1. Let’s be honest here

Above all else I value honesty, integrity and faithfulness. Don’t pretend to be who you think I want you to be, because you won’t be able to keep up the act for long, and false advertising is a dismissible offense. Lie to me and I will find out; woman’s intuition, sixth sense, whatever you want to call it – it’s just not worth the wrath that will be unleashed. Just be real, please!

 2. Searching for a Soul Mate

Whilst I am tolerant of all religions, we are not going to have a future if you’re expecting me to kneel on Sundays and say five Hail Mary’s, or sitting down for Shabat on Fridays. I follow the teachings of Buddha, the philosophies of Deepak Chopka and the poetry of Rumi. Don’t mock me when I check my daily horoscope or scoff when I’m doing an Angel Card reading or consulting my Tarot Deck.

 3. Lay on the romance

 I am a girly girl and quite old fashioned when it comes to courtship. It costs nothing to open a car door [or any other door] for me; I appreciate a protective arm around me and holding hands is just *sigh*. Oh and I am partial to long-stemmed deep-red roses interspersed with baby’s breath. And yes, flattery [if genuine] will get you everywhere!

 4. Flirt! Flirt! Flirt!

Use your wit and double entendres to stimulate my mind, and in turn my hormones. Don’t be shy to make use of all technology available to you – saucy messages on Facebook, innuendo’s on BBM and racy poetry via email will go a long way in keeping me on my toes. A well-timed wink or naughty smile across a crowded room wouldn’t go amiss either.

 5. Personal Grooming

I take immense care with my appearance and I expect you to do the same. This includes hair [if you possess any] styled neatly; well manicured [if you’re lucky you’ll receive one from me] nails. Don’t bath in cologne, rather a demure dabbling will have me leaning in closer for a better whiff. I’m partial to a stylish dresser. In short; think clean and neat.

 6. If Music Be the Food of Love, Play on

I literally listen to music 24/7 so it’s important that my potential partner shares a passion for music. Luckily I enjoy a range of genres and am always keen on learning more, so chances are I’ll like what you’re going to play for me. I’m also known to dance at home, in restaurants, in clubs, and on table-tops so if you won’t join me, keep walking son.

 7. News, views and how not to lose

Your intelligence and knowledge of current affairs will interest me; but if you’re a sports junkie I’ll be bored to tears. The only time I don sports gear is my Netherlands shirt during the Soccer World Cup, and thankfully that’s only every four years. I’m not televisions biggest fan either; preferring books, the internet and live shows. So it’s either me or the remote control.

 8. Holy Matrimony

Last, but not least; I don’t do one night stands, casual relationships or polygamy. Whilst I am certainly not expecting a proposal on the first date, if marriage isn’t on the cards for you, let’s not waste each others time. I value the traditional family, honouring commitment and stability. The good news is you won’t be waiting for the wedding night for nookie!

[borrowed from a previous challenge]