individual with an excellent head for business. Reliable, loyal, sensual, traditional.

You are so tired of struggling that you fantasize about giving up. Don’t. You are nearly there!

Focus your vibrant energy on expansion, because things are opening up for you.

Communications should bring changes in their wake (that was the 2nd time this message came through) – and perhaps an opportunity to travel.

You will reach a secure financial plateau – achieving and enjoying sustenance, material comfort and sensual pleasure.

It’s a time of pleasure and gain, to enjoy your success, relish your achievements and, and feel complete without the approval of others.

~ ~ ~

When I give up the helm I know
that the time has come for thee to take it.
What there is to do will be instantly done. Vain is this struggle.

Then take away your hands
and silently put up with your defeat, my heart,
and think it your good fortune to sit perfectly still
where you are placed.

These my lamps are blown out at every little puff of wind,
and trying to light them
I forget all else again and again.

But I shall be wise this time and wait in the dark,
spreading my mat on the floor;
and whenever it is thy pleasure, my lord,
come silently and take thy seat here.

~ Rabindranath Tagore ~