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Liam is / was an absolute non-starter and I was rather shocked when I bumped into Mimi last week and the first topic of conversation veered towards her useless son. But what really got my goat was her telling me about him wanting to contact me on Whatsapp, and when his messages weren’t going through, he asked her if perhaps I had deleted him, and she insisted that of course I would never do something like that, and blamed it on my phone problems.

* What. The. Eff. Question Mark. Exclamation Mark.

After that confession, I leaned down towards Mimi in her idling vehicle and made it known in no uncertain terms that of course I deleted him. And not only did I delete him, but I altered my privacy settings on Whatsapp to ensure that he could not so much as view my profile photo, let alone send me an unwarranted message.

But wait, that’s not the worst of it … even more shocking was her shock at my declaration and she even had the audacity to admit that she thought I had been waiting on the sidelines for him to come to his senses.

Repeat * above. In bold.

Holy moly mother of all that is good in this world, where on earth do I find these people???

End of conversation. End of friendship. End of topic.

As for Deveroux, flirting with him still provides me with a sly grin and does give me satisfaction knowing that even after all these years, he still finds me desirable. As to whether I’d ever hook up with him … well, I am going through the worst drought in Harmony history, so temptation is definitely there … but …

… And this is a rather large Nicki Minaj sized but …

His most recent ex just happens to be the receptionist I inherited when I bought my own company. That relationship soured quickly as she had an attitude the size of Texas and refused to follow my instructions. After one too many warnings, she took me to the CCMA for constructive dismissal. She lost the case and was forced to write me an apology letter for insubordination. It was either that or I sue for slander. *evil cackle*

So the thought of him with her … *shakes head with lemon-sucking expression*

But wait, that’s not all! The woman he dated before her, and just after me, recently married the guy I went to my Matric dance with. And she was previously married to Boss Lady’s best friend’s husband’s best friend.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. This is a damn small nasty incestuous town!

So that’s two down and two exes to go.

~ ♥ ~