Dearest Beloved (Immortal)

There is no doubt about this daily devotion my heart has to you. It has never stopped. From the moment we connected again this lifetime, this feeling (not yearning, not drama) of utter devotion and respect to the Love I feel towards you my dearest dearest Love.  Even in the happiest moments, you are there, always. I thought I would share that with you. I hope you are well, I really do. Although I don’t hear from you (what’s the point, as you would say), I connect with you daily. It is ingrained in this heart of mine to remember how the music sounds in that heart of yours.

I thought I would share this list of movies that seemed to be a must. What’s missing from that list is a movie called I Origins. The Fountain is obviously there. It’s not my list, but I thought of you.

Movies to watch

Waking Life
Spring Summer Fall Winter Spring
Fight Club
Life is Beautiful
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Mr Nobody
The Power of Nightmares
The Century of the Self
127 Hours
The Tree of Life
The Fountain
What Dreams May Come
Manchurian Candidate
Requiem for a Dream
Dog Pound
American Beauty

I love you so much. Thank you. Always in humble gratitude for this opportunity to Love You.

You reside in my eyes and in everything I see. You dwell in my heart and in everything I feel. You are the moment that exists in this silence. You are the soul of every melody.

I Love You, more than you will ever know.