Hot Guy with Tattoos

I’m pretty sure the resident complex hottie is aware of the massive schoolgirl crush I have harboured on him over the years.

Even if he mistakenly thought the stammering was a speech defect; I doubt he hasn’t noticed the instinctive blush and shy smile I wear when he talks to me.

Like he did yesterday.

*sigh* Yes, I still gush over The Stripper. ¹

Just viewing the tantalizing tanned tattooed toned torso of a man is enough to make my day.

Throw in a dazzling smile or two, and him calling me by a very rarely used and rather intimate nickname of mine; and you can understand why I am still floating on cloud nine.

It all began with me deciding to relax by the pool to finish the Paulo Coelho² book I bought with a gift voucher I received for my birthday. However between work, Scouts, gardening and decorating-research; I haven’t had time to snatch more than a chapter here or there in that time.

Adding to my desire for some R&R was the early morning with Star preparing the walls for painting. After having the lounge and passage laminated (oh did I forget to mention that? …)

… Redoing the floors wasn’t in the budget, however I received another unexpected windfall in return for professional assistance I had provided to a friend, and so I immediately called Peter, whom I stumbled upon on Gumtree, for a quote.  It came in a bit too high, but he was open to negotiate.

So last Wednesday afternoon I returned home to find bleached San Francisco Pine laminate floors. When Angel walked in she said the living room looked like a New York apartment. (Whooppee!)

Anyway, fast forward back to yesterday afternoon. After paint preparations, pruning the roses and weeding the garden; I was too weary to lift a brush so I decided to chill with my book and perhaps take a dip to cool off.

I put on my turquoise bikini (the IBTWYPDB has been retired), packed a large LV bag with lunch (Saturday night’s left over garlic bread and chicken mayo pizza), a Bad Boy Cola energy drink, a weathered towel, cushion and factor 30 sunblock; and went to the guardhouse to sign for a pool key.

And whose name should appear on the line before mine in the register??? None other than The Stripper!

*Harmony does the happy dance in the guardhouse to a rather perplexed security officer*

I hadn’t seen him since Halloween, so I was rather excited at the prospect of eye candy. Although he parks his motorbike in the parking bay opposite mine, we hardly arrive or leave home at the same time, so my carnal urges have been dormant of late.

With a bounce in my step, I made my way to the top swimming pool in the complex, preparing for my well-deserved reward of an afternoon of innocent³ perving.

 ~ ♥ ~

¹ I think the return of fire in my loins is a good indication that I am horny almost ready to start fishing again. Just preparing my bait and tackle.

² Adultery was bitterly disappointing. I found it poorly written, the characters weak and the voice of women unheard. Perhaps it’s due to the book being translated; but considering By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, The Witch of Portobello, Brida and Eleven Minutes are in my Top 10 Books; the latest offering by Signor Coelho is sorely lacking. What a waste of almost 300 bucks.

³ I am, as I always have been, merely perusing the menu. I have no intention of ordering the medium rare rump steak.