Loving Life

*Breathless, again*

Life is good great!

The Harmony Household is soon to become unTVless.

In fact, the entire living room is getting revamped.

I recently came into a tidy sum of money. (Relatively speaking.)

Not enough for the 55″ HD LED Smart 3D TV I have my heart (or at the least, my visualization) set on, but enough to get my redecorating project off ground.

Before I get a new TV, I advised myself; I would need to install it on a freshly painted wall (still deliberating between brilliant white or dove grey). Then I realised I’d need to take down the brown curtains and bamboo blinds, and replace them with white (or silver) aluminum venetian blinds. My first choice was American Shutters on the lounge window, for both security and aesthetics; but the bonus I was awarded for my financial reporting wouldn’t cover such luxessity (luxurious necessity).

However after the painting and blinding, I’ll move all my black and white canvas print Marilyn blockmounts from the passage and arrange them on the lounge walls. The plan is to give the area an old Hollywood glamour look and it doesn’t cost anything to move my artwork around.

The life size Ms MM currently on the wall at the end of the passage will be replaced by my 55″ gold framed mirror, turned vertically; and will be placed on the left of the canvases, so that she’s “above” the side table and inline with the ‘chaise’

Methinks ‘before’ ‘during’ and ‘after’ picture are needed!

The current TV cabinet (a Gordon Fraser – if you’re interested, make me an offer) needs to go. The big screen needs to be erected on the wall, so the current coffee table in the middle of the lounge will be moved against the wall to place the BlueRay player and DVD player and front speakers on.

In place of the coffee table, I’m considering two faux leather mini cube (R150 for 2), with either an antique grey suitcase (my own) or an antique black and silver cine projector (also my own). I don’t want too much clutter in the centre so I’ll have to continue visualising what is the right combination.

Whilst ‘looking down’ at the new layout, I noticed the grubby carpets.

Argh. Disgustingly dirty and retaining germs and other nasties.

How I dream of laminate floors. The lightest greyish / white, adorning the floors of my cinema room and down the passage (which already sports a red carpet befitting the glam look.)

In the interim, a slice of my windfall can go towards a Turkish Carpet. Magnificent black and red thick piled design. 800 bucks from the fleamarket. Maybe, still deliberating.

The plan for the sturdy yet unsightly couches is to purchase throws. I want a black / white cotton throw on the sleeper couch that will be facing the movie screen to-be; with red and black suede-feel throws on the single-bed-sized make-shift chaise against the window (and the shutters – I wish).

I need to put a small coffee table in the corner between the couches, preferably with a lamp on it. Haven’t found either yet.

In the empty area between the lounge and kitchen, is going to be …

A coffee bar!

I’m going to paint my vintage side server red (with the same paint that I’m painting the inside of my front door), give it new handles, and then fill it will all my mugs (most of them are white / red / black so they’ll fit in well). My black kettle and coffee plunger will also have prominent position, and the cupboard section will perfectly store my stock piles of sugar – white and brown, Nescafe (for me), Ricoffy (for the kids), tea, Horlicks, Nesquik, and rusks! With Angel’s expanding baking ‘business’, I’m running out of kitchen space so this will be super convenient.

Other items to sneak into my budget are bar stools for the kitchen counter. I’m swaying between swing 50’s diner stools, or leather and steel backed gas lever something or other. I’d have to purchase them second-hand, and even then I’ll feel the pinch. But to have a seating area in the house will be the greatest blessing!

On that note, my final purchase would be an outdoor picnic table. To enjoy outdoor dinners on warm summer nights … Heavenly! And I’ve got fairy lights bought a year or two ago that I can hang on the patio. And wouldn’t (see that?) tou know, they sell them on various street corners in my hood. Sign says R500. Not bad. I think? Can’t say I’ve ever bought a picnic table. Nor any item from the pavement ala-William Nicol, to be honest.

Anyway, I’m super excited about all the projects on the way, am loving being online igniting my creativity with inspiring pictures; heightening my passion. I’m really going to enjoy my home whilst on leave in a month (20 working days to go).

And on top of all the refurbishment, it is my investiture ceremony this evening, whereafter I’ll be a uniformed assistant troop scouter. (I know, how did that happen???).

Before that is our office year end lunch; and on Sunday our family Christmas / farewell-to-baby-Boet-and-family-who-are-moving-to-Cape-Town do.

So quite the marvellously hectic weekend!

Ok, that’s it for now. Have a wicked weekend!

~ ♥ ~