If you thought that was the end of the story, you would be sorely mistaken; that was just the prelude to The Encounter.

*insert suspenseful violin music effect*

Before I could get to the diagonally opposite corner of the area, which had the only unoccupied piece of land; I stopped to chat to one of the complex gardeners who was sitting where the teenagers had laid out their towels, puffing on a cigarette given to him by one of the teens.

The obligatory greetings ensued, with small talk of, ‘when are you going to weed your garden?’

I did! All morning! I even pruned the rose bushes. (Butchered them more like, if we’re to be honest here) But next year you can take over, according to Star I hacked out quite a few plants and have instead been tending to weeds. My bad.

We laughed, I walked away and sashayed around the pool, my over-sized pink floppy (I know, that sounds soooo wrong) straw hat, dancing along with me, and playing ‘now you see me, now you don’t.’

“Hey Har.”

“Hi Stripper.” (Who knew I could sing?)

I inhaled as I passed by him, and only let out my breath once safely ensconced in my little corner. Not so much to breath him in – heavens, I’m only in the crush stage, and I haven’t yet entered infatuation or obsession levels – but God forbid he got a whiff of my garlic breath.

With all good intentions, and Scouts honour they were; I finished the book. It was hard work I tell you, reading sex scenes when I haven’t had any nookie since … Kingdom Come, and with Mr Sexy himself standing a few feet away with his pheromones drifting in the direction of my heightened hormones.

After the final page, which couldn’t come soon enough; I lay back in the sun with the hat over my face, my bikini clad bod on full display, and eavesdropped on everyone in the pool area.

Hey, I have never denied being the voyeuristic type.

All too soon the weather turned on me, with dark clouds hovering over my glorious sun, and the wind blowing enough to cause goosies on my much naked flesh.

Damn you Mother Nature!

Whilst hanging around the braai area fully clothed in overcast weather is quite appropriate; lying on the grass in a bikini isn’t.

After a long moment of unsuccessful wishful thinking, I realised that my sunning and perving session was officially over for the day. I reluctantly got up, slipped my blue and white floral dress over my bikini and put away the poor excuse for a novel.

Thereafter I made my way back around the swimming pool, passing the braai area on my way. Which was the shortest route, of course.

Breathe in, look straight, shoulders back, boobs out, no, no, no! Boobs in, walk faster.

“Bye Har!”

“K, bye.” through gritted teeth. [I’m never eating garlic again.]

Whilst fumbling with the key in the gate lock – cos that’s the effect this guy has on me; I get so nervous in his presence; my hands shake, I blush involuntarily and my brain goes to mush.

Don’t even get me started when he actually talks to me! Oh my god, I grin and giggle like a love-sick teenager and I’ve even caught myself twirling a bit of hair in my fingers with my head bent. Bleh. Guys this hot intimidate me to the point that I regress in age.

So there I was, key in lock, ready to make my not-so graceful exit.

“Hey Har, I just wanted to say …”